Leading Designer Awards 2023

Leading Designer Awards 2023 | 23 Beyond Luxury Los Angeles-based architecture firm, IR Architects specialises in multimillion dollar luxury homes and estates, including some of the largest residential properties on the market in America. We find out more from Ignacio Rodriguez as it celebrates success being crowned Luxury Design Firm of the Year 2023 - Los Angeles. IR Architects is a luxury residential architecture and interior design firm that focuses on the high-end market in LA. With a goal to deliver very cutting-edge yet functional designs that are tailored specifically to the client and their individual needs, IR Architects understands that every client has their own specific needs and, therefore, is dedicated to meeting, and indeed exceeding, the expectations the clients set. One of the core design elements of homes created and designed by IR Architects is the floorplan layout which is done in such a way that it is very clean and organised. The spaces have a very natural flow so that at no point do clients ever feel ‘lost’ in any of these homes. The firm also lays out very contemporary floorplans for today’s way of living, so regardless of whether the exterior of the home is traditional, contemporary, or transitional, the floorplan flow always remains the same. At IR Architects, the client always comes first and the company consistently involves them in the decision making and design element as the plans and models evolve, so the end result is always very unique and completely tailored to them. “One of the reasons that clients come to us is our ability to actively listen to their unique needs and wants, and then work to take those needs and wants and design a beautiful product that is to our aesthetic of architecture and interior design, while still meeting all of their requirements,” explains Ignacio Rodriguez, the firm’s Principle Architect. “We do not carry ourselves with a big ego and we never take the ‘my way or the highway’ approach, which allows for a truly collaborative design process.” In the market that IR Architects operates in, the homes usually start at around $10 million and increase from there. To this end, the firm is always looking to ensure that it remains at the forefront of emerging trends within the market, in order to continue to be a leader in its field. Most of the company’s clients are very well travelled, highly educated, very successful individuals who have seen a lot of the world and therefore it is always open to listening to their ideas as well as exploring new and different concepts. Ignacio goes on to tell us that, in the last five years or so the quality of construction has elevated. With everyone being in pursuit of perfection, expectations have increased and so the quality of construction has also risen accordingly. “One thing we have noticed is that we are moving away from wood framing into steel May23547 framing and therefore removing the variable of wood as a natural material,” he elaborates. “Regarding finishes, everything is moving into large scale tile and slabs. This means the quality of the construction has to be significantly more sophisticated in order to handle these larger materials and panels.” Likewise, wood flooring and millwork are also in this conversation, and most of IR Architects’ millwork is now coming from Europe as the details are so much more refined than what can be obtained domestically. “We also have large sheets of glass for the extensive glazing systems,” continues Ignacio. “Those are all machine made, so they are perfect in scale and size. This means all the steel has to be perfect, the floors and walls have to be perfect, because you are meeting a perfect machine-made window system to manmade walls and ceilings.” Recently, for its commitment and hard work, IR Architects gained recognition in the Leading Designers Awards and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Luxury Design Firm of the Year 2023 - Los Angeles. Understandably delighted by this title, Ignacio and the team at IR Architects are now firmly focused on the future and their continuing mission to ensure high-quality, precision, and luxurious design remain synonymous with the IR Architects brand. Contact: Lauren Rodriguez Company: IR Architects Web Address: irarchitects.us “Our clients tend to call us because they are looking for that level of luxury and precision, and we innovate by learning from our clients. For us, taking an openminded approach to the client’s experiences that they bring to the project helps give rise to new innovation in both floorplans and three-dimensional design work.”