Nautical Tourism Awards 2022 Page 7 LUXlife Nautical Tourism Awards 2022 Luxury lies in the details you barely even notice. For the team at TGA Design, their contribution to the world of nautical hospitality is one often overlooked but holding immense value. Their signage has guided the way for so many people. In the Nautical Tourism Awards from LUXlife, the team’s immensely high standards were recognised as having a major impact on this important sector. We look closer to find out more. Best Cruise Wayfinding & Signage Design Business Sep22215 The guest experience is one which people are always trying to elevate in the hospitality sector, and few are more committed to the cause than the team at TGA Design. As specialists in experiential and environmental wayfinding, they have provided invaluable services to a range of passenger cruise ships, theme parks, resorts, health care and retail projects worldwide. Needless to say, the last forty years have seen the team achieve some truly breathtaking results for their clients. Tom Graboski, President of the business, was keen to explain precisely how TGA Design has managed to remain at the forefront of the industry for such a long time. “Pursuit of perfection is a goal in all our projects, not just in luxury environments,” he tells us. “Helping to create the best possible guest experience within the built environment is our goal. It is not about signs. It is about the overall experience.” The value of exceptional signage throughout the tourist experience can transform how it is perceived by others. “Wayfinding and identity signage, while fully functional, can be little gems within the spaces that provide essential, useful information to guests, allowing them to move freely through the space,” Tom explains. To many, the humble sign is a practical addition, but in this team’s capable hands, they can be transformed into something more. Of course, the power of technology has revolutionised every aspect of the tourist experience. The same is certainly true of the wayfinding experience as well. Tom and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure that they continue to offer a truly leading service at all times, but they also know that sometimes simplicity is best. “New technology is providing more and more opportunities to interact and communicate with guests,” Tom explains, “but there is a point when I feel looking at screens, AI, and virtual environments can be too much.” When the team take on a project, they are thoroughly collaborative, taking a holistic approach to ensure total satisfaction for all. “There is a need for that touch of a little jewel of a detail to make a guest say wow!” Tom tells us. “And to admire that small point and thus enhance the overall feel of a space or an environment.” For a luxury environment, this attention to detail, and consideration of precisely what is being offered, means that the team are always in high demand. They know better than most that in a luxury environment, privacy and exclusivity outweigh the need for the latest technology. Looking ahead, the team intend to continue the pattern of success which has led to their triumph in the Nautical Tourism Awards, delivering the very best in experiential and environmental signage, and graphic design. Above all else, the team will focus on the values of curiosity, passion, creativity and innovation which have led them this far. We here at LUXlife cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: TGA Design Name: Tom Graboski, President Email: [email protected] Web Address: