Pet Products & Services Awards 2022 Page 13 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Kate Bond is Good as Golden, a dog training and behaviour company covering Wakefield and working remotely across the country. She works with a large number of families with young children, specialising in Kids Around Dogs as an approved professional (www. Kate also works with people without children, working professionals, and anyone looking to help their dogs find harmony and develop into the perfect companion. Additionally, she works with schools to offer informal age-appropriate information on keeping children safe around dogs. Good as Golden Dog Training Best Canine Behaviour Expert (Yorkshire): Kate Bond Apr22090 The aim of Good as Golden is to help humans understand their dogs, keep children and dogs safe together, and dispel the myths of dog training. The company distinguishes itself from competition by providing unrivalled support, with its training programmes encompassing significant support through the behaviour modification process. Kate understands that support is vital to long-term success, and to ensure she is able to offer this essential service, she limits the number of clients she takes on each month. She encourages clients to share their ups as well as their downs and will coach and mentor them through it all, which is why she has an exceptional track record for turning around the most persistent and difficult behavioural issues. The secret ingredient? Being completely devoted to helping humans find the joy of dog guardianship. Kate undeniably adores working with families and children and has a keen eye for identifying underlying medical causes of behaviour change. Over 15 years ago, while working in rescue, Kate brought home her three dogs, Sucre, Papi, and Chinni – Each dog had their own unique struggles and quirks, but Sucre in particular had been rescued from an abusive background and had suffered terribly at the hands of humans. He found life completely overwhelming and initially struggled to leave the house or interact with anyone, human or canine, outside of his safe social circle. Kate desperately wanted to help Sucre. Walks were so stressful and she felt totally out of her depth. Her world was shrinking day by day, as she couldn’t invite people over easily. So, she therefore spent the next 15 years devouring as much information on canine behaviour as she could, and along the way realised that this was fast becoming her life’s work. Kate knew that she wasn’t alone; she had friends with similar struggles with their own dogs, and you needn’t go far to find someone else who is also struggling with the complexities of canine behaviour. She spent a number of years working in veterinary practice as a veterinary nurse, all the while remaining fascinated by the science of behaviour. She would spend weeks in the veterinary hospital and her weekends with her head in a book, researching as she much as she could. When she came to leave the practice to raise her children, Kate decided that this was the right time to take the leap into her true passion of canine behaviour and training. At this point, she decided to become officially qualified and opted for the IMDT as the largest and most well-respected training organisation in the UK. IMDT trainers are expected to pass a rigorous and challenging two-day assessment process to gain membership and Kate is proud to have passed with distinction. She has also successfully passed the IMDT training, motivation and reinforcement six-month written correspondence course, again with distinction. Kate is an accredited dog trainer through the Dog Training College, having passed their tough interview and review process. She is also a certified family dog mediator, puppy training and canine body language specialist, a Kids Around Dogs approved professional, and a reactivity specialist. Meanwhile, dog training unfortunately is a completely unregulated industry and anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or even a behaviourist. Education is sadly optional in this industry, but Good as Golden takes its responsibility and commitment to formal learning very seriously, with Kate committed to investing in ongoing industry-recognised training to ensure her knowledge is always as up-to-date as possible. She is currently undertaking the School of Canine Science Behaviour Bible, as well as a Level 6 degree in Canine Behaviour with the Dogenius. As dog training is based on science and science is ever-evolving, Good as Golden is morally obligated to stay on top of the ever-flowing stream of knowledge on canine behaviour! Kate now hopes to continue spreading her message by working with schools to keep children and dogs safe together. There have been a number of sad stories in the press lately that have prompted her to take action and share more with the public on canine body language and simple steps that empower parents to ensure safe environments for all members of the household. Company: Good as Golden Dog Training Contact: Kate Bond Email: [email protected] Website: