Hospitality Awards 2019 Page 53 Boasting a small staff to guest ration, Botaniq Hotel is able to offer a personalised experience that makes every guest feel pampered and relaxed at all times. All of the establishment’s staff are highly trained and committed to providing guests with the best possible experience. In the establishment’s Xmile Restaurant, guests can indulge in fresh, local produce that has been expertly crafted into delicious, flavourful Mediterranean dishes. Exclusively available to guests of the Botaniq Hotel, this luxury dining experience will give guests a true taste of the best cuisine that Spain has to offer. Chef Miguel Angel Gonzalez has previously been the ward of great chefs with Michelin stars such as Quique Dacosta and Sergi Arola. As a result, he is able offer his diners a Mediterranean cuisine focused on quality products and designed to be enjoyed in the sunshine and beautiful beach surroundings of the Botaniq Hotel. With four chefs and just 14 rooms in the hotel, the eatery can offer a customised menu designed to suit the individual requirements of each diners. As such, clients can enjoy a tailor- made dining experience specifically created with them and their preferences in mind. Thanks to its dedication to quality and welcoming hospitality, the Botaniq Hotel has achieved a reputation for excellence, and moving forward it will work to maintain and enhance this as it welcomes even more discerning guests from all walks of life. Company: Botaniq Hotel & Xmile Restaurant Contact: Fernando Abad | Website: Chefs Miguel Angel Gonzalez & Estefania Merchal Chefs Miguel Angel Gonzalez & Estefania Merchal