Parent & Baby Awards 2018 Page 11 LUX 2018 Parent & Baby Awards their healthcare provider while using the doppler at home. “Our consumers, who are mostly going through life changing experiences, either trying to conceive or already pregnant and looking for new ways to make their pregnancy easier and more memorable, deserve clear, informative and caring customer service. This includes safe to use products, an easy to understand website, and a helpful customer support line, so they don’t face difficulty using our products and can instead enjoy starting their relationship with their child through a positive experience. This is actually one of the main reasons we encourage people to reach out to us through our website if they have any questions at all regarding the use of our products. We are always there to help and advice in the best possible manner.” This exceptional level of service, provided to clients who are very vulnerable and in need of expert support and top-quality advice, is central to Baby Doppler’s success, and would not be possible without dedicated, skilled staff who are all committed to achieving the firm’s mission and embodying its values. Having a baby is an extraordinary experience. However, we have to keep in mind that life happens, throwing unexpected, at time un-wanted circumstances at you. Our company was inspired by such events and we understand the importance and sense of urgency to help the people who can use such devices to prevent going through similar negative experiences. As such, it is understandable that Mithu is keen to share an insight into the firm’s internal culture, which drives it to success. “Internally, at Baby Doppler we thrive on communication. By having regular staff meetings and notifying the appropriate staff members of the changes happening in the growing markets and involving them in the process of bringing on new clients, investors and/or partners.” Ultimately, Baby Doppler is a very customer centric company focusing mainly on customer service and going forward it will be focusing on using AI technology to advance further research in foetal and maternal health and providing state of the art IoT products for new and emerging families. Mithu concludes by discussing the firm’s ongoing developments in more detail, with an emphasises on the upcoming technological innovations which Baby Doppler hopes will change the baby care market for the better. “Looking ahead, we see a market that evolves in and around technology. We are moving really fast and Baby Doppler is committed to providing consumers specialty IoT Baby and maternity products that make it easier new parents for example, we are currently in the process of creating products that collectively provide parents with the right data regarding the mother and their child’s health, habits, and behaviours. “Another key focus for the industry is artificial intelligence, and as such we are in development of AI technology to study patterns in heart rate and their correlations to infant health problems. Clients will soon be able to track the health and progress of their baby by simply using the Baby Doppler app via any mobile device. These developments are exciting for both our firm and clients, and we look forward to sharing our latest innovations with them over the coming years.” “We, as a company, have and will always encourage everyone, no matter if you are a consumer, interested partners who would like to affiliate with us, to feel free to reach out and contact Baby Doppler directly through our website. We welcome others who believe in the product and invite them to join us as, potentially long-term partners, so that together, we can help more of those experiencing similar hardships. Company: Baby Doppler Contact: Mithu Kuna Address: 6 Dock View Dr., #1000, New Castle, Delaware, 19720, USA Phone UK: +44-2038688770 Phone US: +1-213-205-2777 Web Address: