Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 39 Airpull Aviation Academy: Best European Flight School 2019 Since 2004 Airpull Aviation Academy has been training pilots, carrying out aerial work and managing Soria and Requena aerodromes. Even they also manage Soria aerodrome, the Requena one is owned by the Academy, where Airpull Aviation Academy carries out its training from its privately-owned base which is Requena’s Aerodrome (LERE). This is the ideal setting both for pilot training and general aviation recreational flying. Due to its outstanding location, Requena’s Aerodrome has a huge number of flying hours available (more than 85% of days per year are sunny) so the weather in Requena is ideal for both VFR and IFR flying. However, to offer the best possible experience to its pilots, the academy also carries out its Flight Training in other areas and at other airports throughout Spain with similar weather conditions. With over 15 years’ experience training some of the world’s greatest pilots, Airpull Aviation Academy is a pioneering, well- established European Flight School. We profile the school to learn more. Dedicated to offering clients the reliable solutions and expert training they expect, Airpull Aviation Academy is an AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aerea [Spanish CAA]) Approved Training Organisation (ATO), governed by new European legislation which came into force in April 2013. As such, any client taking lessons from this innovative flying school knows they are in safe and reliable hands, and will learn from only the best and most skilful pilots in today’s aviation market. Alongside its examiners, IFR instructors, multi engine instructors, instructor trainer specialists and VFR instructors, Airpull Aviation Academy also boasts a Ground School Team who are themselves professionals within their teaching fields. They include Psychologists specialised in aeronautical issues, Air Law Professionals as well as Qualified Certified Engineers, and so on. All of this has been carefully set up so as to satisfy the training and career needs of clients. With an expert team including Airline Pilots, Instructors, Flight examiners, Air traffic controllers, Specialist Aeronautical Management Staff and Engineers, the school is able to offer a well-rounded curriculum that ensures that all its students understand the aviation market as a whole. Supporting students from around the world, Airpull Aviation Academy’s integrated training programme for students from abroad has lodgings available near its facility. With everything from mentoring programmes to an on-site restaurant, the academy is able to offer every student the support and facilities they need to ensure that they learn and flourish when taking its pilot training programme. Every aspect of the academy has been tailored around the needs of students, including its fleet, which includes seven single-engine basic aircrafts, two twin engine aircrafts and one single-engine complex plane. It also includes a range of simulators designed to emulate everything from jets to airbuses, allowing student pilots to experience the full plethora of aircraft on the market and have a versatile background when they eventually graduate. Ultimately, through its facilities and quality training programme Airpull Aviation Academy has established itself as one of the leading pilot training schools in Europe, and moving forward the academy will remain committed to maintaining and enhancing its reputation for excellence for the benefit of its students and those they will later fly. Company: Airpull Aviation Academy Contact: Ignacio Cabrera Address: Aeródromo de Requena 46931 El Rebollar, Valencia (SPAIN) Email: [email protected] Tel +34.961.525.139 Cell & WhatsApp +34.747.789.467 Web Address: