Leading Designer Awards 2023

16 | LUXlife Magazine 8 | ith a basing in both Tokyo and London, N&R Foldings has discovered how to extract the creativity from origami in order to develop products that are unlike anything on the market. It recognises the functionality that origami offers, and combines this utility with its interest in digital generation and digital fabrication to realise its product vision. As a result, N&R Foldings has been able to create articulated surfaces that offer a multitude of solutions to a wide variety of products. One of its most recent and popular examples is its Orishiki bag. Initially presented as a flat sheet structure composed of triangular segments, the bag can be assembled seamlessly to create a sleek, modern accessory that’ll compliment any situation. As the beginning of the name suggests, Orishiki is derived from the folding foundations that origami has constructed, bringing an appeal to the product that shares no competitor on the current market. The result is a carrying device that’s sturdy, stylish, and incredibly intuitive to produce. Of course, the innovation doesn’t end there. Another project that N&R Foldings has delivered in recent years is a collaborative piece that places an emphasis on transforming decorative objects. Once again deploying the foldability that accompanies origami as an art form, Poligon is the passion project born from the minds of Rodrigo Solorzano and Matthew Making Things That Should Be There. Throughout its existence, origami has been an inspired art form that’s gone on to encapsulate the true meaning of creativity. Its versatility is undeniable, and the satisfaction that partners completing an origami project is what sets it apart as a unique craft. Not many have been able to harness a similar effect, however, N&R Foldings have mastered combining origami with the latest technology to create all-new, innovative products. We explore how its ingenuity as a company has earned it its latest Most Creative Product Design Studio 2023 – Tokyo award title. White. Through combining a love for origami with a passion for metal etching, the pair managed to design folded metal sculptures that’re eye-catching and beyond unique – a perfect compliment to any surface within your home. Alongside practical products, N&R Foldings also specialises in bringing ideas into fully-fledged concepts that are only amplified by its creative flair. It works alongside clients to understand and realise their ideas, all to create products that embody the shapes that it believes should be there for anyone to use. The business takes the time to understand clients on a personal level, and will develop any concept, regardless of genre, graphics, or installation. Thanks to N&R Foldings, building just became a lot more interactive. Its flawless designs allow for an assembly unlike anything we have in the current day, and its origami-like structures make for futuristic products that truly mark the evolution of construction. The minds behind N&R Foldings are nothing short of remarkable, with brilliant ideas that are sure to pave the way towards the future of product innovation. Contact: Naoki Kawamoto Company: N&R Foldings Web Address: http://nandrfoldings.com/index.html W Apr23040