Pet Products & Services Awards 2022

Page 8 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Apr22488 A company made up of staunch cat people who are passionate about providing the best products for a customer’s feline friends, Petrebels is a self-willed brand fuelled by fun and fresh ideas. Fundamentally, its core goal is making cats happy all over the world, and to create a cat tree collection that fits with each personality type and breed, allowing each cat owner to get their cat something truly special. Some cats are climbers, movers and shakers who like to be everywhere and anywhere within the home where they can perch or pounce appropriately. Equally, some are sleepy house cats who are happy to curl up on their favourite patch of sofa and snooze the day away. Petrebels celebrates both ends of the spectrum and all cats in-between – even up to cats who just enjoy going out and being a friendly local menace – and its cat scratchers reflect this accordingly. Safe, stable, and with a variety of different styles available, the cat tree is an invaluable part of cat ownership and something that will not only foster that sense of exploration with places to perch, snooze, or patrol, but offer a way to keep their claws healthy with places to scratch off the old sheds. Of course, this all came from somewhere. The catalyst for this business, its philosophy, Being one of the foremost producers of cat trees in the world, Petrebels serves cats of all breeds and personalities with its lines of exemplary products. From the dainty and pretty looking cat trees to the huge, jungle-gym style cat playgrounds that will keep any cat occupied for hours, its platforms give a great space for snoozing and enrichment, and its scratching posts allow a cat to scratch off their claw sheds in a safe manner. Petrebels Cat Scratching Tree Product of the Year 2022 and its products has been the owner’s own cat, Freddie, a ‘stubborn, badass fluff ball’ who enjoys testing all the new innovations that Petrebels comes up with to ensure they’ll up to the best standards! Freddie, his owners, and the Petrebels brand in the macro scale encourages all cats and cat owners to ‘unleash the rebel’ with sustainable, quality, and safe cat products that will allow the greatest freedom of expression for a feline with all the peace of mind that an owner could want. Its cat trees are all made from responsibly sourced materials that are good to the environment as well as to the kitty customers they end up in the claws of. Critically, they are each made in factories that wield the foremost environmental policies, laws, and requirements, with a sustainability policy that allows them to abide by the letter of the law and push for better, safer production practices in the industry. The wood it used is responsibly sourced, the plush is of great quality, and each separate part is both glued and stapled in a secure manner that uses non-toxic chemicals. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how Petrebels has become a true favourite for cat owners all over the world, with feline friends big and small delighting in the cat trees it offers and the freedom of exploration – or freedom of relaxation if they’re more a sleepy soul – that they deserve. Crucially, it strives to make sure each cat has their own kingdom in which ‘the cat is king’, with each tree having the capability to be highly modular from additional hammocks to scratch mats and fanwear. With its champion-ready pet trees, it is prepared to deal with the more adventurous and devil-may-care amongst pampered pets, stocking a range full of strong, huge, heavy, and incredibly solid cat trees that can withstand all manner of more intense play across ling periods of time. These cat trees can follow a cat from kittenhood all the way to later in life, and the reviews they get reflect this. Fundamentally, clients rave about the strength and durability of this line of cat trees, as well as how they are great for cats that like to leap from A to B instead of simply climbing up to where they wish to go. For the royalty of the cat kingdom, those who prefer the finer things in life, the Kings and Queens range creates trendy, affordable, strong, and stabilised cat trees, with all manner of interesting bells and whistles to keep even the pickiest of pets entertained for hours. With plush cushioning, plenty of scratch space, and lots of platforms to make their new stomping ground, cats can run, jump, play, and rest atop any space of the Petrebels cat trees, and the variety of different looks and feels that it can provide allow it to ensure that owners and cats are