Pet Products & Services Awards 2022 Page 9 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services catered to in a like manner, allowing the cat tree to become a fitting aesthetic element in the home that they can be proud of. Petrebels even does a line of cat trees called the ‘Lucky Bastards’ line that takes all these principles and propels them all the way into the stratosphere, pushing the possibilities of cat tree design into something more akin to a small child’s jungle gym. These gigantic cat trees are perfect for big cats like Maine Coons – or indeed for households with multiple cats – allowing plenty of space for these pets to move around comfortably and to feel secure in their exploration and scratching. These cat trees, despite their size and the truly incredible scale of them, are the same level of quality as all the rest of Petrebels’s lines in that it guarantees they will last 30% longer than other cat trees by different brands. With its quality, service, and guarantee, it is proud of the products and services it delivers, and stands for the very best, providing the manufacturer’s warranty and delivering the best possible service to the owners of the cats it serves. The safety of the cat is safeguarded in the stability and lack of harmful chemicals, as well as the extra thick bottom plates that each cat tree is fitted with. Critically, these plates have been developed with Freddie’s own rambunctious play style in mind, and with a comprehensive knowledge of the more adventurous cats ability to seemingly bring even the greatest structures low should they wish to! Thus, Petrebels promises that no matter how enthusiastic a feline gets with its cat trees, the cat tree will remain reliably stalwart. Founders Dennis and Detlef are proud to welcome more people and pets into the Petrebels family as it continues to grow, launching a new collection between 2022 and 2023 that it is excited to show off. Company: Petrebels Contact: Dennis Steenbakkers Website: