Private Education Awards 2023

Private Education Awards 2023 | 5 face and online meetings, through which she helps trainees improve on specific topics and work towards an internationally recognised level of English. With 10 hours a week of teaching and learning time, this tailored approach ensures trainees improve quickly. Perfect for those – with little homework time – who wish to obtain an internationally recognised qualification, Elske’s 21-week programme leads up to an official Cambridge English exam. When they pass this assessment, participants earn tangible proof of their English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Across five hours a week, this programme includes online group sessions with same-level people as well as best-in-class teaching materials. Through a mixture of online and offline resources, trainees will have plenty of practice and coaching before they take their exam. Since its establishment, E-for-Excellence has gained a remarkable reputation in Cambridge Certificate level teaching. Elske is a passionate, highly qualified, and extensively experienced English teacher, having spent over 13 years lecturing English at BUAS, Breda University of Applied Sciences, mainly in the Cambridge Proficiency and Advanced Certificates. This high level of competency in the language has enabled the business to grow significantly. Committed to incredible quality, E-for-Excellence strives for continuous improvement by reviewing its assignments and teaching methods. It is important to understand how people learn, which changes over time, in order to deliver the best service. The business aims to keep in touch with the market, frequently adjusting its programme according to new insights. This has resulted in the development of a unique new concept: the VIP trip. Combining teaching, culture and fun, E-for-Excellence offers an intensive one-week VIP training course in which trainees will visit and travel through the UK, learning English while exploring new places. Pampered in 5-star luxury, trainees will feel like they are on holiday. Simultaneously, they will be truly immersed in the English language, constantly learning by speaking and hearing it. They will acquire new words and expressions as they frequently interact with native speakers. Most will be dreaming in English in no time. This option is perfect for those who want to improve their English skills without dedicating months to the process. Having organised company visits to various countries in the past, Elske came to understand the importance of local interaction and experiences in the success of these trips. Communicating with native speakers facilitates rapid learning, and fun makes the week memorable. While language learning can be time consuming, offering it in this active form guarantees a quick learning curve. Participants will not only take home better English skills, but they will also take home a whole host of memories and new perspectives. As a result of the unparalleled quality delivered by Elske through her various teaching programmes and trips, E-for-Excellence has been awarded Leading Experts in English Language Training, Netherlands, in the Private Education Awards 2023. In the wake of this achievement, Elske exclusively shares some exciting upcoming developments with the team at LUXlife. “We are launching our very exclusive whisky taster tour through Scotland this October,” she reveals. “In one week, we will visit 5 highly regarded distilleries and indulge in Michelin star (whisky) food while enjoying the countryside and learning about cultural aspects. As per our standards, we made sure that there is a partner programme so that all participants go home with a lot of new experiences.” What’s more, in the future, Elske is keen to design more one-week VIP trips to other English-speaking countries and long weekend trips. With big plans for the coming years, there is no doubt that E-for-Excellence will continue to grow and help international business professionals across the Netherlands improve their English skills. Contact: Elske van der Wal [email protected] Company: E-For-Excellence Web Address: