Private Education Awards 2023

26 | LUXlife Magazine ucked away in Jupiter, Florida, Tree Top Academy is a leading early learning academy that strives to empower children through the exploration of ideas and critical thinking. Serving children between the ages of two and kindergarten – a key stage in a child’s development –Tree Top Academy possesses a curriculum designed to encourage youngsters to express their natural curiosity. It values the idea that children are born with an infinite amount of creativity, intelligence, and, perhaps most importantly, capability, and it’s this perspective that inspires the centre’s work to encourage learning through a plethora of means, including the encouragement of children’s interests. "We honour and empower children by cultivating social, emotional and academic growth through inspiring experiences that challenge and extend thinking and wondering," reads Tree Top Academy’s mission statement, an ethos that it fervently adheres to in its every approach towards early learning. As a result, Tree Top Academy has thoughtfully established its own, unique curriculum based upon four complementary ideas of childhood education. The Reggio Emilia Philosophy, Project Approach, Harvard University’s “Making Thinking Visible”, and The Conscious Discipline Program are all critically acclaimed childhood education techniques that play fundamental roles in Tree Top Academy’s outlook on learning. For example, The Reggio Emilia Philosophy, which has elements that can be traced back to the 19th century, views each child as an individual bursting with potential, curiosity, and creativity. Within this philosophy, the child forges their own theories and path to acquiring knowledge, whilst the teacher operates as the guide and role model. ‘Children become even more curious, interested, and confident as they contemplate the meaning of what they have achieved,’ is a quote attributed to Loris Malaguzzi, who founded The Reggio Emilia Philosophy after the devastation of World War Two. It is abundantly clear that Tree Top Academy embodies this quote. Throughout the academy, the impact of this method can be seen – children take control of their own paths, acting as the protagonists in their own stories. They are capable, competent, creative, curious, and powerful. Tree Top Academy refuses to stamp out its students’ dreams, and possesses an unwavering respect for a child’s preferred methods of learning, including how such techniques may evolve over time. What sets Tree Top Academy apart is how it avidly views each child as an individual, and treats them as such. Furthermore, in a quotation displayed on the company’s website, the founder and Executive Director, Jeff Turner, explains, “I wanted children to have the freedom to learn through exploration, like I did as a child”. Most Empowering Early Years Educational Environment 2023 - Florida As our world has developed, so too has the avid curiosity of the children of today. There are so many avenues for young people to journey down when it comes to their individual interests and desires, but is it really possible for them to express their wonder within a learning environment? Tree Top Academy replies with a resounding ‘Yes!’, and we explore how this early years educational academy approaches learning in an uplifting and empowering way. T Turner was introduced to The Reggio Emilia Philosophy after the birth of his second child in 2009, which bolstered his interest in Early Childhood Education. After conducting immense amounts of research, he established the centre in 2011, in the hopes that it would create a place that nurtures the individuality of every child, whilst encouraging an immense passion for learning. This deep interest in education is something found within each member of the team, who devote themselves daily to the betterment of the academy. “We have tried to develop a culture where thinking and sharing of ideas is valued. We have tried to develop a culture where teachers are respected as experts in the field of early childhood education. We have tried to develop a culture where teachers and teaching in early education is highly valued. I think we are accomplishing these goals,” Turner comments. Taking all of these elements into consideration, it is unsurprising that The Tree Top Academy boasts a vast waitlist, filled with the names of hopeful, prospective students. Consequently, this enormous demand is directing the academy’s plans for 2023, and we eagerly await the results of these ambitious future developments. Contact: Jeff Turner Company: Tree Top Academy Web Address: