Private Education Awards 2023

Private Education Awards 2023 | 25 Based in Dulwich, an elegant and vibrant settlement in South London, Dulwich Prep London is an all-boys preparatory school with over 135 years of history but a modern, holistic approach to education. The school operates based on the belief that instilling values such as love, gratitude, and humility in pupils is equally important to provide them with a stellar academic education. It, therefore, produces thoughtful, focused boys who go on to attend a mix of top senior schools. Most Enriching Preparatory School 2023 - London 17 specialist-taught sports clubs in total to cater to other sports and activities. This includes non-contact rugby, water polo, fencing, handball, and parkour. The school aims to help the boys discover a sport they genuinely love to play. Since 2019, Miss Louise Davidson has been the Head Master. An extremely energetic and enthusiastic educator with 20 years’ experience in the private and state sectors. She is passionate about helping young boys develop, grow, and make mistakes in order to become the best possible version of themselves. As a teaching Head Master, she works closely with the children and even has lunch with them regularly. Miss Davidson strives to foster a culture of positive masculinity in the school. She works hard to encourage the children to discover who they are and think critically about issues such as gender, race, and neurodiversity. She is fully committed to facilitating the boys’ emotional education and helping them learn, understand, and exercise empathy. As a result of the incredible standard of education the school delivers, Dulwich Prep London has been awarded Most Enriching Preparatory School in the Private Education Awards 2023. We congratulate the school on this achievement and look forward to seeing how its plans unfold in the future. Admissions Contact: Olivia Patton, Acting Registrar Company: Dulwich Prep London Web Address: ith 839 pupils, Dulwich Prep London is the country’s biggest boys’ prep school. However, the school does not feel crowded, built on a 29-acre site. It comprises a mix of older and more modern buildings, containing plenty of spacious classrooms. Outside, the school boasts a pristine AstroTurf play area, 25 acres of playing fields nearby, and a roof garden with a wildflower meadow space, beehives, and an observatory. The school is also proud to have a 25-metre indoor heated swimming pool, a 300-seat concert hall, a self-contained music school, a large multi-purpose sports hall with a climbing wall, and more. Despite its size, it maintains a cosy and warm feeling, thanks to its strong sense of community. Excitingly, from September 2023, Dulwich Prep London is planning to launch a new flexi-boarding option, which will double as a boarding taster for those considering a boarding senior school. Later, in September 2025, the school plans to extend its provision to educate boys up to the age of 16. This option will enable families to reduce or remove the pressure of early exams on their children. As well as this, the boys will be able to benefit from the security and continuity of remaining in a familiar and more personal learning environment. In Dulwich Prep London’s Early Years (Nursery and Reception) classes, pupils enjoy forest school lessons and a play-based curriculum, accompanied by some direct instruction. In Pre-Prep (Years 1 and 2), pupils are taught maths and English in the morning, then science, topic, and arts in the afternoons. Specialist teachers lead their lessons in PE, music, drama, languages, life skills, and computing. Children between Year 1 and 4 learn both Spanish and French, then are encouraged to specialise in one of the two from Year 5. In the Prep school (Years 5 to 8), all subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Pupils take part in a mixture of 25 and 50-minute lessons designed to retain attention and concentration. The school’s teachers provide the boys with ample support, encouraging them to aim high and achieve their goals. Teachers are dedicated to helping all pupils grow and progress, nurturing their individual gifts and talents. Dulwich Prep London offers a plethora of fantastic sporting opportunities. Its core sports are rugby, football, cricket, and swimming, but it offers W