New Year 2023

31 Nov22192 Best Boutique Family Development Company – 2023 Creating unique luxury homes is second nature to family-run developer, EAB Homes (EAB). We find out more about the company from one of its partners, including what makes it stand out from the rest, in the wake of it gaining recognition in the Leaders in Luxury Awards 2023. Award-winning boutique development and client contracting company, EAB Homes specialises in building exceptional, high-end residential properties in and around the home counties. For more than 35 years, the family-run firm has excelled in the design, development, and construction of bespoke new family homes that are highly sought-after by individuals who appreciate the very best. Every EAB home is built to last and also to complement its environment. Designed individually to be in perfect harmony with their surroundings, all properties combine only the finest quality materials with traditional construction methods, in tandem with state-of-the-art technology and a superlative specification, with sustainability built in as standard. This is not all, however, for EAB goes even further to create homes that are truly unique. From stunning picture windows, to cantilevered corners with bi-fold doors, each property is a masterpiece with well thought-out streamlined design combined with absolute practicality such as walk-in pantries and utility rooms located well behind the scenes. With centuries-strong ties with the Beaconsfield area, the secondgeneration Berridge family, which owns EAB Homes, has become renowned for its ethical, trustworthy, and friendly business style, respecting – and being respected within – the community where it operates. EAB’s clients are typically high net worth individuals who have usually found the firm through either recommendation or from driving past the many sites – and its client service is very unique. “We are a family business that likes to become an extended part of our clients’ families in order to build them a home that truly reflects their desires and usage,” explains Creative, Marketing and Finance Partner, Tonia Warren. “The process should be stress-free and enjoyable. We offer a handheld and personal service from land procurement right through to polishing the door knob when they are moved in!” Tonia’s role is primarily dealing with the creative side of the business to ensure that it takes a pro-active, current, and innovative approach to traditional building in order to provide its clients with a modern and fresh approach to what is generally a pressured and stressful time for them. “Family life and practicality should be able to be teamed with design and innovation seamlessly, without looking clunky or old-fashioned,” she elaborates, highlighting the company’s unique selling point. “We assist in extracting every little detail from the clients and turning their home into something they love, both from a style perspective but also for usability for their own goals and lives.” Being proactive and forward-thinking has helped EAB weather both the Covid and Brexit storms, although there are still challenges regarding material procurement and logistics. Whilst it is forecast that the industry is at the start of a period of downturn, the team at EAB has spent the last year forming strong connections with future clients and pushing through land purchases and planning applications. Tonia tells us that to overcome these issues, organisation is absolutely key. “Although we have gone through some growth, doubling our staff head count, we have been realistic about the number of projects that is right for us over the next 12 months,” she continues. “We feel that this will help to minimise the implication of what we think will be a challenging year for our industry and our competitors.” Despite a potential dip in business looming, EAB Homes is looking forward to a bright future. Having recently been recognised in the Leaders in Industry Awards and crowned with the prestigious title of ‘Best Boutique Family Development Company – 2023’, the feeling is very much one of onwards and upwards! “We hope to further expand our portfolio with unique and beautiful homes, keep our employees feeling valued and excited about their efforts, and help clients feel that they have put their property and build into the right hands.” Contact: Tonia Warren Company: EAB Homes Web Address: