Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022

Page 18 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards Established in August of 2013, Zeldiva Maldives Private Limited was founded to corner the market of the Maldives’ travel industry with three separate operational arms that each handle different elements. Zeldiva Travels is dedicated to B2B Agents and wholesale, Zeldiva Yachts is dedicated to the yachting industry, and our focus today – Zeldiva Luxury – is the direct-to-client brand within the enterprise that gives customers a new and exciting way to enjoy personal travel concierge services. By using its platform, it invites clients to enjoy a personalised service that high-end clients worldwide have come to enjoy. Nominally, it creates impeccably adaptive and flexible tour packages that are made to perfectly fit a client’s goals and expectations, customising their entire stay in the Maldives with a full itinerary of activities, events, and lodgings that will allow them to enjoy a holiday like no other. Its efforts in working in an empathic, client-focused, and professional manner have endeared it to the luxury travel market in a holistic manner, propelling it into the spotlight and ensuring that Zeldiva Luxury Having won the coveted title of the best luxury concierge service operating in its region, Zeldiva Luxury has made itself the answer to both innovation and exemplary client service by way of its app and impeccably educated staff. Fundamentally, this and its win of the ‘Best Destination Management Company in the Maldives’ for 2021 in the International Travel Awards has earned it critical acclaim in its market segment, allowing it to step into the spotlight of the luxury travel industry. Everimproving, ever-growing, and with a deep commitment to client satisfaction, it promises to continue living up to this reputation as it moves forward. Jun22550 Zeldiva Luxury Best Luxury Travel Concierge Service 2022 - Maldives has found its place amongst the household names in Maldives luxury holidaymaking. Thanks to its ‘holiday with all the trimmings’ attitude and its determination in creating the most incredible experiences that the region has to offer, it has built its reputation in offering opportunities that no other OTA or travel agency does. Critically, no request is too big or too small. Whether a client wishes to be able to completely decorate their own villa with specific amenities, set up a personal private event, or book a specific entertainer, Zeldiva Luxury will go above and beyond to make this possible, its trained concierges training extensively in their field to allow them to accomplish this effectively. Its annual training – called a product familiarisation trip – allows it to personally educate its staff on what they are selling. Thus, its staff are each experts on the Maldives and the activities available there, as well as the level of luxury available. Its existing staff have been working in the Maldives travel industry for a minimum of five years each, and each of them have been specifically chosen for their continually impressive and truly enviable knowledge and skills. Moreover, they each conduct themselves with the highest levels of pride, diligence, and integrity, making themselves an invaluable part of the Maldives travel industry and a critical element of Zeldiva Luxury’s success. As with any company, its staff are its backbone, and their efforts constantly improve both the company proper and its services, including the luxury concierge mobile app; this is the only service like this in the country, and it has certainly set a high bar for any who seek to follow in its footsteps. Excited to see clients old and new returning to holiday plans now that the pandemic has calmed somewhat, it looks forward to seeing what the next few years will bring, looking forward to bringing its market with it into the future. Company: Zeldiva Luxury Contact: Abdulla Iswan Email: [email protected] Telephone: +9609788787. Website: