LUX Hospitality Awards 2016 46 LUX - Hospitality Awards 2016 Best Hospitality Industry Furniture Suppliers UHS Group is a creative company supplying furniture to a range of firms within the hospitality industry, including hotels, cafes and restaurants. Whilst we do work with a number of renowned chains including Nandos and Weatherspoon’s, many of our clients are at the higher end of the market because they value our dedication to client service and quality products. In order to ensure our clients choose products which exactly meet their needs we work closely with their marketing teams and designers to understand their brand and suggest products accordingly. A current trend we are seeing is for furniture which looks distressed or second hand, and many clients often buy products from vintage stores or online sites in order to achieve this atmosphere in their establishment. This causes problems as often these products are of poor quality, therefore we provide clients with furniture which appears used or older, but is in fact of the highest possible quality, so that they can be assured of the safety of their clients at all times. Looking ahead, we have a number of plans which will provide us with exciting opportunities in the future. Currently we are creating a new look catalogue and website, both of which will provide our clients with additional features to assist them when choosing from our wide range of products. For example, our catalogue will now be priced to enable designers to better select products to fit their budget, and our website will offer state of the art technology ensuring clients can easily see what the products would look like in their establishment. In the longer term we are keen to expand into new markets, such as the corporate space, which we believe is becoming increasingly fashion led. The hospitality industry has always been strongly influenced by trends in the fashion industry, which is why our market has always been buoyant, as hotels and restaurants have to refresh very regularly to avoid often appearing dated and unfashionable. As we see these trends moving into the corporate landscape we see the opportunity to supply clients in this area with furniture, and are creating new stock lines to support this growth. Overall the future will be an invigorating time for our firm and we look forward to capitalising on these opportunities. Best Hospitality Industry Furniture Suppliers UHS Group is a leading specialist in supplying furniture to the hospitality industry. We spoke to Dan Gillmore Marketing Director to gain an overview of the company and an exclusive insight into its future plans. HO160021 Company: UHS Group Address: 177 Brook Drive, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SD Phone: 0330 1222 400 Email: [email protected] Web: The Perfectionist Cafe by Heston Blumenthal 28-50 Wine Workshop, Soho, London