Pet Products & Services Awards 2022

Page 16 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services We all want the best for our pets – be it the healthiest food, the most entertaining toys, or the softest bedding. So, why miss out on their exercise? Everyone knows that pets – especially dogs – need a great amount of exercise, not only for their physical health, but also for their mental health. However, in a fast-paced world, where life often gets in the way, this can be difficult. Placing your pet’s wellbeing in other people’s hands may sound unaffordable, unrealistic, or untrustworthy, but The Dog Walker, Wetherby, is a company that subverts these stereotypes. Indeed, The Dog Walker is a multi-awardwinning pet care specialist that primarily works with cats and dogs. It offers a range of dog-walking and home boarding services to clients who cannot walk their dogs themselves, typically due to work, travel, or ill health. Henceforth, The Dog Walker has established itself as a trustworthy organisation that has reputation, longevity, experience, and knowledge on its side. As such, customers are able to wholeheartedly trust the company to enter their homes, collect, walk, or provide care to their animals. The Dog Walker strives to provide the best possible service to each of its customers, as it understands that being reliable and going the extra mile will set it apart from its competitors. Moreover, it ensures loyalty and continued business as a consequence of its strong work ethic. This devotion to its business has meant that The Dog Walker has worked long hours, covered out of hours emergencies, and provided relief when clients have been locked out of their homes, and much more. Ultimately, however, the company’s greatest trait is its love for animals. Trustworthy dog walking and home boarding services can be hard to find. However, The Dog Walker, based in Wetherby, is a leading dog walking business that has earned the trust of thousands of clients. Over the next year, the company will be devoting itself to revamping its services in the wake of the pandemic. Apr22148 The DogWalker Wetherby Most Trusted Dog Walking Business - Yorkshire Richie Barlow, the founder, takes great pride in his ability to select excellent team members. After all, his team not only represent the company, but they also represent him, his image, and his reputation. The Dog Walker’s ethos is pet-centric and customer oriented, with their needs being paramount to the company’s success and future growth. ‘There are many in our industry that fail to recognise this vital importance and for a business in our industry, if you ignore the vitals, you won’t last long,’ Barlow comments. The Dog Walker’s team consistently displays an ability to self-manage, remain focussed, and display excellent client-service. Moreover, many of its team members boast an impressive skillset and a range of backgrounds in the animal service industry. For example, The Dog Walker’s Silsden & Ilkley franchisee once served as an RSPCA director for the North of England. This is the typical standard that The Dog Walker searches for when recruiting new team members – they must possess the relevant experience and also the right attitude. This is imperative in an industry centred around animals. Barlow continues, ‘we always risk-assess before starting a walk to ensure no livestock are in the location, for example, or to ensure our teams are mindful when walking dogs in an area that may be frequented by horse riders, joggers, hikers etc.’ It takes these hazards incredibly seriously, as it needs to keep its clients’ animals safe. In the event that The Dog Walker encounters these issues, it often turns around and heads elsewhere, if it is able. ‘We don’t walk in places where it’s dangerous,’ he emphasises. The Covid-19 pandemic saw an influx of clients for The Dog Walker, as many acquired new pets during this period. This has been extremely beneficial for the company, as the turbulent period saw a loss of business and, therefore, income. Its home boarding sector has perhaps taken the greatest hit, due to the reduction in holidays. Outside of the pandemic, one of the most recent challenges that the company has faced is that of dog thefts throughout the local area. In turn, the company has invested in premium security technology, including bodycams. Despite these challenges, the company is heading towards a bright future. Now that lockdowns and restrictions are being relaxed, the company is preparing for a natural explosion in business. It has now cultivated a plan to support its home boarding services in light of the pandemic, which will support the company through any future challenges. Contact: Richie Barlow Company: The Dog Walker Wetherby Web Address: