Private Education Awards 2023

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine Based in Etten-Leur, Netherlands, E-forExcellence is a one-stop-shop for managers in international business and education who would benefit from learning quality English. It offers efficient but fun training courses based on internationally recognised material, helping its clients develop the ability to confidently communicate in English with native speakers. Whether you want a one-week intensive solution or a 21-week group training course to prepare for the Cambridge English exam, E-forExcellence has you covered. In the Netherlands, English has always been important. The government has championed international education, resulting in many bilingual schools across the country and increased awareness about good English amongst the population. While learners of English normally understand a lot of English, their active knowledge is noticeably lower, which research proves so. This often creates a poorer execution of the language than most speakers would like to. CEO and Trainer of Cambridge English at E-for-Excellence, Elske van der Wal, has set out to change this fact. She believes that “good English opens doors”, which is the mantra she has instilled into her business. No matter their age, mother tongue, and learning abilities, Elske passionately believes that everyone can learn English with the right support. Progressing to the next level of knowledge is just a matter of time and effort. Often, lack of confidence and fear of speaking are the basis of poor language performance. These are the hurdles she strives to help people overcome. In 2018, Elske started E-for-Excellence to help people in management positions who frequently communicate with people from different countries. When working at an international level, language skills and cross-cultural awareness are of underestimated importance. Attracting clients is all about fostering human connection. Knowing how to express yourself properly on a wide variety of social topics is where this connection begins. What's more, most Dutch people are not aware that they have an ‘efficient’ way of speaking which is often interpreted as offensive by people of other nationalities. To help Dutch managers improve their English skills, Elske offers various solutions. Her 12-week programme involves flexible face-toLeading Experts in English Language Training 2023 - Netherlands