Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020

Page 18 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards Creating a notable first impression plays a huge role in the hospitality industry. Today’s travellers are much more likely to choose their accommodation based upon a firm personal sense of belonging, which is fundamentally based on décor and ambience. The best way to successfully imagine and design a hotel is by hiring a professional design firm who has an astute eye, a cultural awareness, and an intuitive respect for the nuances of region, with years of market savvy and a comprehensive understanding of operational mandates. Not only will they be judicious in their decisions, they will also have a seasoned perspective to innovative approaches and the skill sets to personalize a property, with the guests captivated upon entry, setting it apart from the competition. As certified architectural and interior design Giant, J/Brice Design International has been consulting on major hotel and resort development projects for the last 31 years. Based in both the United States and Saudi Arabia, the company have worked on various iconic projects all across the world. Over 260 hospitality projects make up their diverse portfolio, as well as corporate and residential interiors. J/Brice Design International is the preferred design group for some of the world’s leading hotel groups such as Hilton Hotels, TAJ Hotels and Marriott International just to name a few. CEO of J/Brice Design International, Jeff Ornstein is well known for coining the phrase “The Cultural Spy” which redefines the term hotel design as hotel fashion. In doing this the hospitality industry is moving away from the property-centric approach, and by embracing the guest-centric approach hotels are much Founded in 1989, J/Brice Design International is a multi- award-winning global design firm, specialising in interior design and architectural design for the hospitality industry. As winners in this year’s Resorts & Retreats Awards hosted by LUXlife Magazine, we offer a unique overview of the firm and its services it has to offer its valued customers. Oct20784 JBrice Design International Leading Expert in Hospitality Interiors & Architecture Design 2020 more focused on building brand equity and providing memorable guest experiences. To enable the firm to provide the best possible to their clients, a project budget is clearly established at the start of the development project. Using their in-depth knowledge of the industry they are able to provide the client with accurate costings based upon all aspects of the build. Projections are then considered in three separate categories; required, recommended and upgraded, which is then shared with the client so they have all their options clearly identified out as they navigate their choices, to ensure they have achieved the required objective and met their budget expectations. J/Brice Design International is a well-known brand in the industry and as such attracts a wide variety of skilled individuals who are looking for the welcome challenge and self-expression that the company offers its employees. What makes this firm unique is their strong ability to listen to what the client wants and to create distinctive, market sensitive, revenue generating designs. Looking ahead the firm are very excited to be expanding the firm’s footprint in the Middle East after being commissioned to renovate The Jeddah Walk, a $100 million development overlooking the Red Sea in the Saudi Kingdom. The project will feature multiple cafes, high-end eateries, entertainment venues and a plethora of outdoor promenades and parks. Due to commence in the first quarter of 2021, J/Brice will rebrand the establishment as an international seven-star resort. J/Brice Design International is no stranger when it comes to receiving accolades for their work and have built up an impressive collection of awards over the years. CEO Jeff Ornstein has also been recognised as one of Boston’s 12 Most Influential People and has featured in an array of industry publications. Overall, the future looks bright for J/Brice Design International with many exciting projects ahead of them. Above all they will continue to remain focused on delivering exceptional services to its clients through innovation, passion and creativity. Contact: Jeff Ornstein Company: JBrice Design International Web Address: