Leading Designer Awards 2023

Leading Designer Awards 2023 | 11 26 | LUXlife Magazine Distinctive Design Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Ltd (Visionary Design) is a full-service design company that specialises in commercial interior design and architecture, with a focus on the hospitality industry. We find out more from the firm’s Founder, Jaana Ekman as she celebrates success in being named Best Full-Service Design Company 2023 – Helsinki. Founded in 2012, Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Inc offers design services from conception through to completion, specialising in creating cutting-edge spaces for commercial environments. Its constant efforts to set standards for exceptional, bold, and visionary interior design have led to the firm becoming renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer service. “We believe in the strength of ideas and the power of relationships,” explains Designer and Partner, Jaana Ekman. “We partner only with some of the most forward-thinking and reliable suppliers and operators in the business. Our skills and longtime experience in planning, sourcing, and purchasing, supported by our project management, are as important to the execution of our projects as our creative vision.” But in such a competitive industry, what gives Visionary Design the edge? What is it that makes it stand tall amongst its competitors? Jaana tells us that there are very few companies like Visionary Design and that the firm’s focus is firmly on creating holistic design solutions that respond to each client’s commercial objectives and site specific needs. To achieve these objectives successfully requires more than just aesthetic forms, it also needs inspired strategic thinking, a holistic approach to execution, and a fanatical attention to detail. “We love what we do and we’re very good at it,” elaborates Jaana. “We believe design should include an emotional meaning and offer a complete memorable customer experience. “We always approach the design of hospitality venues not just from our clients’ perspective but also from that of their eventual customers. This leads us to create warm and enjoyable places that encourage visitors to stay and to return.” Underpinning this design strategy is Visionary Design’s exceptional level of project management, design quality, and best value of services to its clients throughout all stages of the design and construction process. However, Jaana tells us that of equal value are the testimonials from satisfied clients and the number of ongoing relationships that have built up over the years. “We are proud to say that many of our clients have rehired us, since they understand and appreciate design as a profitable value to their business. We have designed and executed hundreds of restaurants and other commercial projects in the hospitality and leisure industry in the past 10 years. Over that time, we have developed a portfolio that illustrates our considerable experience in designing public spaces as well as selected high-end private residences and office spaces.” In today’s Instagram and social media culture, where every customer has a phone equipped with a camera, it is crucial for restaurants and hotels to offer environments that captivate and shine in all of its photographs. Jaana believes that the role of restaurant design in enhancing the customer experience will continue to gain importance in the future. “Customers are increasingly willing to pay for experiences, and multisensory, immersive restaurant and hotel spaces will play an even more significant role in the future,” she elaborates. “Recycling and biophilic design are already common practices in design agencies. Another emerging trend is the focus on sustainability, environmental issues, and the use of natural materials in construction, which create new meanings and experiences for service users. We approach our work with passion and a great deal of heart. We always give our all in every project we undertake.” Drawing her inspiration from the world around her, Jaana goes on to tell us that above all else, she loves fashion and travelling, with most of her ideas being born during her travels, and especially from awe-inspiring fashion stores where attention has been paid to every detail, such as those found in Italy or Paris. Jaana also enjoys the challenges that come with interior design, which she claims keep her “energised” and push her to strive for better performance every single day. It is this sharp focus that has ensured that not only does Visionary Design maintain its luxury status, but it is also award-worthy too, as proven when the firm clinched the prestigious accolade of Best Full-Service Design Company 2023 – Helsinki in the Leading Designers Awards. Jaana’s ability to willingly step out of her comfort zone on a daily basis is what she believes has allowed her to continuously improve and innovate. Of the future, she states, “I believe that our best years are still ahead in the design business. We have invested a lot of attention to detail in our designs, and our projects stand out for their boldness, emphasizing experiential and multisensory elements. For years, this has been our trademark: meticulous attention to detail. We are known for our exceptionally beautiful and captivating designs. We have developed our own distinctive and recognisable style that resonates with our clients, and we have exciting projects lined up for the future.” Contact: Jaana Ekman Company: Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Ltd Web Address: https://visionarydesign.fi May23583