Resorts & Retreats Awards 2022 Page 9 LUXlife 2022 Resorts & Retreats Awards in which they feel safe and supported to do their best work. In this manner, the company has managed to develop a culture that champions the person, one that realises that in order to create a lifelong bond with a client, the relationship must be about more than just sales. After all, when a company is built in true understanding and empathy, and the team behind it all appreciate working together, the customer feels it. Thus, Ace is always able to put their best foot forward with a client, taking them through the possible RV rental, purchase, and servicing options as well as their other packages with their specific cases and adventures in mind. Their team is also full of people who enjoy bettering themselves and expanding the business through listening to what the customers want; this means that Ace has developed an exemplary process regarding the collection of and action taken to address client feedback, as they appreciate hearing its clients’ thoughts. Anytime there is something a customer thinks could be done better, they will put all their effort towards addressing these concerns, developing knowledge, learning new skills, and growing in a visible and tangible way as a result, making the company even more of a thing to be proud of day by day. With this representing the company in an outstanding manner, they have been able to enjoy the boost in the rental market that has occurred both during the Covid-19 lockdowns with people turning towards socially distanced holiday options, and afterwards, in the climate of the current travel boom. Nowadays, more people than ever are keen and eager to get out of their homes and back into the world, taking those ‘one day’ holiday ideas and going through with them now that they once again have the chance to do so. They are excited to be able to rise to meet this demand head on, and has been consistently stepping up to the plate to serve its growing market segment both during the crisis and in the aftermath, even going so far as to be the provider of RV rental units to be used as mobile vaccine sites. In the future, they look forward to continuing the boom in their business that this has created, with a growing 50-unit fleet and expanding client base that they hope to welcome many more fresh faces into in the coming years. Company: Ace RV Rentals Contact: Joanne Rashid Website: