Private Education Awards 2023

Private Education Awards 2023 | 17 Located on the Kent coast, St Lawrence College offers first class education for both girls and boys from three to 18 years. It helps students achieve their academic potential, explore their strengths, and thrive while learning. Here we learn more about how St Lawrence College approaches its students as it is recognised in the Private Education Awards 2023. Most Nurturing Co-Educational Independent School 2023 – Kent At the heart of St Lawrence College you will find a dedicated team of teachers, a broad and challenging curriculum, strong work ethic, and a focus on core educational skills to deliver a stimulating, inspiring, and purposeful learning experience for its students. This comes with an understanding that intelligence is not fixed and that high performance in education can be achievable by everyone when given the right tools, environment, and support to do so. St Lawrence College’s ability to adapt with the times and successfully incorporate approaches that can benefit its students has led it to receive the title of Most Nurturing Co-Educational Independent School 2023 – Kent. Contact: Barney Durrant, Head of College Company: St Lawrence College Web Address: hildren spend the vast majority of their childhood and teenage years at school, which is why it is important to ensure that the environment they are in, is one that is going to benefit their development and growth. St Lawrence College nurtures and cares for each individual that passes through its doors, to ensure that their learning experience is the best it can be. St Lawrence College advocates the link between positive mental health and academic success, given that when a child feels happy, secure and valued they are able to perform better. Research has demonstrated that pupils with positive emotional wellbeing in Year Two gain an additional term’s progress by the end of Year Six. Similarly, in senior schools, positive wellbeing has been seen to boost GCSE and A-level results by 11-17%. Not only does St Lawrence College believe that it is the responsibility of all schools to ensure the positive wellbeing of their pupils, but it also recognises the significant impact that this can have on academic attainment. Some of the key changes that St Lawrence College has incorporated include training members of staff as Youth Mental Health First Aiders and the addition of a new risk assessment process that takes into consideration the impact of mental health and wellbeing. It has also introduced the Pastoral Review Committee, which is a group of key stakeholders who meet weekly to identify pupils of concern, and come to an agreement on how they can intervene to provide the adequate support. Through increasing the focus around mental health, students have been able to engage in conversations about their feelings with staff. With the appropriate training, they have been able to support children and teach them to become increasingly aware of how they feel, and how to communicate their needs and seek support. The initiatives that St Lawrence College has introduced, with the students’ wellbeing as the focal point, has reduced stigma and increased awareness within the school’s community, while creating a supportive environment to learn and grow. Additionally, it provides a higher level of knowledge and skills for the students and staff. In particular, staff now have higher levels of confidence when supporting those who are experiencing poor mental health. C