Private Education Awards 2023

27 | Luxlife Magazine Most Stimulating Learning Environment 2023 - Gauteng During the early years of our lives, how we’re taught and nurtured can shape us into the people we become later on in life. Given the chance to flourish, individuality can develop at an incredible rate, and nobody is more aware of this than Fundamental Factory. Geared towards raising the capable individuals of the future, this school fosters growth in both unique and inspiring ways. Situated in Vereeniging, and established in 2018, Fundamental Factory began as a manifestation of a life-long dream – “creating a school where children could grow in an exciting environment with a difference”. It embraced the idea that it could forge the next generation of exceptional, well-balanced individuals, and set out to create an environment that would wholeheartedly encourage children to become the best versions of themselves from a young age. Though its journey started small, with only three children attending upon its opening, Fundamental Factory has grown exponentially over the 5 years since its inception. Now with a vast array of facilities, staff members, and almost 700 learners (preschool to high school) now eagerly taking the steps towards a future of brilliance, this school has consistently raised the bar when it comes to what’s possible within the private education sector. This is further demonstrated through the immense emphasis that Fundamental Factory places upon enhancing all of its amenities, as well as the surrounding environments that are accessible to the children. From science labs and computer rooms, to music and dance classrooms, Fundamental Factory has proven that it’s a school willing to cater to every possible need for a wide variety of children. It recognises the importance of passion, and has set out to develop its avenues in order to grant each of its pupils with the chance to pursue what they really enjoy. In addition to this, Fundamental Factory is also heralded as one of the most innovative private schools within the area. Not only has it been frequently updating its facilities, but it’s placed an overwhelming importance on the school itself. This is seen through its constant expansion, allowing for an extensive amount of activities to take place, whilst also opening up opportunities for even more children to become part of the most stimulating learning atmosphere available within the area. Fundamental Factory truly is an inspired school founded on love, dedication, and the determination to create the adults of tomorrow. Its teaching methodologies and programmes are nothing short of astounding, with a resolute focus placed on enjoyment and stimulation. The team behind Fundamental Factory have long since recognised how imperative it is for children to be engaged in their learning, and encourage incredible development through nurturing its students’ intrinsic curiosity. This all culminates in a learning environment unlike any other. Its understanding of how children like to learn is unparalleled, which allows for a unique approach towards teaching that contributes towards a motivating and dynamic learning environment. There isn’t a single detail that Fundamental Factory has overlooked when it comes to its facilities, which, in turn, results in a staggering amount of popularity within the local area. Parents are clearly witnessing the brilliance that emerges from this school, and are eager to introduce their children to this undeniably engaging way of learning. Regardless of age, Fundamental Factory presents equal opportunities for children that will drive them towards success in their later years. Through presenting options spanning from preschool to high school, each equipped with the means to help a child’s respective age group flourish in a completely unique way, Fundamental Factory has mastered what it means to offer a stimulating learning environment to every type of child. Thanks to its ambitious plans for the future, and its persistent passion for raising the independent and responsible adults of the future, we’re certain that this is just the beginning for Fundamental Factory. Contact: Erika Theunissen Company: Fundamental Factory Web Address: