Pet Products & Services Awards 2022

Page 14 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Being the only stand-alone centre for canine wellness and daycare on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, Fetch n Fun has made a name for itself with its offering of one of a kind services and exceptional customer service. It thinks of its clients as its family in many ways, with each of them becoming pivotal parts of what makes the business one of the most trusted doggie daycare establishments in the region. Nominally, it has earned the goodwill of clients from families to single pet owners – people from all walks of life who are united by their love of their dogs – and is proud to say that the faith these people have in it has helped it to grow to the exceptional centre it is over the last 3 years. Many of these clients become long term friends of the business, and go on to recommend it to family, friends, and peers, aiding it in becoming bigger, better, and able to bring yet more furry friends into the fold. Fundamentally, its promise is to ‘unleash happiness’ in a client’s pets, keeping them safe, happy, entertained, and helping them become well-adjusted pups, with the hard work of their dedicated and empathetic staff, each of whom love animals and have been specifically hired for their experience, kind and caring attitude. Having kept pups of all ages, breeds, With a state of art facility, and staff with a true talent for excellent canine care, Fetch n Fun Wellness & Daycare centre based out of Arundel on the Gold Coast, has made itself a diamond of its industry. Trusted, supported, and applauded by its clients for the incredible and holistic pet care it provides, its customers know that they are leaving their fluffy family friends in the most capable of hands, and that they’ll come back having had the most amazing time partaking in everything from spa time, water play, enrichment activities, training and absolute love and care. Apr22132 Fetch n Fun Best Doggy Daycare 2022 - QLD and temperaments safe and happy for years, it has been on a quest to improve the wellbeing standards of doggy daycare as an industry by leading by example. Thus, its canine care includes the largest off leash daycare rooms in the region, ensuring your pup has space to play, coupled with its extensive outside exercise play area, it’s a daycare your pup will be pulling you into everyday! It understands the worry that leaving a pet anywhere unfamiliar can illicit in both owners and pets alike, and so its staff are more than happy to do what they can to assuage fears. Giving them all the considerate, comprehensive, and easily understood information they need to make the most informed decision, the owner can expect standards befitting the only multi awardwinning doggy day-care on the Gold Coast. An owner can book their pup in for many wellness services including massage and reiki to acupuncture and red-light therapy, or for grooming salon and spa options, exclusive only to its daycare clients. Permanent clients can also take advantage of the original and amazing Play n Stay programme that allows clients to leave their precious pooches with the trusted Fetch n Fun staff whilst they’re on holiday for extended periods. Fetch n Fun even regularly help their local community and animal groups with free daycare and donation drives, showing their love and commitment to the welfare of animals. The Fetch n Fun management team acknowledge the struggles that owners have gone through over the pandemic; due to this, it wishes to help pet owners new and experienced to bring their pets joy and assist with training to help all pups be socialised and help pup parents be the best pack leaders they can be. Fetch n Fun Wellness & Daycare takes pride in the role they play in your and your pups lives, and continues to be a shining light in the industry, growing to become the much sort after daycare spot for your pup on the Gold Coast due to its expert canine care. Company: Fetch n Fun Contact: Cherie Lopez Website: