Private Education Awards 2023

15 | Luxlife Magazine Most Supportive Autism Educational Environment 2023 - North Wales When it comes to education, the current curriculums presented throughout a multitude of schools may not be compatible with pupils and learners with autism. As a result, autistic students may suffer a lack of support that could directly hinder them in their later years. Thankfully, The Haven has developed an educational environment that goes above and beyond for individuals with autism, and we explore how it’s managed to do so. It’s no secret that those with autism have stricter requirements when it comes to the way their education is delivered. Regardless of an individual’s position on the spectrum, autism brings a wide variety of needs that can vary from person to person, and can sometimes result in the disruption of learning altogether. As a result, alternative approaches towards teaching need to be fashioned in order to ensure that each student is given equal footing in their educational journeys. Thankfully, The Haven was quick to recognise this, and therefore developed an environment suited to autistic children from all walks of life. Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, The Haven presents autistic pupils with the tools that they need to excel through their learning ventures, whilst never once having to contend with neurotypical norms that are often present in most school environments. Spanning an age range of 11–19-year-olds, The Haven places a resolute focus on providing young people with the opportunity to flourish, despite having autism. It encourages personal growth and bright futures in a way that’s simply inspired to witness, and has tailored its educational processes towards enhancing the way autistic children approach a learning environment. It recognises the difficulties that some neurodivergent students can face as a result of their autism, and has set its sights on guaranteeing that these difficulties don’t become roadblocks later on in life. In terms of its vision, The Haven seeks to ensure that its students go on to be successful in their adult lives, without having to face any restrictions. Whether this includes future careers or further learning, The Haven dedicates itself towards reassuring students that autism shouldn’t ever come between them and their dreams. In fact, it celebrates the individuality that autism brings to its pupils in a way that’s awe-inspiring to view in practise. Of course, this atmosphere is made possible by the brilliant members of staff who operate within The Haven. Every individual on the team has an adept understanding of the needs that partner an autism diagnosis, and gear themselves towards eliminating anxieties that may have developed throughout a pupil’s past experience within an educational environment. The result is a collaborative learning place that uplifts and celebrates its students, whilst making them feel comfortable in a school setting. The Haven is irrefutably unique in the way it approaches its teaching processes. It never once pushes a pupil beyond their boundaries, and is immensely proud of even the smallest steps towards progress. Its compassionate understanding of autism allows it to recognise just how daunting change and development can be for autistic students, and has adapted itself to ensure every child feels safe, secure, and immensely cared for. This all culminates in The Haven being a school environment unlike any other. It has an awareness of autism that’s simply unparalleled within North Wales, and is seeking to expand its services to provide for even more autistic children who may be struggling with their current educational system. The Haven’s work is nothing short of astounding, and we’re beyond pleased to present it with this prestigious award. Contact: Karen Burt Company: The Haven Web Address: