Leading Designer Awards 2023

Leading Designer Awards 2023 | 9 Summer 2023 | 23 Specialising in producing creative and distinctive solutions in architecture and interior design, Pure Design Studio (Pure Design), based in Vietnam, stands head and shoulders above the rest. We speak to the firm’s Co-Founder and Design Director, Lorenz Lennaerts, as it gains the title of Best Progressive Architecture & Design Firm 2023 – Vietnam, and we discover how his passion for design runs deep. Pure & Simple Pure Design also places a huge emphasis on sustainability and the wellbeing of its users. All of the firm’s designs incorporate sustainable practices, energy-efficient solutions, and environmentallyconscious materials, with the team striving to create spaces that promote human wellbeing, occupant comfort, and a positive impact on the environment. “All of these unique qualities combine to create our USP, setting us apart from others in the industry,” Lorenz tells us. “They enable us to deliver exceptional design experiences and spaces that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impact on the people who inhabit them.” Recently, Pure Design won an LIV Hospitality Design Award for its resort design creation, the Avana Retreat. Set on a mountainside in northern Vietnam, the Avana Retreat offers 36 bungalows, suites, and pool villas, all of which are seamlessly integrated into the landscape. Each boasts spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, and terraced rice fields, and the retreat’s secluded location ensures ultimate privacy while its 15-hectare area gives plenty of space to roam, including a waterfall in the centre. The inspiration behind the luxury villa’s architecture design stems from the local farmhouses and the ethnic building methods and details, including hand-built earth walls that reproduce the look and feel of Hmong’s houses, and help the villa cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This comes alongside the natural thatched roof design that has been adopted to follow the typical traditional stilt house’s architecture of northwestern ethnic groups. A high priority during this project was the use of environmentally-friendly materials and local craftsmanship. Meanwhile, guests can truly enjoy the uninterrupted views of pristine nature from the rice field-shaped infinity pool, alongside the orchid spa running along a murmuring stream, or view the idyllic scene of ethnic Hmong working on the fields. “One of the most significant challenges we may have faced during the design process was the steep topography of the project site and the integration of the natural and cultural elements of the region into the resort,” Lorenz elaborates. “Finding a solution that satisfied everyone’s needs, while ensuring that the design is functional, sustainable, and aesthetically-pleasing was a complex and challenging task.” Even more recently, Pure Design received yet another prestigious accolade in the form of a Leading Designers Award for which it was named Best Progressive Architecture & Design Firm 2023 – Vietnam. Now, as the future beckons, the firm plans to further promote wellness and human-centric design by recognising the importance of designing spaces that prioritise wellbeing. It aims to do this by incorporating more nature-inspired design principles, integrating health and wellness features, and creating environments that enhance occupant comfort, productivity, and happiness. “We also want to expand our global reach and diversify our portfolio by pursuing international projects and collaborating with clients and professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds,” says Lorenz. “This will allow us to exchange ideas, get exposure to different design philosophies, and the opportunity to work on a wide range of project types.” Contact: Lorenz Lennaerts Company: Pure Design Studio Web Address: www.pure-designstudio.com ased in Ho Chi Minh, multidisciplinary architecture and interior design studio, Pure Design Studio initially started as a dynamic and forward-thinking concept and has since expanded into a comprehensive firm offering a wide range of residential architecture and interior design services. The dedicated team at Pure Design is driven by a passion to deliver innovative and unique solutions in the fields of architecture, interior design, 3D visualisation, and master planning, with the firm’s expertise lying in creating exceptional spaces for real estate projects, particularly resorts, hotels, and villas. Pure Design is committed to producing creative and distinctive designs that surpass its clients’ expectations, whilst incorporating the cultural and environmental context of each project. “Our core values are at the heart of everything we do,” enthuses Lorenz Lennaerts. “They have remained consistent since our establishment and include ‘design excellence’, ‘client satisfaction’, and ‘integrity and professionalism’.” As one of Pure Design’s co-founders, Lorenz brings with him years of experience in creative architectural design and project development. With a keen sense and eye for style and details, Lorenz is the key force behind all design projects from inception to realising conceptual work with flawless finish. Known for his tenacious spirit and determination, Lorenz has helped many clients achieve the project of their dreams through his ability to articulate and deliver something truly special. “At Pure Design Studio, we take pride in our unique qualities which serve set us apart and make us unique,” he continues. “For example, we strive to create innovative and imaginative solutions that stand out from the crowd. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we take the time to deeply understand our clients' goals, aspirations, and specific requirements. And our team pays meticulous attention to every aspect, from the overall concept to the smallest details.” The firm’s seamless collaboration is also a cornerstone of its approach and Lorenz has carefully fostered a collaborative environment where ideas are shared, and expertise is combined. B May23407