Pet Products & Services Awards 2022 Page 7 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Some of the pets that come through the doors of Proactive Pets may be a little anxious or even fearful of a new environment, needing some tender loving care to put them back on track, but that is all in a day’s work for the team. They are well educated in assessing different behaviour patterns and exercise their understanding of this when running their doggy day care programme, especially geared to dogs that don’t necessarily cope with being left for long hours when their pet parents need to work. Other issues that the Team look at may be related to nutritional requirements and these can be addressed through the team’s K9 Easy Dine©TM homemade pet foot and dietary plans – a proven way of solving many health problems. This solution is all about nutritious doggie dinners, blending healthy, raw, natural, whole foods with extensively researched natural supplements. The team also offer a host of homeopathic remedies that assist in stimulating your pet’s own immune system to help bring about equilibrium. Under the guidance of resident specialist Tracey Morrison, Proactive Pets has helped many animals to recover from serious illnesses. Tracey is a qualified Homeopath with over 20 years’ experience treating animals and has tackled numerous complaints with a great amount of success. She sees homeopathy as a way of balancing out a pet’s system, treating the cause of the problem as opposed to just treating the projected symptoms. Her remedies are made from natural substances, meaning that your pet won’t react harshly as they might do with some prescribed drugs. Animals can get sick for many reasons, and only by taking a holistic viewpoint is it possible to truly understand what the difficulties facing our prized pets are. When it comes to looking after your animals, the team at Proactive Pets know how important a broad perspective is. When they take on responsibility for tending to your pets, they bring this broad perspective to the table. It’s an essential part of why so many people trust them to care for their furry friends. Their success in the Pet Products and Services Awards reflects the incredible level of quality they bring and is a key reason behind their continued success. Company: Proactive Pets Name: Tracey Morrison Email: [email protected]