Hospitality Awards 2020 Page 17 LUX 2020 Global Hospitality Awards Since 2013, La Aurelia Design has been an international design label specialising in the production of exclusive luxury wallpapers and interior design collections such as fine art and carpets. Established by successful Dutch ‘fem- preneur’ and well-renowned wallpaper designer, Aurelia Ebbe, La Aurelia brings a vision of fine wallpapers and interiors to life through the creation of sophisticated, visually stunning designs that are customisable to any project. The brand, which takes its name from Aurelia’s family tradition for passing the name from mothers to daughters and means ‘The Golden One’, tells stories through its designs which are rooted in Aurelia’s passion for nature and cultures. Aurelia has released new collections every year since La Aurelia began, each one boasting a unique style and narrative which brings vibrant passion into interiors worldwide. All La Aurelia wallpapers are made from high-quality, best certified materials and form the foundations for a vast spectrum of design options. La Aurelia’s Haute Couture Wallpaper service specialises in creating bespoke design solutions for its clients, offering full customisation so as to deliver interiors suited to lifestyles and personalities, whether working for an individual or global business. La Aurelia works with project designers, stylists, architects, public domain, retailers, La Aurelia Design is a sophisticated purveyor of exclusive wallpaper and interior design services. Led by Founder and well-renowned wallpaper designer, Aurelia Ebbe, La Aurelia is growing on an international scale, working with experts from around the world to achieve refined wallpapers that are inimitable in their look and feel. These efforts have been instrumental in La Aurelia’s achievement of LUXlife’s Best Luxury Wallcovering Design Company 2020. La Aurelia Design Best Luxury Wallcovering Design Company 2020 boutique hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses to help them achieve the perfect interior for them and their brand. There is no limit to what La Aurelia can achieve through wallpaper customisation, using its basic models as a springboard for clients’ imaginations. From intensity of colour to emphasis of details to additional elements, clients are given the freedom and personal service to concoct their own distinctive design perfectly tailored to them. As such, La Aurelia offers its clients unparalleled exclusivity. The high quality and ingenuity that La Aurelia has become synonymous with in the world of wallpaper and interior design has resulted in increasing global recognition for the brand, which takes great pride in its rapidly expanding network of professional resellers and hospitality enterprises. La Aurelia collaborates with independent boutique hotels and interior design professionals, who act as ambassadors for the brand and provide inspiration for their clients. In addition, at the recently opened shop, ‘La Aurelia Brand Boutique’ in an international trade centre in the Netherlands, Aurelia is able to meet clients and interior designers in the space that she has created. Full of colour and character, guests are immersed in the creativity of La Aurelia, inspiring them with ideas and innovation to push the limits of their own design project and ‘dress their walls with style’, in the words of Aurelia. In return, Aurelia is able to listen to what her clients are looking for and adapt each new collection to better serve them. Developing new wallpaper materials and styles is therefore a constant enterprise for La Aurelia and the innovative results are always awe-inspiring. Most recently, for example, the brand has been able to announce the launch of their Seamless Acoustic Sound-Absorbing wallcovering. This is an ideal solution for hospitality branches seeking large, single- piece wallcoverings that also offer better room acoustics. The innovative wallcovering also provides insulation during summer and winter to save money on energy bills, and requires no stuc repair. The wallcovering levels unevenness up to 4mm compensation, which is something of a revolution in the global wallpaper and coverings market. It is innovation such as this combined with La Aurelia’s distinctive style that will continue to propel the brand forward on a global stage towards its ambition to be a world-class designer of refined, customisable wallpapers. We look forward to watching La Aurelia Design as they grow from strength to strength over the years ahead. Contact: Paul Ebbe Company: La Aurelia Design Web Address: “Established by successful Dutch ‘fem-preneur’ and well-renowned wallpaper designer, Aurelia Ebbe, La Aurelia brings a vision of fine wallpapers and interiors to life through the creation of sophisticated, visually stunning designs that are customisable to any project. “