Pet Products & Services Awards 2022 Page 17 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Bio-Med Animal Health’s mission is to allow science and wisdom to unite, and further welcome a space that embraces greater health outcomes and healing, through innovation, research, education, support, and collaboration within the veterinary health community, globally. The company’s director, Dr Angelo Koutsourakis explains, “We genuinely believe that when naturopathic veterinary medicine meets allopathic veterinary medicine, a synergy between the two models of health establishes an exceptional foundation of holistic and primary patient care when applied appropriately. Therefore, improving the therapeutic potential and ultimately the health and wellbeing outcomes of our animals. It is this unique and exceptional foundation of integrative veterinary medicine (IVM), which we embrace when developing premium veterinary health products and when treating and/or managing our patients.” Bio-Med Animal Health services most facets of the veterinary and animal health care industry, including developing animal and veterinary health products for a broad spectrum of applications for both large and small animal species; through to supplying and/or developing highly innovative and Bio-Med Animal Health specialises in holistic and integrative veterinary medicine solutions. Its core focus is of developing premium animal health products for a vast range of applications within the veterinary health industry around the world, as well as offering access to integrative and holistic veterinary medicine solutions for both large and small animal species. In light of the company’s extraordinary awards success, we got in touch with director, Dr Angelo Koutsourakis to learn more. May22342 Bio-Med Animal Health Most Innovative Animal Health Company - Australia unique animal health products for wholesalers, distributors, veterinary clinics and/or hospitals, and end consumers; to finally treating and/ or managing patients or assisting veterinary professionals with their patients. The company prides itself on being a true one-stop solution. It is committed to offering the cornerstone of integrative veterinary and animal health care products and services for animal owners all over the world. With extensive service capabilities, and diverse and vast immediate professional network, which includes leading professionals such as veterinary naturopathic/ herbalist practitioners and services, Dr Angelo and his team have the capacity to effectively service clients, not only nationwide, but globally. This also allows them to facilitate specially tailored solutions for clients whilst their expansive innovative capabilities are accessible to all. The team and network proudly cover a broad spectrum of areas of expertise including but not limited to domestic/ companion animal integrative veterinary medicine and surgery, equine and canine performance medicine and surgery, theriogenology (animal reproductive medicine), and livestock/production. So, how does the company always provide the best possible service to its clients and patients? Dr Angelo tells us, “Whether it is developing highly innovative and unique animal health products, or whether it is in veterinary practice, we take into consideration the whole animal, and ensure that every product or service is clinically relevant, superior, safe, effective, and importantly, improves the health and wellbeing potential of our patients.” This comes with the strong culture at Bio-Med Animal Health, being selflessly committed to its people, its clients, and its patients. Its team of professionals share and acknowledge the importance of contributing to the perpetuation of the veterinary sciences and the health outcomes of its beloved animals. This is substantiated by educating communities and the veterinary industry by investing time and resources into various educational institutions, local seminars, and events, and ensuring that it continues to do its part in contributing to effective animal ownership and/ or management. Speaking about his dedicated staff, Dr Angelo says, “Our team proudly displays a profound level of care, empathy, expertise, and a commitment to the needs of our patients, clients, our colleagues, and the veterinary sciences.” And it is a team willing to take anything on, even as the veterinary, animal health, and pet and product industries continue to evolve rapidly, with many facets of these industries facing organic change – in addition to the many complexities, challenges, and trends particularly as a result of covid-19. Dr Angelo explains, “Various considerations associated with economic instability, significant cost inflation of materials, manufacturing and services, resource management, operational demands and reformation, client needs and requirements, mental health of workers, and an increase of various disease processes in animals, have made various obstacles a challenge to navigate.” He continues, “Although, as we continue to naturally evolve as a company, further adaptation in ensuring our sustainability within such a challenging climate of change has been a consideration. As a collective, throughout such a climate, we stayed true to ourselves, our values, morals, and culture, and ensure that we maintain why we are global leaders in our field. This has without a doubt allowed us to further thrive and shine within the extraordinarily abundant veterinary, animal health, and pet and products industries.” Over recent years, Bio-Med Animal Health has been the subject of substantial recognition and success, which reflects its products, services, culture, and commitment to the veterinary and animal health care industry. Dr Angelo says, “It goes without saying that such acknowledgement reflects our genuine commitment to dedicating our entirety to the care and enrichment of animals and the veterinary sciences. Our team are committed to the tireless development of products, services, and industry initiatives, with exciting projects to be showcased in the nearing future of this year.” Company: Bio-Med Animal Health Contact: Dr Angelo Koutsourakis Email: [email protected] Website: