Private Education Awards 2023

Private Education Awards 2023

Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: About the Private Education Awards 2023 LUXlife is delighted to welcome you to the third annual Private Education Awards! The highly anticipated 2023 programme will be the definitive guide to the very best institutions and service providers operating in the industry today. We are proud to once again be hosting an award that honours this essential sector and recognises how valuable Private Education is to global society. Even with the lingering effects of the pandemic stunting growth for many businesses, demand for Private Education has continued to rise. More and more schools are opening across every continent, and many national governments are introducing legislation and funding that backs the expansion of this industry and the relevant support services that contribute to its development. This recent boom across the K-12 Private Education market has been influenced by a range of factors including advancements in technology, increasing interest in international education, the desire for more varied curriculums, as well as a diminishing trust in public school systems. This period of significant growth has been well documented in multiple studies, which have found that larger numbers of parents are now favouring alternatives to public education, choosing to enrol their children in independent, specialty, or private day and boarding schools instead of traditional state options.

Contents 4. E-For-Excellence: Leading Experts in English Language Training 2023 - Netherlands 6. Escola Internacional De Torres Vedras: Most Nurturing Preschool 2023 - Lisbon District 8. Hazelwood School: Most Nurturing Nursery & Early Years Learning Environment 2023 - South East England 9. The First Class Kids Club: Best Breakfast & Activity School Activity Club 2023 - Essex 10. ISSFT International Summer School For Teens: Best International Extracurricular Enrichment Program 2023 - Scotland 11. Bruern Abbey School: Best Boys' with SPLD Prepatory School 2023 - Oxfordshire 12, Q Language Ltd: Best English Language School ` 2023 – Hong Kong 13, Lasercollege: Best Global Advanced Aesthetic Technology Training Specialists 2023 14. Colegio Casa Azul: Most Innovative Private School 2023 - Canary Islands 15. The Haven: Most Supportive Autism Educational Environment 2023 - North Wales 16. The Marist School: Best Independent Girls' School 2023 - South East England 17. St Lawrence College: Most Nurturing Co- Educational Independent School 2023 – Kent 18. Brighter Babies Early Development Centre: Most Nurturing Preschool 2023 - NYC 19. Kids Channel Montessori: Most Dedicated Montessori Child Development Centre 2023 – Hong Kong & Best New Online Phonics Program 2023 – Hong Kong 20. J. Addison School: Best Co-Educational International K-12 School - Ontario 21. Beech House School: Best Independent All-Years Education Institution 2023 - Manchester 22. St. Andrew’s School: Best Educational Environment 2023 - Kent 24. Summer Boarding Courses: Most Inspiring Multi- Campus Summer School 2023 - UK 25. Dulwich Prep London: Most Enriching Preparatory School 2023 - London 26. Tree Top Academy: Most Empowering Early Years Educational Environment 2023 - Florida 27. Fundamental Factory: Most Stimulating Learning Environment 2023 - Gauteng

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine Based in Etten-Leur, Netherlands, E-forExcellence is a one-stop-shop for managers in international business and education who would benefit from learning quality English. It offers efficient but fun training courses based on internationally recognised material, helping its clients develop the ability to confidently communicate in English with native speakers. Whether you want a one-week intensive solution or a 21-week group training course to prepare for the Cambridge English exam, E-forExcellence has you covered. In the Netherlands, English has always been important. The government has championed international education, resulting in many bilingual schools across the country and increased awareness about good English amongst the population. While learners of English normally understand a lot of English, their active knowledge is noticeably lower, which research proves so. This often creates a poorer execution of the language than most speakers would like to. CEO and Trainer of Cambridge English at E-for-Excellence, Elske van der Wal, has set out to change this fact. She believes that “good English opens doors”, which is the mantra she has instilled into her business. No matter their age, mother tongue, and learning abilities, Elske passionately believes that everyone can learn English with the right support. Progressing to the next level of knowledge is just a matter of time and effort. Often, lack of confidence and fear of speaking are the basis of poor language performance. These are the hurdles she strives to help people overcome. In 2018, Elske started E-for-Excellence to help people in management positions who frequently communicate with people from different countries. When working at an international level, language skills and cross-cultural awareness are of underestimated importance. Attracting clients is all about fostering human connection. Knowing how to express yourself properly on a wide variety of social topics is where this connection begins. What's more, most Dutch people are not aware that they have an ‘efficient’ way of speaking which is often interpreted as offensive by people of other nationalities. To help Dutch managers improve their English skills, Elske offers various solutions. Her 12-week programme involves flexible face-toLeading Experts in English Language Training 2023 - Netherlands

Private Education Awards 2023 | 5 face and online meetings, through which she helps trainees improve on specific topics and work towards an internationally recognised level of English. With 10 hours a week of teaching and learning time, this tailored approach ensures trainees improve quickly. Perfect for those – with little homework time – who wish to obtain an internationally recognised qualification, Elske’s 21-week programme leads up to an official Cambridge English exam. When they pass this assessment, participants earn tangible proof of their English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Across five hours a week, this programme includes online group sessions with same-level people as well as best-in-class teaching materials. Through a mixture of online and offline resources, trainees will have plenty of practice and coaching before they take their exam. Since its establishment, E-for-Excellence has gained a remarkable reputation in Cambridge Certificate level teaching. Elske is a passionate, highly qualified, and extensively experienced English teacher, having spent over 13 years lecturing English at BUAS, Breda University of Applied Sciences, mainly in the Cambridge Proficiency and Advanced Certificates. This high level of competency in the language has enabled the business to grow significantly. Committed to incredible quality, E-for-Excellence strives for continuous improvement by reviewing its assignments and teaching methods. It is important to understand how people learn, which changes over time, in order to deliver the best service. The business aims to keep in touch with the market, frequently adjusting its programme according to new insights. This has resulted in the development of a unique new concept: the VIP trip. Combining teaching, culture and fun, E-for-Excellence offers an intensive one-week VIP training course in which trainees will visit and travel through the UK, learning English while exploring new places. Pampered in 5-star luxury, trainees will feel like they are on holiday. Simultaneously, they will be truly immersed in the English language, constantly learning by speaking and hearing it. They will acquire new words and expressions as they frequently interact with native speakers. Most will be dreaming in English in no time. This option is perfect for those who want to improve their English skills without dedicating months to the process. Having organised company visits to various countries in the past, Elske came to understand the importance of local interaction and experiences in the success of these trips. Communicating with native speakers facilitates rapid learning, and fun makes the week memorable. While language learning can be time consuming, offering it in this active form guarantees a quick learning curve. Participants will not only take home better English skills, but they will also take home a whole host of memories and new perspectives. As a result of the unparalleled quality delivered by Elske through her various teaching programmes and trips, E-for-Excellence has been awarded Leading Experts in English Language Training, Netherlands, in the Private Education Awards 2023. In the wake of this achievement, Elske exclusively shares some exciting upcoming developments with the team at LUXlife. “We are launching our very exclusive whisky taster tour through Scotland this October,” she reveals. “In one week, we will visit 5 highly regarded distilleries and indulge in Michelin star (whisky) food while enjoying the countryside and learning about cultural aspects. As per our standards, we made sure that there is a partner programme so that all participants go home with a lot of new experiences.” What’s more, in the future, Elske is keen to design more one-week VIP trips to other English-speaking countries and long weekend trips. With big plans for the coming years, there is no doubt that E-for-Excellence will continue to grow and help international business professionals across the Netherlands improve their English skills. Contact: Elske van der Wal [email protected] Company: E-For-Excellence Web Address:

Jun22596 6 | LUXlife Magazine The Portuguese International School Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras (EITV) has a distinct approach to education, with a philosophy focused on instilling curiosity and a love for learning. Its emphasis includes academic and project-based teaching and learning methodology, with a purposefully designed curriculum concentrated on enquiry-based learning. This is what supports the school’s overall vision and ethos in the most substantial manner. Pupil performance is evaluated through a system of continuous formative and summative feedback. Throughout the duration of any given term, teachers will have individual discussions with pupils to surmise exactly what they have accomplished well, and what areas might be in need of further development. Utilising this approach means that students are empowered to take ownership of their own learning journeys, as well as being aware of what they might need to be doing to achieve better results. Each term parents are also invited to individual development discussions designed to facilitate opportunities for them to get involved, and discuss their child’s individual needs. The school champions a range of soft skills, which are practical, transferable competencies designed to help students to thrive throughout their lives. The cornerstones at EITV are based on conceptual learning and teaching, with students invited to participate in academic and project-based tasks daily, in areas of their own interest. This helps them develop soft skills that are helpful in school, in the workplace, or in any social setting. The skills EITV encourages are; problem solving, with the ability to think logically and critically, something essential in helping to solve real life problems in a complex, ever-changing world; creativity, with curiosity and imagination used to drive innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking an important aspect of finding new and innovative ways to solve problems; communication, as active listening, public speaking, and communicating with precision and clarity instils confidence in pupils that helps them succeed in their personal and later professional lives. Other important soft skills EITV favours are time management, as it is necessary to manage time effectively and stay organised, to prioritise, and work smarter rather than harder. Vital skills such as theses can be applied to secondary education as well as careers. Similarly, stress management is a soft skill involving the ability to identify and tackle stress triggers early and effectively. Mastering this soft skill can help students to become happier, healthier, and more productive. Teamwork is the final soft skill EITV identifies as being important to develop, as it believes successful students need to know how to collaborate with Apr23450 Most Nurturing Preschool 2023 - Lisbon District The International school in Lisbon, Portugal, Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras, is an educational establishment focused on tutelage that equips young people for the challenges of the modern world. It seeks to uncover the full potential of each and every student entrusted to its care, preparing them to face their future with confidence. others and be adaptable. It encourages starting early when it comes to knowing how to work in a team, and learning how to build on each team member’s unique strengths. Knowing how to handle frustrations is pivotal in teamwork. “Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras is a private school based on four strategic pillars that guide our educational project - Ethics, Innovation,

Private Education Awards 2023 | 7 Technologies, and Values. It is with these pillars in mind that we strive to create a favourable place for young people to learn, from an early age, critical skills for success in subsequent stages of their lives. This is our commitment to the educational community.” EITV believes that education is the best investment anyone can make in their future. It advocates for academic excellence and team learning, with the understanding that its students will one day evolve and be responsible for making their own educational decisions. That is why it thinks it’s important for students to develop the ability to learn how to learn. It knows that in the future its young people will be the ones in charge of managing their personal and family affairs, which it wants them to be able to do with a highly refined ethical and moral sense. It prepares them for this in advance by instilling an appreciation of the arts, and for technological advancements, believing that as holders of solid, comprehensive training they will be able to face the world of tomorrow with confidence. The school offers a number of qualifications students can work towards. It uses the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum, which is a learning pathway aimed at students aged 5 to 19 years old, featuring a wide range of subjects and flexible ways of teaching them to guarantee success. With the Cambridge Assessment at the heart of the International School’s learning, students discover new skills and passions as well as important proficiencies they will use for life. Other qualifications include Pearson, for provision of the International GCSE, GCSE, GCE and International Advanced level examinations; the American High School for the Dual Diploma; and Cambridge ESOL for awards in English as a second language, widely recognised throughout the world in sectors such as tourism, commerce, and industry. Other awards and educational programmes offered include the Duke of Edinburgh International Award; Science Starts at School; the EcoSchools Award; the DELF school; and the DELE – Spanish Diploma. “We believe that providing high quality facilities is essential to creating a positive and effective learning environment. Our facilities are designed to support teaching and learning in a variety of ways, from spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology to sports facilities that promote physical health and teamwork.” The facilities at EITV are spread across 45,000m², and include a synthetic sports field suitable for practice of football or tennis, a forest and pedagogical farm where students can learn about agriculture and environmental sustainability, 2 fully equipped laboratories for practical science classes, and a gym dedicated to the practice of sports such as volleyball and karate. The gym is also used for physical education classes, and, additionally, features a stage. Inside there are LED and Computer rooms, a fully furnished canteen, and study rooms open for after-school support. EITV is more than just a school, it’s a community, with students, teachers, parents, and associates at its very heart. It believes that all elements and facets of a community are responsible for helping to reach the objectives of the educational projects. It wants to develop a culture capable of promoting human values such as democracy and the right to exercise individual freedoms. This is why the International School insists upon a culture of openness and full participation in school life. With Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras offering its exceptional services for children from nursey through to year 12, it is no surprise that it has been awarded Most Nurturing Preschool 2023 - Lisbon District. This remarkable school has so much to offer students, furnishing them with incredible learning experiences that last a lifetime, and portend their departure as shining stars of the future. Company: Escola Internacional De Torres Vedras Web Address: Contact Name: Eduardo Castro

8 | LUXlife Magazine Most Nurturing Nursery & Early Years Learning Environment 2023 - South East England Hazelwood Nursery and Early Years (HNEY) is a large nursery located in the commuter town of Oxted. It provides first class care for 180+ children from 9 months to the end of Reception. Here we learn more from Howard Garlick, as it wins its title in the Private Education Awards 2023. Learning when you are Under 5 is an adventure and Hazelwood is extremely fortunate to have its whole Nursery and Early Years on one site. This ensures that the children have the space, encouragement and wealth of appropriate activities to develop into well rounded young children who are confident and ready for anything. We believe strongly that we are laying the foundations for a child’s lifelong learning journey. At HNEY, we provide every child with the best possible start, where we foster a real love of learning and thirst for knowledge that will see them through their whole school career and beyond. None of this would be possible without creating an environment that allows the children to feel confident in everything that they do. Staff, from the moment they meet the children begin to build positive relationships. The children are invited for settling sessions during which parents can remain with children. This process not only allows for a positive relationship between the staff and child but also to establish a positive rapport with the parents. Positive relationships built on trust between staff, children and parents is essential in creating an environment where children will thrive. Every member of staff has an unshakeable belief in the potential of every child. At HNEY we have a range of communication methods to keep parents abreast of what is going on. Primarily, this is through our online platform where parents receive updates throughout the day of what is going on. This could be anything from activities the children have participated in to how the children ate at lunch. We also use this platform to post pictures at the beginning of the day of activities that the children will be able to participate in, therefore allowing discussions to take place before the children’s arrival, the children arrive excited for the day ahead. There is also an instant messaging service that allows parents to check in throughout the day, should they need to. Parents receive the weekly planning overview so that they can see what the children will be doing throughout the week. All rooms also have individual key group planning, which identifies next steps for each individual child. All activities planned aim to inspire and challenge the children. We want them to take risks in an environment that they feel safe and secure in, in the knowledge that there are trusted adults to support them and to help them learn from mistakes. This in turn helps develop emotional resilience that is critical to future successes. At HNEY, there really is something for everyone. The days are planned around the children’s interests and the breadth of additional opportunities are outstanding. The children have specialist music and PE sessions from Rising 3’s, and from pre-school age we use the prep school facilities for the children to swim as well as using our innovative learning spaces, The BOX and The Outside BOX which encourage complex creativity, resilience, independence and collaboration amongst many other soft skills. We are truly proud of what we can offer our children and parents. In short, we believe that if you get the environment right, where young people feel loved, happy and safe then they will learn. “As a professional who works in the children's care sector, I can 100% advocate for Hazelwood Early Years. What makes Hazelwood special, on top of the brilliant facilities, the tailored approach to our children's early years education and specific needs, reading books brought home specific to the level of your child, regular communication from the school through the school app on events and daily highlights for your child, as well as standalone brick buildings for each year group, amazing outdoor play space by year and a large combined all-weather play area, a great atmosphere consistently around the school, good healthy food, oh and access to clubs, weekly swimming, forest school,... apart from all that, the standout thing that makes Hazelwood so special are undoubtedly the people who work for Hazelwood. They are exceptional. The small Leadership team are tireless, consistently accessible and communicative, and every year group has a handful of staff that make a huge contribution to our children's happiness. They develop the children and build strong bonds with them, such that we have never had a day when our children have not wanted to go to school - that is something very special indeed!” – Hazelwood Parent. Contact: Howard Garlick Company: Hazelwood School Web Address:

Private Education Awards 2023 | 9 Based in Hornchurch, Essex, The First Class Kids Club is an Ofsted registered outstanding breakfast and after school club for children between nursery age and primary school year 6. The club provides a wide range of age-appropriate engaging activities, including sports, outdoor play, messy play, and crafts. Its staff go above and beyond to ensure that every child feels safe, secure, and included in their care. in appropriately trained and DBS-checked football coaches to teach the children and run free play football games. The club’s staff are also currently undertaking courses to teach Zumba, yoga, and mindfulness. Through this, it aims to provide more opportunities for the children to relax and feel less anxious. Staff at The First Class Kids Club are dedicated to ensuring children receive the best care possible. They are all fully DBS checked and hold relevant qualifications in NVQ3 childcare, Advanced Safeguarding, First Aid, and Food Hygiene. The First Class Kids Club undoubtedly provides a high-quality service that ensures every child feels safe, secure, and included, regardless of their age or abilities. When parents and carers arrive to collect their children, they are often having so much fun that they don’t want to go home. This means that many parents hear of the club through word of mouth and recommendations. Owner of The First Class Kids Club, Kelly Clancy, is proud of the business she has created for the children and their families. She takes pride in ensuring every child gets the best possible care and feels incredibly privileged to be able to look after them as if they were her own. She and her team know the children well and share a bond with every one of them, creating a true “extended family” atmosphere. As a result of the outstanding standard of care it provides, The First Class Kids Club has been awarded Best Breakfast & After School Club 2023 -Essex, in the Private Education Awards 2023. We congratulate Kelly and her team on this superb achievement. The club is dedicated to continuously improving its services, so its staff frequently take courses to ensure they have up-to-date knowledge on the EYFS, safeguarding, first aid, and general childcare. Contact: Kelly Clancy Company: The First Class Kids Club Web Address: hen children attend The First Class Kids Club in the mornings, they receive a healthy, balanced breakfast to prepare them for the day ahead. This varies each day to include white or wholemeal bread, pancakes, waffles, brioche, fruit loaf, croissants, and more. In the evenings, children are given a tasty snack, often bagels, wraps, pitta, and sandwiches that come with a selection of fillings. As well as this, children are given two types of fruits and two types of vegetables. The club can tailor the food it provides to suit each child’s dietary requirements. As well as food, The First Class Kids Club offers a full range of activities, aiming to make the time the children spend in its care as enjoyable and educational as possible. To do this, it organises activities that help them learn through play and have lots of fun. Each evening is planned around the school curriculum as well as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework, which sets the standards that all care providers for young children must meet to ensure that they learn and develop well. Using an online portal called Tapestry, The First Class Kids Club monitors the progress of the younger children in its care to gain a clear indication of what support they may need in their development. Parents can also access the portal to keep track of any progress reports and comment their concerns or praise. All children are welcome to attend The First Class Kids Club, regardless of their race, culture, or ability. The club works hard to foster an environment where everyone is valued by celebrating an inclusive range of important dates and cultural celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Eid, Diwali, Easter, and more. It also strives to teach children the importance of mental health awareness, feelings, and friendship, through which it encourages positivity, mindfulness, and kindness. Alongside its educational activities, The First Class Kids Club specialises in arranging plenty of outdoor fun, especially football and multisport, ensuring that the children get plenty of fresh air and exercise. It brings W Best Breakfast & After School Club 2023 -Essex

10 | LUXlife Magazine elcoming young people from around the world, ISSFT is an all-inclusive three-week program designed for students between the ages of 12 and 18, providing a unique experience in which they can study and have fun in various supportive and safe environments. Alongside beginner, intermediate, and advanced level English language education, attendees are invited to explore a range of exciting academic subjects while taking part in a full selection of sporty, creative, and social activities. The program takes place at two beautiful locations. Its University of Stirling campus is in the heart of Scotland, conveniently located at the foot of the highlands yet within 40 minutes of both the Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. Surrounded by woodlands, inspirational landmarks, and modern shops and cafes, it’s the perfect summer destination for aspiring students. The ISSFT University of Oxford campus is situated in the heart of a historic city, nestled within 14 acres of stunning college grounds, only an hour away from London’s Heathrow airport. One of the most famous universities in the world, Oxford has educated a wide range of notable figures, including 28 of the UK’s prime ministers. No matter which campus students choose to attend, they will benefit from a unique curriculum that encourages intellectual curiosity and enables them to develop independence and self-esteem. Every morning during the week, students will take a three-hour academic class, the subject of which can be selected from a range of options. These include English Language, Literature, Global Leadership, Best International Extracurricular Enrichment Program 2023 - Scotland With two beautiful campuses located in Stirling and Oxford, the International Summer School for Teens (ISSFT) is an all-encompassing summer school program that offers full immersion within the English language as well as sport, creativity, culture, fun, and adventure. The organisation’s goal is to provide young people with new opportunities to learn, grow, and develop valuable skills that will benefit them in the future. Business, Law, Coding, Sports Science, and more. In the afternoons, students will spend time learning a new skill of their choice. Different options are available depending on the chosen campus, which may include golf, tennis, theatre, photography, sports leadership, and soccer. The ISSFT is an enriching travel experience as well as an educational program. It involves plenty of fun activities that take place in the evenings and on weekends, including day trips to a whole host of exciting locations. Students are entertained from the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night. The ISSFT team are dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for its students. The program invests heavily in ensuring it delivers highquality education and enjoyable activities throughout the entire threeweek itinerary. Its main objective is to provide opportunities for students, including the chance to appreciate different perspectives, become more confident, and ultimately make good life decisions. “We provide a varied, challenging, and exciting range of educational classes,” comments Daniel Rowe, Director of ISSFT. “To ensure the highest teaching standards, we maintain limited places, guaranteeing small class sizes and individual student attention.” The teachers employed by ISSFT are industry professionals and lecturers from both the UK and the USA, all of whom possess a wealth of knowledge in their fields. They are generally well-travelled individuals who enjoy working with teenagers and learning about their different cultures. The program strives to hire teachers who are also skilled listeners, which it believes is integral to the success of the lessons they deliver. “To ensure staff are motivated and focussed on the students, our Head Office team give continued and dedicated support and guidance in the preparation and delivery of their work,” Daniel continues. “Management teams are focussed on the student experience, and staff appraisals are built around the achievement of goals relating to this.” Through its incredible educational and experiential program, International Summer School for Teens (ISSFT) equips teenagers from across the world with skills that will allow them to flourish far into the future. For this reason, it has been awarded Best International Extracurricular Enrichment Program, Scotland, in the Private Education Awards 2023. We congratulate Daniel and his team on this commendable achievement and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Contact: Carey Rowe Company: ISSFT International Summer School For Teens Web Address: W

11 | Luxlife Magazine Best Boys' with SPLD Preparatory School 2023 - Oxfordshire Bruern Abbey is a unique specialist education school focused exclusively on boys diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia, or other learning difficulties. Based in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, the school provides the perfect setting for boys to thrive, and develop techniques to help successfully manage their learning difficulties. Bruern Abbey is a school brimming with highly skilled and passionate specialist staff, ready to support its boys with their academic and pastoral needs, and help them to develop techniques and skills to successfully manage their learning difficulties. It is a unique specialist school, seen as the academic garage of the prep school world. It is currently home to 158 pupils, who have arrived from 121 different schools. Bruern’s reach is national, providing services to pupils from every county in the UK - from Cornwall to Norfolk - just last year. It has a vision to ‘cheer up, and sort out’ boys who have struggled to find their place, or been failed by their previous educational settings. “We always say we are a one trick pony of a school as this is our key mission so the whole staff are onboard.” The luscious school grounds provide an enviable setting for boys to thrive, and engage in a plethora of opportunities beyond the classroom. For example, the school offers archery, clay pigeon shooting, and gardening within its outside spaces. Other activities available beyond the classroom walls include, amongst others, cookery, chess, tennis lessons, polo, drama, art, swimming, carpentry, and cross country running. The main differences between Bruern and other schools are essentially fourfold in nature, as follows. For one thing, all boys come to Bruern with a laptop, which is used in most lessons. For individuals who have difficulties expressing themselves as swiftly or as coherently on paper as they do in speech, this is a real gamechanger. There is a clear focus at Bruern on literacy and numeracy, with nine periods each of English and Mathematics a week. All classes have eleven pupils or fewer, and senior classes have twelve pupils or fewer – which allows boys far more individual attention in class. Boys are rarely taken out for remedial support at Bruern, as their needs are met in class. The school is steadfast in the teaching of traditional values, which are very dear to it. Therefore, it places emphasis on good manners and self-discipline, and encourages the boys to share their aspirations and their anxieties. For many teachers, working at Bruern would be very challenging, with all the hardest to teach pupils in the country having shown up en masse in one place. However, for the right teacher it is a fantastic place to work; truly vocational; and a place where you can feel far more impactful than most teachers do. 2023 brings the 2nd year intake of Bruern Abbey Senior School. This, in line with the prep school, is committed to providing a tailored education in inspiring surroundings. It maintains high expectations for all its boys’ academic futures. At Bruern, bespoke and expert teaching, coupled with a broad appreciation of the value of an allround education, enhances boys’ self-esteem, creating an atmosphere conducive to success. The school feels its staff, parents and pupils know exactly why they’ve joined the Bruern clan, and if resolving low self-esteem, and boosting literacy and numeracy is the primary need, it believes it is better tailored than most to deliver an excellent service in this regard. As recently announced winner of the Private Education Awards Best Boys' with SPLD Preparatory School 2023 – Oxfordshire, Bruern Abbey School should certainly feel very proud of the outstanding job it’s doing, and revel in the light of this worthy achievement. Company: Bruern Abbey School Web Address: Contact Name: Deborah Swift, Registrar Phone Number: + 44 (0)1869 221169

