Private Education Awards 2023

Private Education Awards 2023 | 7 Technologies, and Values. It is with these pillars in mind that we strive to create a favourable place for young people to learn, from an early age, critical skills for success in subsequent stages of their lives. This is our commitment to the educational community.” EITV believes that education is the best investment anyone can make in their future. It advocates for academic excellence and team learning, with the understanding that its students will one day evolve and be responsible for making their own educational decisions. That is why it thinks it’s important for students to develop the ability to learn how to learn. It knows that in the future its young people will be the ones in charge of managing their personal and family affairs, which it wants them to be able to do with a highly refined ethical and moral sense. It prepares them for this in advance by instilling an appreciation of the arts, and for technological advancements, believing that as holders of solid, comprehensive training they will be able to face the world of tomorrow with confidence. The school offers a number of qualifications students can work towards. It uses the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum, which is a learning pathway aimed at students aged 5 to 19 years old, featuring a wide range of subjects and flexible ways of teaching them to guarantee success. With the Cambridge Assessment at the heart of the International School’s learning, students discover new skills and passions as well as important proficiencies they will use for life. Other qualifications include Pearson, for provision of the International GCSE, GCSE, GCE and International Advanced level examinations; the American High School for the Dual Diploma; and Cambridge ESOL for awards in English as a second language, widely recognised throughout the world in sectors such as tourism, commerce, and industry. Other awards and educational programmes offered include the Duke of Edinburgh International Award; Science Starts at School; the EcoSchools Award; the DELF school; and the DELE – Spanish Diploma. “We believe that providing high quality facilities is essential to creating a positive and effective learning environment. Our facilities are designed to support teaching and learning in a variety of ways, from spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology to sports facilities that promote physical health and teamwork.” The facilities at EITV are spread across 45,000m², and include a synthetic sports field suitable for practice of football or tennis, a forest and pedagogical farm where students can learn about agriculture and environmental sustainability, 2 fully equipped laboratories for practical science classes, and a gym dedicated to the practice of sports such as volleyball and karate. The gym is also used for physical education classes, and, additionally, features a stage. Inside there are LED and Computer rooms, a fully furnished canteen, and study rooms open for after-school support. EITV is more than just a school, it’s a community, with students, teachers, parents, and associates at its very heart. It believes that all elements and facets of a community are responsible for helping to reach the objectives of the educational projects. It wants to develop a culture capable of promoting human values such as democracy and the right to exercise individual freedoms. This is why the International School insists upon a culture of openness and full participation in school life. With Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras offering its exceptional services for children from nursey through to year 12, it is no surprise that it has been awarded Most Nurturing Preschool 2023 - Lisbon District. This remarkable school has so much to offer students, furnishing them with incredible learning experiences that last a lifetime, and portend their departure as shining stars of the future. Company: Escola Internacional De Torres Vedras Web Address: Contact Name: Eduardo Castro