Private Education Awards 2023

19 | Luxlife Magazine Most Dedicated Montessori Child Development Centre 2023 – Hong Kong & Best New Online Phonics Program 2023 – Hong Kong Since 2003, Kids Channel Montessori has been running English classes for toddlers, kindergarten, and primary school children. Its mission is to help children who struggle to become some of the top in their class. We take a closer look to find out how its approach helps children achieve this. Kids Channel Montessori is focussed on helping children improve their English, whether it is their first language or second language. When it began to provide its services 20 Years ago, it quickly became apparent that children were overloaded with a repetitive teaching style, homework, and tests, which had led them to turn away from learning. It was obvious to see if they didn’t enjoy learning the language, they weren’t going to be receptive to practicing it. They realised this meant poor results and attitude in all subjects, not just English. This is where Kids Channel Montessori began to excel and produce fantastic results. Their English programmes offer a stimulating way to learn. Children are given freedom to choose and build their skills independently. On top of that, the programmes include a lot of extra language, fun, and excitement for young children. They are able to learn about many topics, be confident when speaking, and feel more connected and interested in the world around them. Children really experience a complete change of attitude towards learning with Kids Channel Montessori’s programmes. They go from struggling to finish homework and coming last in class, to getting ahead of their textbooks, passing exams with ease, and having the inclination to learn. The great results that Kids Channel Montessori has been able to deliver for its students has led it to receiving the title of Most Dedicated Montessori Child Development Centre 2023 - Hong Kong. Its programmes help children elevate their English while gaining a love for learning in a way that they had never experienced before. Kids Channel Montessori provides its services from its centre in Hong Kong. They also have different English Programmes for online learning. These have been designed for children aged 2 years and older with the same goal - to make learning enjoyable and accessible. The programmes focus on all aspects of the English language. Included in the programmes are Quiz Shows, Different Themes, Stories brought to life and Phonics. With regular assessments, they produce confident readers, listeners, and speakers from a very early age. Go to Kids Channel Montessori’s website to find out more. Contact: Toby White Company: Kids Channel Montessori Web Address: Kids Channel Montessori