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best English Language School 2023 – Hong Kong Since 1999, Q Language has been providing a unique, multi-national learning environment in Hong Kong, for both locals and adult students from overseas. It specialises in English, Chinese, and Korean language courses to help individuals on their journey of becoming multilingual. We take a closer look to find out more about its approach. Second languages are bridges of communication between individuals that don’t share the same native language. Depending on the nature of the conversation, the vocabulary varies – it isn’t quite the same style of writing or speaking in a business setting than it is in day-to-day life. This is why Q Language offers a variety of choices when it comes to learning English, Chinese, and Korean. Q Language provides intensive general English, intensive business English, semi-intensive/ daytime English, and a school enhancement course. Similarly, with Chinese courses, it also offers intensive general Mandarin, and Intensive Business Mandarin. In terms of Korean, it includes small group Korean courses and business Korean courses. One of the options that all three languages have the same is corporate training, which essentially means that Q Language is able to provide its services to a company. It comes in and adapts its learning to your employee’s needs. This can be hugely beneficial to your company as you can network with a wider range of people and/ or increase your target audience. The unique approach that Q Language uses makes its programmes suitable for everyone regardless of learning style, ability, or budget. You are able to choose between 24 to 15 hours per week, your schedule is left for you decide as you can choose from morning or afternoon lessons, from Monday to Friday. Additionally, to enhance the learning of the students, group classes are only for up to eight people, but, if you prefer to learn in a 1:1 setting, you also have the chance to change some or all your lessons. When learning an additional language, you want to be able to express yourself as you would in your mother tongue, and to do so you need the right teachers, approaches, and environment. Q Language has a dedicated team of native speakers of English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean – ready to help you in your journey towards becoming bilingual or multilingual. The approach that the company takes to teaching the languages is unique and effective, thanks to its great team of professionals. You enter Hong Kong, a modern city with so much to explore and see, and you meet people from all across the world. Given that you will be surrounded by students from over 30 different countries, it will give you the opportunity to practice and learn inside and outside the classroom. Q Language helps overseas students with accommodation and with their visa application. It also has a legal team that provides expert handling of student visa applications for free. This ensures a seamless, stress-free process into an experience that will provide you with so many valuable opportunities. The approach that Q Language takes with local and overseas students has proven to be a brilliant success as it now holds the title of Best English Language School 2023 – Hong Kong. This is one of those things that if you don’t do it, you will spend the rest of your life wishing you did. Contact: Stuart McCutcheon Company: Q Language Ltd Web Address:

Private Education Awards 2023 | 13 Based in Pretoria, South Africa, the Lasercollege is an international school for advanced aesthetic studies, concentrating on a science-based education within the industry. It wants to revolutionise and elevate the standard of training by prioritising evidence-based approaches to practice, equipping graduates with the ability to critically analyse research, and understand the mechanisms involved. IPLs and lasers, a look at the difference between diode lasers and other types of laser suitable for hair removal, the difference between lowlevel laser and high-power laser, Fitzpatrick Skin Typing, and different types of skin cooling. It also covers safety precautions when working with IPLs and lasers, what the most suitable wavelength is for the treatments you want to do, how to failure diagnose when not getting the results expected, LED and low-level laser in your salon or spa, the four photo-biological reactions you will encounter as laser therapist, and skin resurfacing procedures comparing Er:Glass with Er:YAG. Lasercollege aims to foster a culture of evidence-based practice within the aesthetics industry, prioritising scientific integrity, and client-centred care. It promotes critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and a thorough understanding of the underlying scientific principles and mechanisms behind aesthetic treatments. Graduates are trained to consider ethical standards and the overall welfare of their clients. Lasercollege also strives to inspire and nurture a community of aesthetic professionals committed to excellence. The training provided by Lasercollege is comprehensive and rigorous, equipping graduates with the highest level of expertise and skills. It also supports their ongoing professional development, and encourages practitioners to continuously enhance their knowledge and techniques, whether that be by advanced education, research collaboration, or/and participation in industry conferences and events. It is gratifying to hear that this formidable educational establishment has been recognised in the Private Education Awards this year as Best Global Advanced Aesthetic Technology Training Specialists 2023. What’s more, it’s powering on with full force, releasing a turnkey platform of comprehensive solutions designed to empower other institutions to provide advance training to their students. This ready to use package encompasses curriculum development, instructional materials, faculty training, and ongoing support. There really is no holding back this powerhouse of a company! Company: Lasercollege Web Address: Contact Name: Raymond Schoeman lthough historically the aesthetics industry has primarily focused on teaching technical skills, and specific treatment techniques, Lasercollege feels that this approach neglects the scientific knowledge necessary for critical thinking and innovation. Having borne witness to rapidly evolving technology, including laser devices, energy-based treatments, and injectables, it has been difficult for many institutions to keep up to date with, and integrate such advancements into their educational curricula. Compared to other medical disciplines, there has also been a relatively limited amount of research conducted within the field of aesthetics. This hampers the development of evidence-based educational programmes. Lasercollege’s science-based education (SBE) therefore holds immense importance for the aesthetic industry. It stands to advance client safety and care, through an education programme placing strong emphasis on such. By providing professionals with comprehensive scientific knowledge, its graduates are equipped to make informed decisions, assess risk, and implement evidence-based practices. The SBE system also accentuates how important ethical standards are within the industry, training its students to uphold client confidentiality, and informed consent. Lasercollege enhances the credibility of aesthetic professionals, building trust amongst clients, and leading to better future career opportunities for its participants. The SBE Lasercollege offers plays a vital role in promoting research and advancement in the aesthetic industry. Graduates are encouraged to contribute towards scientific literature, and push the boundaries of knowledge in aesthetics. This continuous pursuit of research and innovation contributes to the growth and development of the field as a whole, and ensures that graduating professionals are well-equipped to provide safe, effective, and evidence-based care to their clients. Some of the many areas covered by Lasercollege are the differences between A Best Global Advanced Aesthetic Technology Training Specialists 2023

14 | LUXlife Magazine very parent wants to take their children to school knowing that the place they have chosen for them is a safe environment for them grow. Throughout their childhood, children are slowly adapting and learning to how the world around them works. As they do so, it is important for children to have a school environment that supports and guides them through making mistakes and encourages them in times of hardship when dealing with challenges. Colegio Casa Azul covers the education of all ages from three until 18 years old, before university. It guides them through their education straight into their desired careers and Colegio Casa Azul takes on this responsibility very seriously. It ensures quality by providing students with the tools they need to succeed in their industry of choice. In order to successfully direct students towards their dreams, it focuses on high standard, high level of English proficiency, incorporation of new technologies in teaching, and updating students’ competencies to meet the needs of society. This is done while following three principles, discipline, education, and knowledge. Colegio Casa Azul prides itself on leading individuals to be active and healthy, emotionally aware, creative, communicative, smart consumers, technological and ingenious, committed and supportive, and with qualification in three languages. It follows a variety of approaches to help children learn effectively. These are project-based learning, problem solving activities, discovery-based learning, group work, and connecting with schools outside of Spain to expose students to the languages they are learning. It is also a great opportunity to network and to grow as person as students are exposed to people outside of their usual environment. Even though birthrates in the area have been in decline, Colegio Casa Azul has not been affected by applications which shows a great response to its approaches to education. As its 50th anniversary slowly approaches, we are delighted to share that Colegio Casa Azul now holds the title of Most Innovative Private School 2023 - Canary Islands. It has shown magnificent commitment to adapting throughout time to deliver its students the best possible services. If you are interested in finding out more about Colegio Casa Azul, or want to look at its great facilities head over to its website today. Contact: Federico Pedro Rodriguez Perez Company: Colegio Casa Azul Web Address: Most Innovative Private School 2023 - Canary Islands Driven by a group of parents that were committed to providing the best education for their children, Colegio Casa Azul was established in 1973. Together they built the Cooperative Society for Education Casa Azul with the goal to deliver their children and students with comprehensive education of the highest level. Here we find out more about Colegio Casa Azul as it is recognised in the Private Education Awards 2023. E

15 | Luxlife Magazine Most Supportive Autism Educational Environment 2023 - North Wales When it comes to education, the current curriculums presented throughout a multitude of schools may not be compatible with pupils and learners with autism. As a result, autistic students may suffer a lack of support that could directly hinder them in their later years. Thankfully, The Haven has developed an educational environment that goes above and beyond for individuals with autism, and we explore how it’s managed to do so. It’s no secret that those with autism have stricter requirements when it comes to the way their education is delivered. Regardless of an individual’s position on the spectrum, autism brings a wide variety of needs that can vary from person to person, and can sometimes result in the disruption of learning altogether. As a result, alternative approaches towards teaching need to be fashioned in order to ensure that each student is given equal footing in their educational journeys. Thankfully, The Haven was quick to recognise this, and therefore developed an environment suited to autistic children from all walks of life. Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, The Haven presents autistic pupils with the tools that they need to excel through their learning ventures, whilst never once having to contend with neurotypical norms that are often present in most school environments. Spanning an age range of 11–19-year-olds, The Haven places a resolute focus on providing young people with the opportunity to flourish, despite having autism. It encourages personal growth and bright futures in a way that’s simply inspired to witness, and has tailored its educational processes towards enhancing the way autistic children approach a learning environment. It recognises the difficulties that some neurodivergent students can face as a result of their autism, and has set its sights on guaranteeing that these difficulties don’t become roadblocks later on in life. In terms of its vision, The Haven seeks to ensure that its students go on to be successful in their adult lives, without having to face any restrictions. Whether this includes future careers or further learning, The Haven dedicates itself towards reassuring students that autism shouldn’t ever come between them and their dreams. In fact, it celebrates the individuality that autism brings to its pupils in a way that’s awe-inspiring to view in practise. Of course, this atmosphere is made possible by the brilliant members of staff who operate within The Haven. Every individual on the team has an adept understanding of the needs that partner an autism diagnosis, and gear themselves towards eliminating anxieties that may have developed throughout a pupil’s past experience within an educational environment. The result is a collaborative learning place that uplifts and celebrates its students, whilst making them feel comfortable in a school setting. The Haven is irrefutably unique in the way it approaches its teaching processes. It never once pushes a pupil beyond their boundaries, and is immensely proud of even the smallest steps towards progress. Its compassionate understanding of autism allows it to recognise just how daunting change and development can be for autistic students, and has adapted itself to ensure every child feels safe, secure, and immensely cared for. This all culminates in The Haven being a school environment unlike any other. It has an awareness of autism that’s simply unparalleled within North Wales, and is seeking to expand its services to provide for even more autistic children who may be struggling with their current educational system. The Haven’s work is nothing short of astounding, and we’re beyond pleased to present it with this prestigious award. Contact: Karen Burt Company: The Haven Web Address:

16 | LUXlife Magazine Best Independent Girls' School 2023 - South East England Situated in Ascot, Berkshire, The Marist School is a Catholic independent day school for girls between the ages of 2 and 18. It strives to create a down-to-earth, community-spirited environment in which its students can achieve academic success and grow into independent, well-rounded individuals. The school demonstrates unparalleled dedication to the young people it serves as it continues to develop and improve its curricular and extra-curricular offerings based on their evolving needs. With a plethora of excellent facilities and dedicated teaching staff, The Marist offers quality education to children and young people, supporting them all the way from Nursery to VI Form. It has created a nurturing environment in which students are enabled to learn, grow, and achieve at every stage of their educational journey. The school’s grounds, located in the beautiful village of Ascot, offer a spacious learning environment with ample opportunity for outdoor activity and exploration. The property boasts a variety of state-of-the-art and modern facilities that support students’ academic and sporting growth. Additionally, The Marist is proud to offer over 100 clubs that take place on a weekly basis, including everything from iceskating and paddleboarding to photography and eco club. As a Catholic school, The Marist’s ethos is rooted in its religious heritage. While it is incredibly proud of the A*s its A-Level students earn, the school believes that education should not only result in academic achievement. Pupils should leave school with a strong moral compass and a rounded character, as well as the multitude of impressive qualifications under their belt. The Marist organises extensive trips and outdoor activities to help students learn, build relationships, and develop valuable skills that they will take with them into the future. While many schools in the area are now coed, The Marist remains a resolutely all-girls school. With so much pressure on teenagers today, there are strong modern arguments in favour of all-girls education. Boys and girls work differently and have different wellbeing needs, meaning an all-girls environment enables staff to offer tailored support. Furthermore, The Marist enables girls to thrive without stereotypes stopping them from enjoying sports like rugby or taking subjects like Maths and Science at A-Level. When they leave school, students are empowered and prepared to be equal in the years to come. In the modern world, education is evolving faster than ever. The Marist believes it is important to stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver the best possible education to its students. Over the last few years, the school has been increasingly innovative in its teaching methods, with a focus on encouraging students to leave their comfort zones. To this end, the school has embraced multiple methods of teaching to cater to all different learning styles. In lessons, teachers are encouraged to utilise The Marist’s fantastic 55-acre woodland setting for outdoor learning activities such as geography and science experiments, drama performances, and even campfires. Furthermore, the school has introduced touchscreen laptops to enhance traditional learning in the classroom. Today, young people need to demonstrate many skills in order to succeed, ranging from creativity to technological competency. The Marist strives to help them develop these abilities by transcending the usual curriculum and personalising learning through programmes like Aim Higher. Next year, the school plans to introduce the Marist Diploma Programme to further enhance these skills, which will prepare them for life beyond school. With young people becoming more environmentally and politically aware, The Marist also envisions a more flexible curriculum that recognises and celebrates their social awareness and emotional literacy. It has taken the first steps towards this goal by introducing clubs like Pupil Voice and Model United Nations. It is evident that The Marist School is highly committed to its students and works hard to deliver an incredible standard of education every year, constantly innovating and enhancing its offerings. As a result, the school has been awarded Best Independent Girls' School, South East England, in the Private Education Awards 2023. This follows their achievement last year, having been awarded Most Outstanding Independent Girls' School 2022, Berkshire, and is testament to their dedication to girls' education. So far, this year has been exciting for The Marist as it saw the opening of its new VI Form Centre in the school’s refurbished Convent building. With further developments to come, there is no doubt that the school will continue to improve the education it provides. We congratulate The Marist on its success in the Private Education Awards and wish its team the best of luck in their future endeavours. The Marist School Ascot [email protected]