Private Education Awards 2023

14 | LUXlife Magazine very parent wants to take their children to school knowing that the place they have chosen for them is a safe environment for them grow. Throughout their childhood, children are slowly adapting and learning to how the world around them works. As they do so, it is important for children to have a school environment that supports and guides them through making mistakes and encourages them in times of hardship when dealing with challenges. Colegio Casa Azul covers the education of all ages from three until 18 years old, before university. It guides them through their education straight into their desired careers and Colegio Casa Azul takes on this responsibility very seriously. It ensures quality by providing students with the tools they need to succeed in their industry of choice. In order to successfully direct students towards their dreams, it focuses on high standard, high level of English proficiency, incorporation of new technologies in teaching, and updating students’ competencies to meet the needs of society. This is done while following three principles, discipline, education, and knowledge. Colegio Casa Azul prides itself on leading individuals to be active and healthy, emotionally aware, creative, communicative, smart consumers, technological and ingenious, committed and supportive, and with qualification in three languages. It follows a variety of approaches to help children learn effectively. These are project-based learning, problem solving activities, discovery-based learning, group work, and connecting with schools outside of Spain to expose students to the languages they are learning. It is also a great opportunity to network and to grow as person as students are exposed to people outside of their usual environment. Even though birthrates in the area have been in decline, Colegio Casa Azul has not been affected by applications which shows a great response to its approaches to education. As its 50th anniversary slowly approaches, we are delighted to share that Colegio Casa Azul now holds the title of Most Innovative Private School 2023 - Canary Islands. It has shown magnificent commitment to adapting throughout time to deliver its students the best possible services. If you are interested in finding out more about Colegio Casa Azul, or want to look at its great facilities head over to its website today. Contact: Federico Pedro Rodriguez Perez Company: Colegio Casa Azul Web Address: Most Innovative Private School 2023 - Canary Islands Driven by a group of parents that were committed to providing the best education for their children, Colegio Casa Azul was established in 1973. Together they built the Cooperative Society for Education Casa Azul with the goal to deliver their children and students with comprehensive education of the highest level. Here we find out more about Colegio Casa Azul as it is recognised in the Private Education Awards 2023. E