Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 5 Page 4 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards Founded and operated by Joanna Geneslay, Happy Hugs is wholly focused on providing parents and babies with the most comfortable, high-quality ergonomic baby slings and carriers that are available on the market today. Truly passionate about babywearing, Joanna and her team believe that offering personalised support it’s absolutely essential when recommending a baby carrier. As a trained Babywearing Consultant, Joanna promises Happy Hugs to be more than just another retailer, offering an exceptional level of customer service by assessing and recommending products tailored and every dyad’s different needs and expectations. Since coming to life, Happy Hugs has also sought to not just sell carriers, but help to create connections, build bonds and confidence between families, raising happier kids and generating more relaxed parents. The parents and carers have always been at the forefront of Joanna‘s mind, and that is why she has developed the entire service of Happy Hugs to revolve around them and their needs. In order to make sure that all of the customers get professional advice and buy the right high-quality product to meet their needs Being close to your new-born baby is one of the most important things to do as new parents in order to build a strong bond with your little loved one. Carrying your baby in the months after birth is beneficial, but doing it safely is arguably the most important part of the whole process. By using baby slings and carriers you can safely hold your baby in a comfortable and natural position, keeping your hands free to get on with your daily routine. That is where Happy Hugs comes in, offering its clients the best ergonomic slings and carriers in the United Kingdom today. Aug20604 Happy Hugs Most Client- Focused Ergonomic Babywearing Retailer, UK and preferences, Joanna has begun offering a range of free services which are unique on the market. Happy Hugs now offers free testers, allowing its customers to try the products before buying, making sure that they are indeed getting the right one for them. Joanna is also offering free twenty-minute face-to-face or Zoom consultations for those who want more information, a product demo or just need help with adjustments during a testing session or after purchase. Joanna herself has been instrumental in developing the success that Happy Hugs is experiencing today. First and foremost, she founded the company based on her own passion for natural parenting and desire to help parents grow closer with their children. A one-woman band, Joanna brings a wealth of marketing experience from her background, which has proven helpful when it comes to building and managing her website, as well as handling all marketing, social media and PR actions, in terms of both planning and design. Further to that, Joanna is also a Babywearing Consultant and currently training to become an accredited Breastfeeding Counsellor, Antenatal Teacher and Doula. Throughout its service, Happy Hugs is promoting the raising of children based on a gentle and natural parenting model, believing that attachment parenting, co-sleeping, babywearing, breastfeeding, unconditional love and child led education offer multiple practical and emotional benefits for both babies and their carers. It has been proven that carried baby are calmer and happier. By snuggling up on a carer’s chest, babies can feel safe and comforted, whilst the carer themselves remain physically active without having to give up the cuddles and kisses that make parenting such a joy. Building a better emotional connection between parent and child is so important, and Happy Hugs focused on exactly that. When it comes to buying slings and carriers, many parents opt for high-quality, ergonomic and safety tested products, because every baby deserve the best. Two of the best quality brands developing ergonomic baby slings and carriers are ISARA and LennyLamb, but finding them at the best price can be hard for some parents. Happy Hugs is the main retailer in the United Kingdom for both ISARA and LennyLamb. Across the board of its products, the company stocks the widest product portfolio and the latest design collections from both brands. As parents like to carry their babies in different type of slings, made of different materials and for different sized babies and children, Happy Hugs ensures that it stocks the widest and the most exceptional range of high-quality baby carriers, including woven wraps, ring slings, all-in-one buckle carriers, half buckle carriers, toddler buckle and onbuhimo carriers and even preschool carriers. For babies and children there are few more soothing things than being able to lay their weary head on the chest of a parent, whilst the parent can enjoy the luxury of the beloved child simply cuddling them. Yet, for all the width and breadth of the product stock, it has been carefully and meticulously chosen by Joanna and the team at Happy Hugs. The brands that they work with and the products that are stocked, were chosen after months of research, testing and having in-depth discussions with the babywearing manufacturers themselves. Ultimately, however, the real test of whether a brand or product was good enough to be stocked at Happy Hugs came from the parents within the business itself. From day one, Happy Hugs made a commitment to stock only the products and brands that its parents trust and use themselves, some of the most versatile and adjustable products available on the market, in which both the parent and the child feel extremely comfortable. The luxury feeling of the material and the perfectly adjustable fit is important yes, but so is the safety and the comfort of both the child and the carer. Also, stocking lots of lovely designs, Happy Hugs aims to sell slings and carries that will definitely distinguish from the next. For the time being, Happy Hugs is operating and retailing primarily online for most of its customers, but London-based customers can enjoy the newly-started drop-in sessions that Joanna is offering, where they can test any product and buy them on the spot like in any other store. In the near future, Happy Hugs also intends to open a small boutique in South West London, where all the complimentary services would be available with any store purchase. Starting a new life as a family is an incredibly exciting thing, but doing it in the best and most safe way possible is also important. With these high-quality and rigorously tested baby slings and carriers, Happy Hugs is making sure that the families have the best possible start in life. Company: Happy Hugs Contact: Joanna Geneslay Website