Private Education Awards 2023

20 | LUXlife Magazine Best Co-Educational International K-12 School - Ontario Based in Markham, Ontario, J. Addison School offers programmes for students of all ages, from preschool to high school. Welcoming young people from across the world, the school is dedicated to nurturing students through discipline and social experience, helping them grow into individuals with developed intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capabilities. At J. Addison School, students learn within a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment where staff are committed to bringing out the best in them. With smaller class sizes, each child receives tailored support and attention on their journey to academic and personal success. The school encourages staff to connect with each and every student and dedicate the time to truly understanding their individual needs. They empower students to set meaningful goals and equip them with the necessary skills to reach their targets. J. Addison School’s outstanding academic programmes incorporate several different methods, including the Ontario curriculum, Montessori and IB methods. The school is equipped with plenty of modern technology for students to use in the classroom, which complements traditional learning and facilitates improved engagement, encourages interaction, and strengthens both the teaching and learning processes. J. Addison School’s mission is not only to foster students’ ultimate academic success, but also to produce well-rounded, capable young people who will flourish in the years to come. It believes that the term “education” does not just refer to the process of learning a defined set of content and facts. Instead, it also entails discovering how to succeed in life. As the only boarding school in Markham, J. Addison School is dedicated to nurturing its students, arming them with skills and values that will prepare them to face the future with confidence, integrity, compassion, independence, and leadership. It encourages them to aim high and push boundaries, without failing to respect and embrace one another’s talents. What makes J. Addison School so unique is its Focus For Success (FFS) programme, which was introduced to support the learning acquired by students throughout the day. It also provides them with the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular or co-curricular activities that support healthy social, emotional, and physical development. J. Addison School is proud to have a host of resources and amenities, including a multisport gymnasium, science lab, art room, music room, dance studio, outdoor playground, and more. As well as encouraging academic achievement, the school is dedicated to supporting students’ sporting success. Its Elite Basketball programme was designed for youth athletes who aspire to achieve the highest level of performance. It provides prospective athlete students with first rate training, scouting, and scholarship opportunities. The school’s students have received scholarships to a range of American and Canadian universities through this programme. This year, J. Addison School is offering an inclusive new summer camp programme which will allow students to continue being active over the summer vacation. The programme will primarily focus on basketball but also provide opportunities to take part in other fun activities, including science and art. From day one, J. Addison School prepares its students for achievement of their postsecondary goals. The school’s tireless commitment to its students is one of the main reasons why its graduates have a 100% acceptance rate. As a result of the incredible standard of education it delivers, J. Addison School has been awarded Best Co-Educational International K-12 School, Ontario, in the Private Education Awards 2023. We congratulate the school on this achievement and look forward to seeing how it continues to innovate and improve its programmes in the future. Company: J. Addison School Web Address: