Private Education Awards 2023

Jun22596 6 | LUXlife Magazine The Portuguese International School Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras (EITV) has a distinct approach to education, with a philosophy focused on instilling curiosity and a love for learning. Its emphasis includes academic and project-based teaching and learning methodology, with a purposefully designed curriculum concentrated on enquiry-based learning. This is what supports the school’s overall vision and ethos in the most substantial manner. Pupil performance is evaluated through a system of continuous formative and summative feedback. Throughout the duration of any given term, teachers will have individual discussions with pupils to surmise exactly what they have accomplished well, and what areas might be in need of further development. Utilising this approach means that students are empowered to take ownership of their own learning journeys, as well as being aware of what they might need to be doing to achieve better results. Each term parents are also invited to individual development discussions designed to facilitate opportunities for them to get involved, and discuss their child’s individual needs. The school champions a range of soft skills, which are practical, transferable competencies designed to help students to thrive throughout their lives. The cornerstones at EITV are based on conceptual learning and teaching, with students invited to participate in academic and project-based tasks daily, in areas of their own interest. This helps them develop soft skills that are helpful in school, in the workplace, or in any social setting. The skills EITV encourages are; problem solving, with the ability to think logically and critically, something essential in helping to solve real life problems in a complex, ever-changing world; creativity, with curiosity and imagination used to drive innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking an important aspect of finding new and innovative ways to solve problems; communication, as active listening, public speaking, and communicating with precision and clarity instils confidence in pupils that helps them succeed in their personal and later professional lives. Other important soft skills EITV favours are time management, as it is necessary to manage time effectively and stay organised, to prioritise, and work smarter rather than harder. Vital skills such as theses can be applied to secondary education as well as careers. Similarly, stress management is a soft skill involving the ability to identify and tackle stress triggers early and effectively. Mastering this soft skill can help students to become happier, healthier, and more productive. Teamwork is the final soft skill EITV identifies as being important to develop, as it believes successful students need to know how to collaborate with Apr23450 Most Nurturing Preschool 2023 - Lisbon District The International school in Lisbon, Portugal, Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras, is an educational establishment focused on tutelage that equips young people for the challenges of the modern world. It seeks to uncover the full potential of each and every student entrusted to its care, preparing them to face their future with confidence. others and be adaptable. It encourages starting early when it comes to knowing how to work in a team, and learning how to build on each team member’s unique strengths. Knowing how to handle frustrations is pivotal in teamwork. “Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras is a private school based on four strategic pillars that guide our educational project - Ethics, Innovation,