Private Education Awards 2023

18 | LUXlife Magazine stablished in 2011 and situated on the waterfront of Long Island City, Brighter Babies is an award-winning preschool that has every pre-kindergarten child’s needs at the heart of everything it does. Whether parents are simply looking for flawless education, or a plethora of enrichment of activities for their child to take part in, Brighter Babies has everything anyone could ever want for their beautiful babies. As a result of its breath-taking and accessible location that’s just one subway stop away from Manhattan, Brighter Babies has unique access to natural amenities that really sets it apart from other preschools within the area. It allows children to appreciate the world around them before they even get to school, from playgrounds, large fields, water parks, libraries, and even an urban beach. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, all of these stunning areas have unobstructed views of both the East River and the Manhattan skyline. Of course, placing your child in the care of another can be an overwhelming thought to comprehend for any parent. What if they’re not having fun? What if they miss me? Will anyone be able to take care of them as well as I can? Brighter Babies aims to eliminate all of these concerns entirely – through providing a mobile app to download, it permits parents to receive frequent updates from the friendly admin team, and gives them the chance to contribute input towards their child’s day-to-day activities should they see fit. Brighter Babies prides itself on being a progressive school with curriculums driven by both teachers and children. It gives teachers the opportunity to develop lesson plans and activities, but then places the focus on the individual children to complete their day the way they want to. This encourages the preschoolers in its care to express themselves in meaningful and enjoyable ways, and it’s all thanks to the brilliant planning of Brighter Babies’ wonderfully friendly staff. In addition, Brighter Babies actively seeks to promote diversity throughout its school, all to ensure that children are exposed to various cultures and lifestyles right from the start of their lives. It actively seeks to present a multitude of backgrounds to its pupils, which, in turn, encourages an overwhelming sense of pride within children and parents alike. You should be proud of where you’re from, and Brighter Babies is constantly uniting people with this mindset. When it comes to preschools within New York, there truly is no better option than Brighter Babies. It focuses on all of the most important aspects of a young person’s life, and structures its environment to be the best of the best throughout the city. Heralded as the darling in its neighbourhood, and the gold standard for high quality care and early child education, Brighter Babies has cemented itself as a preschool that’s more than deserving of its award-winning status. We’re very proud to present Brighter Babies with its most recent title following its Best Daycare in Queens award in 2020, and we can’t wait Most Nurturing Preschool 2023 - NYC When it comes to development, the early years of a child’s life play a crucial role in how they’ll go on to behave in their later years. It’s essential to start their education journey on the right foot through nurturing and dedication, and no preschool within New York is better at this than Brighter Babies Early Development Centre (Brighter Babies). Let us take you on a journey through the inner workings of this award-winning preschool. to see how it continues to present parents all across New York with the preschool care that their youngsters deserve. Contact: Natasha Parmar Company: Brighter Babies Early Development Centre Web Address: E