Hospitality Awards 2019

Page 46 LUXlife 2019 Global Hospitality Awards Designed to be distinctive and offer a talking point for any event, Feeding the Fish specialises in tailor- made choreographed LED shows, created using cutting- edge technology. As these performances have driven companies, brands and events to global renown, it is no surprise that the firm was honoured in this year’s Hospitality Awards. We profile the company to gain an insight into how far it has come since it first began over two decades ago. Feeding the Fish: Best Choreographed Event Lighting Specialists 2019 Created in 1996 by a group of programmers, circus performers, dancers and technicians, Feeding the Fish draws on its team’s love of creating mind-bending on-stage effects with light and choreography. In 2006 the firm invented and patented Pixel-Poi ® , which are LED batons that display logos and words through a ‘persistence of vision’ effect. Building upon this unique idea, the team have since designed and built Pixel Video Suits ® ; LED costumes that can display moving graphics. Feeding the Fish have even produced 6 sparkling LED drift cars that were featured in both Top Gear Live and Fast and Furious Live. As a result, Feeding the Fish’s LED creations can now be used to showcase any brand, product or vision to its very best potential. Over the years, thanks to this passion for creativity and the unique experience it is able to offer, the firm has flourished. Today, Feeding the Fish works with some of the top production companies and directors in Europe as well as worldwide, delivering on their vision, whether for the closing of the 2012 Paralympic Games Ceremony, the MTV awards, with Cirque du Soleil or at London’s Café de Paris. Whilst the company is renowned for its large, show-stopping performances, it is also able to deliver stunning lighting shows for a range of private functions. From intimate birthday celebrations to lavish international parties, every show Feeding the Fish performs is guaranteed to be completely unique. Each performance the team creates is bespoke and designed with the client in mind. From the start of every project, the firm’s diverse team work with the event planner or show director to craft a show that will achieve their aims. They collaborate with them to understand their needs and produce a show by choreographing the lights, the dancers and the client’s wishes into a perfectly synchronised composition. By displaying logos, names or images through intelligent LED programming, Feeding the Fish can curate a completely original performance, allowing audiences to celebrate their special occasion as part of the show. Shows can include as much or as little customisation as the client requires and are uniquely tailored to fit their venue, event and specific tastes. Alongside their stunning lights, Feeding the Fish also work with