Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020

Page 10 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards DoorPRO Doorstop was founded in 2003 by former Bellman, Bill Hengler after noticing a serious problem with hotel staff using different objects to keep doors open and ultimately damaging them. With 30 years of hospitality experience behind him and the determination and passion to succeed, Bill created this pioneering hassle-free solution to prop open heavy doors. Speaking to Bill, he explained how it works, “By placing the DoorPRO directly over the middle door hinge and then sliding it down until it rests on the hinge-pin, you can then gently release the door until the sides of the DoorPRO rest between the hinge plates”. He also went to explain the benefits, by eliminating the risk of back injuries to staff and therefore saving on employee compensation and liability claims. The product also looks more professional in the workplace and can dramatically reduce damage caused to the doors usually seen by general door props. DoorPRO has worked with some of the most- well known hotel brands in the world, such as MGM International, Walt Disney Hotels and Hilton, just to name a few. By visiting the resorts and properties they are able to show the benefits of the product by understanding the individual needs of each establishment and the service personnel. Alongside this, taking a personal approach with each client DoorPRO believe that great communication is the key to their success. As such, strong customer service is very much at the centre of the business to ensure they provide the best possible service. As an innovative leader in the hospitality industry, DoorPRO Doorstop is a revolutionary doorstop solution launched by entrepreneur and CEO Bill Hengler. As winners of Hotel Wellness Solutions Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 in this year’s Resorts & Retreats Awards, we wanted to know more about how this ground-breaking invention has become an essential product in hotels around the world. Oct20087 DoorPRO Doorstop Hotel Wellness Solution Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 For many the current pandemic has had a negative impact, but for DoorPRO this is very much the opposite and they are now becoming an integral part in health and safety protocols in hotels across the globe. Brand new DoorPRO Doorstops are giving Hotel guests’ extra comfort in the knowledge that additional hygiene and safety measures have been considered by hotel management. With the hospitality industry heading for permanent changes the DoorPRO Doorstop will continue to ensure that maximum hygiene standards are met for all its customers. Moving forward the DoorPRO team are looking forward to being a part of the grand opening of The Marriott EDITION in Reykjavik in the coming months, Iceland’s very first five-star international hotel. Overall, the LUXlife Resorts & Retreats Award presented to DoorPRO is just one of many prestigious accolades the company has under their belt and definitely won’t be the last. As the company continues to revolutionise doorstop technology, we foresee many new doors will open to them in the future. “It is an honor to be recognized among other visionary leaders and by a product with such a legacy. This latest recognition of all of our hard work is a great way to begin 2021 of milestones and accolades. Our company remains small and simple, backed by a rock-solid manufacturing company in Las Vegas. Thank you to all our wonderful partners and users who made this possible, especially, LUXlife Magazine for awarding us as the best of the best! And thank you to all our exceptional service industry clients who made us successful.” – Bill Hengler Contact: Bill Hengler Company: DoorPRO Doorstop Web Address: “Our company remains small and simple, backed by a rock-solid manufacturing company in Las Vegas.” – Bill Hengler