Hospitality Awards 2020

Page 16 LUX 2020 Global Hospitality Awards Established in 2016, Chippa specialises in creating spectacular themed events and sets for corporate and private parties. The team provides everything required to make the night truly unforgettable, from immersive décor to industry leading performers, music and attractions. Chippa is able to transform a venue until it is unrecognisable, transporting clients and their guests to wonderlands From Western to Wonderland or Narnia to New York. With its comprehensive armoury of bells and whistles, Chippa is able to use twenty-five years of industry experience to handle all aspects of an event. In the four years since its inception, Chippa has worked on a vast array of projects with a variety of global organisations such as MTV, eBay, HSBC, Huawei, Tinstar, Dyson, RAF, the Army and Marks & Spencer’s, who worked with Chippa on their 2019 Christmas advert. To deliver the exceptional standard expected by leading brands such as these, the Chippa team is committed to going above and beyond, making sure that events not only look stunning, but feel incredible to be a part of and run seamlessly from start to finish. It is not a 9-5 job, but one that requires the whole team to stay and deliver excellence, no matter the time or location, and it is this outstanding devotion from the team that results in outstanding events time and time again. This devotion is predominantly put down to the close-knit nature of the Chippa team that makes up the family-run business. Every member brings their individual experiences of working in the entertainment industry to Chippa is a family-run company with offices located in London, Birmingham and Manchester. They specialise in creating unforgettable themed experiences for businesses across the UK, offering a full event planning and running service for both corporate and private clients. The Chippa team transforms venues into wonderlands and creates everlasting memories for every client. Oct20690 Chippa Best Themed Event Entertainment Specialists - UK Chippa, as circus performers, musicians, set designers and more, giving the firm a great edge when putting together events. The experience and expertise shared by the team at Chippa gives them the insights to know what works and what will blow their audiences’ minds. In the ongoing pandemic, however, the talents of Chippa and its team are unfortunately not being put to their full potential, with all but two events cancelled or postponed in the past seven months. As government support has largely been found wanting by Chippa, the team is keeping their fingers crossed for the return of Christmas projects in 2021, at which point Chippa will be ready and raring to go. For now, Chippa is keeping their hopes high and looking ahead to a bright future, once the uncertainty of Covid-19 passes. Indeed, the team is excited about the new internal projects that they are currently working on for next year. These projects will see a whole new side of business being explored for Chippa that will open up new opportunities to the events industry. Whilst the full details are yet to be revealed, we are excited to see what Chippa has in store for 2021 and beyond. Company: Chippa Web Address: