Private Education Awards 2023

10 | LUXlife Magazine elcoming young people from around the world, ISSFT is an all-inclusive three-week program designed for students between the ages of 12 and 18, providing a unique experience in which they can study and have fun in various supportive and safe environments. Alongside beginner, intermediate, and advanced level English language education, attendees are invited to explore a range of exciting academic subjects while taking part in a full selection of sporty, creative, and social activities. The program takes place at two beautiful locations. Its University of Stirling campus is in the heart of Scotland, conveniently located at the foot of the highlands yet within 40 minutes of both the Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. Surrounded by woodlands, inspirational landmarks, and modern shops and cafes, it’s the perfect summer destination for aspiring students. The ISSFT University of Oxford campus is situated in the heart of a historic city, nestled within 14 acres of stunning college grounds, only an hour away from London’s Heathrow airport. One of the most famous universities in the world, Oxford has educated a wide range of notable figures, including 28 of the UK’s prime ministers. No matter which campus students choose to attend, they will benefit from a unique curriculum that encourages intellectual curiosity and enables them to develop independence and self-esteem. Every morning during the week, students will take a three-hour academic class, the subject of which can be selected from a range of options. These include English Language, Literature, Global Leadership, Best International Extracurricular Enrichment Program 2023 - Scotland With two beautiful campuses located in Stirling and Oxford, the International Summer School for Teens (ISSFT) is an all-encompassing summer school program that offers full immersion within the English language as well as sport, creativity, culture, fun, and adventure. The organisation’s goal is to provide young people with new opportunities to learn, grow, and develop valuable skills that will benefit them in the future. Business, Law, Coding, Sports Science, and more. In the afternoons, students will spend time learning a new skill of their choice. Different options are available depending on the chosen campus, which may include golf, tennis, theatre, photography, sports leadership, and soccer. The ISSFT is an enriching travel experience as well as an educational program. It involves plenty of fun activities that take place in the evenings and on weekends, including day trips to a whole host of exciting locations. Students are entertained from the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night. The ISSFT team are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for its students. The program invests heavily in ensuring it delivers highquality education and enjoyable activities throughout the entire threeweek itinerary. Its main objective is to provide opportunities for students, including the chance to appreciate different perspectives, become more confident, and ultimately make good life decisions. “We provide a varied, challenging, and exciting range of educational classes,” comments Daniel Rowe, Director of ISSFT. “To ensure the highest teaching standards, we maintain limited places, guaranteeing small class sizes and individual student attention.” The teachers employed by ISSFT are industry professionals and lecturers from both the UK and the USA, all of whom possess a wealth of knowledge in their fields. They are generally well-travelled individuals who enjoy working with teenagers and learning about their different cultures. The program strives to hire teachers who are also skilled listeners, which it believes is integral to the success of the lessons they deliver. “To ensure staff are motivated and focussed on the students, our Head Office team give continued and dedicated support and guidance in the preparation and delivery of their work,” Daniel continues. “Management teams are focussed on the student experience, and staff appraisals are built around the achievement of goals relating to this.” Through its incredible educational and experiential program, International Summer School for Teens (ISSFT) equips teenagers from across the world with skills that will allow them to flourish far into the future. For this reason, it has been awarded Best International Extracurricular Enrichment Program, Scotland, in the Private Education Awards 2023. We congratulate Daniel and his team on this commendable achievement and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Contact: Carey Rowe Company: ISSFT International Summer School For Teens Web Address: W