Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 41 Page 40 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards EPIC Dad is dedicated to celebrating and supporting dads and father figures and their families, restoring the role of fathers to transform families. Based in Suffolk, EPIC Dad offers dads and children’s clubs, baby and toddler groups, parenting courses, new and expectant fathers groups, social and support groups, family events, one-to-one mentoring and much more besides, including the ‘EPIC Dad Survival Kit’ backpacks. Complete with essentials such as snack bars and nappies, the kits are designed to encourage dads with the message that they are an essential part of their new family. As Founder Richard Keeble reminds dads, ‘there will be some EPIC fails, but also there will be many EPIC wins, and as long as the EPIC wins outweigh the EPIC fails, they will be okay, and so will their kids!’ EPIC Dad is all about celebrating the four key roles of a father figure; Encourager, Provider, Instructor and Carer. In achieving the company vision of restoring the role of fathers, EPIC Dad goes beyond providing services for dads, also working with organisations to take a more father-friendly approach that allows fathers to balance their involvement with their families with careers. It is through feedback and consultations within the EPIC Dad community that the company has been able to adapt its activities and groups to suit the needs of local dads and male carers. While the societal shift to dads being encouraged to be involved with childcare or staying at home while their partners go to work is positive, EPIC Dad has noticed there is a Bello’s Boutique is the supplier of choice for luxury and traditional wear for children across the United Kingdom. Shipping anywhere in the country, and across the wider world, there is simply no reason why every child cannot have the comfort that they want from clothes, whilst also sporting the most luxurious materials and styles. The idea for Bello’s Boutique first took form after the founder began to find herself constantly buying beautiful clothing directly from Spain, or sourcing affordable British-made brands for her young daughters. Instead, they took it upon themselves to begin offering a range of the finest, most affordable, and most luxurious Spanish clothing for babies and children that had been selected personally by them. Every parent should be able to take joy in buying clothes for their children, and Bello’s Boutique makes it easier than ever before to do just that. No more long trawling scrolls though endless websites to find luxury clothing; instead, it has all been gathered in one place where parents can find a luxurious blend of modern and traditional styles that are sure to suit any child. More than just the opportunity to experience the ease of buying, Bello’s Boutique also believes strongly in giving its customers the personal shopping experience. Buying baby and children clothes is as much about being personal as it is about getting the right luxury outfits or clothing styles. That is why, if any shopper is stuck on sizing or even advice on what the best sellers are and whether or not it would suit their child, the team at Bello’s Boutique are always on Encourager, Provider, Instructor and Carer are the four roles of a father or father figure that the EPIC Dad Community Interest Company is dedicated to encouraging and cultivating for families and communities. Established in 2017 by Richard Keeble, EPIC Dad is a project celebrating and supporting dads and male carers in a variety of programmes and activities. We spoke to Richard to find out more about the work he is doing for his community. Children and babies always have cute clothes, but they should not have to settle for just cute. Despite the fact that they are but children, luxury should not be inaccessible to them and their parents. The luxurious feel of quality material and the latest look in traditional baby fashion are just two of the ways in which Bello’s Boutique stands out as a brilliant baby clothing boutique. Aug20283 Aug20143 EPIC Dad Best Father Support Service & Advocacy 2020 - UK Bello’s Boutique Best Children’s Traditional Clothing Boutique - London lack of available support for dads. Even though flexible working hours and an increase in working from home means that fathers and male carers are able to spend time with their children, it can often be a struggle. EPIC Dad wants to help to champion the cause of fatherhood and encourage a change in service provision where dads are thought of more and catered for in family activities, groups, and support services. Throughout lockdown, EPIC Dad has remained on hand to support all fathers and father figures, even if face to face meetings had to be put on hold. This included delivering baby packs in the area to family homes to help provide much needed baby supplies such as nappies, wet wipes, formula milk and baby food. This practical support has reached many vulnerable families needing extra help at this time. EPIC Dad has also offered more one-to-one parenting and wellbeing support through Zoom meetings, phone calls, texts, emails, wellbeing walks, and meet-ups at parks or in gardens, which has proved very popular and effective. Supporting dads in these ways has helped them adjust to the present challenges linked to the pandemic and lockdown and continue to be epic dads. As life returns to a vague semblance of normality, EPIC Dad is excited about the future, looking to expand upon the EPIC Centre (or fatherhood hub) as they reach out to support more dads and male carers in remote locations. Thanks to the EPIC Dad Van, items are easily transported to wherever the company is needed, constantly expanding their community of dads and their own brand awareness. It is the result of Richard and his conscientious and hardworking volunteers that EPIC Dad is able to make such a positive impact in the lives of fathers. With a shared passion to help dads and strengthen families, the EPIC Dad team is always motivated to reach out, get involved and share new ideas and develop project activities. Thanks to their passion and motivation, EPIC Dad is now able to extend their reach to communities that have previously been neglected, as well as developing the one-to- one mentoring aspect of their work, which has proved immensely effective throughout lockdown. EPIC Dad is now looking to spread their message to dads in Florida, USA, replicating their exceptional work through some community connections that the firm has made there. The success of their vital work has set EPIC Dad up to expand exponentially over the years to come, and we are excited to watch this life changing organisation grow from strength to strength. Contact: Richard Keeble Company: EPIC Dad Community Interest Company Web Address: hand to help. Help can come in many forms, whether it be fashion advice, or where to find the best sellers either at the brand’s store in London, or when navigating the website. The luxury that Bello’s Boutique provides comes not only in the form of its outstanding clothing ranges, but also the service provided by the outstanding staff team. However, the star of the show when it comes to Bello’s Boutique is undoubtedly the luxurious clothing ranges themselves. Whether shopping for boys or girls, infants or toddlers, Bello’s Boutique has everything they could need for a truly luxurious outfit that is sure to make all other parents swoon. As we enter the autumn and winter months, perhaps the Tartan collection of dresses would be an ideal complement to the bright colours of fallen leaves. As Christmas draws ever closer, the luxurious combination of red and cream comes together perfectly in the Nancyy Dress, exclusive to Bello’s Boutique. Few things are more luxurious in the world of fashion than the highly-coveted opportunity to present exclusive collections at fashion shows around the world. On home turf, at London Kids Fashion Week, Bello’s Boutique had the opportunity to present its latest exclusive collection and show off exactly why its clothing ranges are amongst some of the most luxurious in the world today. Ultimately, Bello’s Boutique presents families with far more than just luxurious clothing. It is the memory of buying these clothes, and the fondness of looking back years from now at baby clothes that can remind them of the joy they felt when their child was still just that. Company: Bello’s Boutique Contact: Camellia Rankou Website: