Hospitality Awards 2023

56 | LUXlife Magazine he Real Santa’ offer bespoke experiences that splice the tradition of Christmas with a hint of luxury. Offering services ranging from intimate family gatherings to grand corporate affairs, the meticulous attention to detail the company affords ensures that each moment is as magical as the next. With an array of clientele ranging from corporate to hospitality, media, charity, and even home visits, anybody seeking a magical connection can be reached by the exceptional service that sets ‘The Real Santa’ apart. A memorable experience is guaranteed by the team in several ways, including a personalised visit from Santa and his elves to add a dash of Christmas wonder to your establishment. The portrayal of Santa is fun for all ages, and adaptable to your event, whether that be an extravagant corporate gala or an intimate family gathering. All performers are professional, fully trained, and handpicked to spread Christmas cheer, also possessing the relevant checks, liability and work cover. In order to ensure the best possible experience for everybody the team entertain, the authenticity of a traditional depiction of Santa is combined with a touch of luxury. The company understands the importance of having personalised interactions, keen attention to detail, and a seamless execution. By collaborating closely with hospitality partners to integrate the team’s services seamlessly, every guest can feel the warmth of the holiday spirit. In addition to tailoring interactions to each guest to ensure a genuine connection is formed, techniques adopted by ‘The Real Santa’ to provide clients with a fantastic time include a seamless execution from scheduling through to event management, the creation of an immersive Christmas environment with meticulous attention to detail, and continuous improvement through guest and customer feedback. With an aim to create memories that last a lifetime, the team are determined to connote a sense of magic from the very first step. Warm and hearty greetings are delivered personally by Bill and his team of cheery elves, setting the tone for a delightful experience. This encounter is designed to be more than just a formality, it instead forges a heartfelt connection and provides laughter and joy from the outset. Individuality is recognized and championed, whether it Christmas Entertainment Provider of the Year 2023 - Australia At Real Deal Entertainment’s ‘The Real Santa’, the team make it their mission to bring the magic of Christmas to life and spread holiday joy to young and old across Australia, creating timeless memories. We speak to Bill Wheatley to tell us more about the fantastic work done by the organisation. be a child eager to share their dreams or an adult seeking the comfort of the holiday spirit, the attention of the team is undivided and unique, leaving behind a heartwarming imprint. Another hallmark of ‘The Real Santa’ is the impeccable presentation afforded within the service. Every detail, from the decorations that adorn the surroundings down to the appearance and costumes of the team, is carefully curated to leave a lasting impact. This all starts with the staff, especially the performers, whom Bill calls, “the heartbeat of our enchanting experience.” In bringing new members aboard, valued qualities like genuine kindness, attention to detail, adaptability, and of course a passion for the holidays, are always appreciated, with these qualities resonating with the company’s culture of joy, warmth, and authenticity. Over time, the expectations of guests have shifted from more traditional visits to immersive experiences filled with personalisation and a touch of luxury. Always happy to adapt their approach, the team have embraced these changes through the curation of enchanting interactions that incorporate technology. These changes reflect the commitment by ‘The Real Santa’ to evolve, and ensure they remain a beacon of holiday enchantment for years to come. Looking ahead to the future, Bill tells us, “The future at ‘The Real Santa’ is as bright as Rudolph’s nose!” With plans to introduce even more interactive experiences combining the nostalgia of tradition with the thrill of innovation, the team are happy to embrace technology to further enhance the enchantment of Christmas. In 2024, the business is looking to expand collaborations with corporate partners, luxury resorts, and exclusive clubs, all while continuing to deliver on its signature brand of spreading smiles and holiday joy across the generations. Contact: Bill Wheatley Company: Real Deal Entertainment Pty Ltd / ‘The Real Santa’ Web Address: / 'T