Pet Products & Services Awards 2022

Page 10 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Henry & Co is run by Arlene Millar and her fluffy friend, Henry, a cockapoo who prefers the finer things in life and wishes for his fellow pooches to be able to indulge in the same! Fundamentally, this friendly local dog grooming salon takes great care of its visitor’s pets, ensuring that each of them can receive the best treatments in-house that take care of even the most troublesome matts or adventurers family friends. To do so, Henry & Co uses its very own range of products. Each of these is organic, harsh-chemical free, and synthetic-fragrance-free, resulting in a product that is safe for use on animals with sensitive skin in order to keep them looking their best and feeling great. With each of Arlene’s – and, of course, Henry’s – clients leaving happy and healthy every time, its efforts in dog grooming and product creation make for the most nourished, shiny, and conditioned coats that are far easier to maintain as a result of good overall hair health, ensuring the local area’s canines are pampered to perfection. Being an awardwinning company, this salon has never been one to rest on its laurels. Despite receiving Serving the local community and their furry family friends, Henry & Co is a dog grooming salon with its own exemplary range of all-organic products. Fostering an environmentally friendly, empathic, and tenacious approach to dog grooming that puts the health and happiness of the canine first, each of its products have been designed to be safe on even the most sensitive of skin, preventing matts and encouraging good coat health. Extending thanks to its fourlegged and two-legged clients alike for putting their trust in it, it is excited to be coming out of lockdowns and moving towards a bright future. Mar22082 Henry & Co Best Organic Dog Grooming Salon - Scotland accreditation after accreditation for its organic product range, it is always dedicated to receiving and acting on client feedback, striving to improve itself and its products. Thus, within its boutique establishment, clients – two legged and four legged alike – can expect a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere. Fully stocked with shampoos, conditioners, ear-cleaners, fragrances, detangling sprays, dog balm, and even human hand lotion, it also sells treats and toys so that Henry & Co’s visitors can enjoy a fresh source of entertainment or a delicious snack as well as a thorough looking after. Catering to all breeds and styles, and putting itself in its client’s shoes, its services are fair and affordable to allow for professional doggy grooming to become more of a staple in more people’s lives. Moreover, with its diligent, empathetic, and well-trained staff, it survived the tumult of lockdown with the support these people have fostered in the local community, with Arlene and her team giving online classes that allowed its furry patrons to continue being well looked after. Nowadays, it is fully booked with a 10-week waiting list, and is happy to welcome its clients old and new back through its doors with open arms, excited to show off the new products it has been working hard to create in the very near future. Company: Henry & Co Contact: 07539312502 Website: Instagram: