Private Education Awards 2023

Private Education Awards 2023 | 13 Based in Pretoria, South Africa, the Lasercollege is an international school for advanced aesthetic studies, concentrating on a science-based education within the industry. It wants to revolutionise and elevate the standard of training by prioritising evidence-based approaches to practice, equipping graduates with the ability to critically analyse research, and understand the mechanisms involved. IPLs and lasers, a look at the difference between diode lasers and other types of laser suitable for hair removal, the difference between lowlevel laser and high-power laser, Fitzpatrick Skin Typing, and different types of skin cooling. It also covers safety precautions when working with IPLs and lasers, what the most suitable wavelength is for the treatments you want to do, how to failure diagnose when not getting the results expected, LED and low-level laser in your salon or spa, the four photo-biological reactions you will encounter as laser therapist, and skin resurfacing procedures comparing Er:Glass with Er:YAG. Lasercollege aims to foster a culture of evidence-based practice within the aesthetics industry, prioritising scientific integrity, and client-centred care. It promotes critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and a thorough understanding of the underlying scientific principles and mechanisms behind aesthetic treatments. Graduates are trained to consider ethical standards and the overall welfare of their clients. Lasercollege also strives to inspire and nurture a community of aesthetic professionals committed to excellence. The training provided by Lasercollege is comprehensive and rigorous, equipping graduates with the highest level of expertise and skills. It also supports their ongoing professional development, and encourages practitioners to continuously enhance their knowledge and techniques, whether that be by advanced education, research collaboration, or/and participation in industry conferences and events. It is gratifying to hear that this formidable educational establishment has been recognised in the Private Education Awards this year as Best Global Advanced Aesthetic Technology Training Specialists 2023. What’s more, it’s powering on with full force, releasing a turnkey platform of comprehensive solutions designed to empower other institutions to provide advance training to their students. This ready to use package encompasses curriculum development, instructional materials, faculty training, and ongoing support. There really is no holding back this powerhouse of a company! Company: Lasercollege Web Address: Contact Name: Raymond Schoeman lthough historically the aesthetics industry has primarily focused on teaching technical skills, and specific treatment techniques, Lasercollege feels that this approach neglects the scientific knowledge necessary for critical thinking and innovation. Having borne witness to rapidly evolving technology, including laser devices, energy-based treatments, and injectables, it has been difficult for many institutions to keep up to date with, and integrate such advancements into their educational curricula. Compared to other medical disciplines, there has also been a relatively limited amount of research conducted within the field of aesthetics. This hampers the development of evidence-based educational programmes. Lasercollege’s science-based education (SBE) therefore holds immense importance for the aesthetic industry. It stands to advance client safety and care, through an education programme placing strong emphasis on such. By providing professionals with comprehensive scientific knowledge, its graduates are equipped to make informed decisions, assess risk, and implement evidence-based practices. The SBE system also accentuates how important ethical standards are within the industry, training its students to uphold client confidentiality, and informed consent. Lasercollege enhances the credibility of aesthetic professionals, building trust amongst clients, and leading to better future career opportunities for its participants. The SBE Lasercollege offers plays a vital role in promoting research and advancement in the aesthetic industry. Graduates are encouraged to contribute towards scientific literature, and push the boundaries of knowledge in aesthetics. This continuous pursuit of research and innovation contributes to the growth and development of the field as a whole, and ensures that graduating professionals are well-equipped to provide safe, effective, and evidence-based care to their clients. Some of the many areas covered by Lasercollege are the differences between A Best Global Advanced Aesthetic Technology Training Specialists 2023