Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 23 Those who book their trip directly through Mare & Mons are provided with free deck chairs. Other beach amenities include showers, changing rooms, a nearby aquapark, and inflatables to rent. Visitors to Mare & Mons can choose to indulge in a meal at its seaside restaurant during their stay. Burgers, homemade pasta, meats, succulent salads, designer cocktails, high-quality coffee, and tempting Croatian wines are just some of what the destination has to offer. Guests can also attend events like musical evenings and other entertainment at its private beach and restaurant. One of the many things that make Croatia so special is its Mediterranean landscape and wildlife. Mare & Mons wants its guests to experience the beauty of its country, so it has left over half of its property to nature, rife with vegetation and plants in which creatures can live and thrive. When guests arrive, the company’s staff are eager to check them in as quickly as possible so that they can soon immerse themselves in the complex’s stunning natural surroundings. Mare & Mons believes that the satisfaction of its guests is more important than anything else. For this reason, its goal is to offer the paying customer quality beyond expectations in every possible way. The company arranges a staff meeting each morning to discuss the needs of the guests. Together, they reflect on the events of the previous day and create strategies in order to improve the services they provide moving forwards. This boosts morale amongst the team, enabling them to remain motivated to do the best job they can. The company is proud that its staff are committed to personal development and are always working to become a better version of themselves. To further drive quality, Mare & Mons works hard to ensure the healthiness and freshness of its restaurant’s offerings. Whilst it cooperates with premium brands like Heineken, Coca-Cola, and LVMH, it also supports local farmers by purchasing their produce for use in its food. Through its “field to table” philosophy, the company delivers only fresh, locally grown groceries to its guests. The Mare & Mons team are driven by a desire to ensure that every guest leaves the complex with a smile on their face, waving and promising to come back again next year. More often than not, they return as promised, so its staff are regularly blessed with the sight of familiar faces. On occasion, they have become good friends with guests, leading them to exchange contact information and keep in touch by email from season to season. Mare & Mons is delighted that such heartwarming connections have come into fruition under its roof. To add to such an exceptional team, Mare & Mons seeks appropriately skilled and experienced individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about hospitality. The company must always be ready to deliver its guests’ wishes and dreams when the season comes around, so it needs to have created the best workforce to handle the task in time. Employees should have ambitious plans for their own personal growth and development. Mare & Mons supports them all equally to achieve everything they can in every possible situation. As a result of its outstanding private beach space, surrounded by pine trees that protect it from prying eyes, Mare & Mons has been awarded Most Exclusive Private Beach Destination, Croatia, in the Resort and Retreat Awards 2023. Every season, Mare & Mons brings something new to its guests, whether it be a comfortable addition to its apartments or a change to its bar and restaurant menu. The company has also invested in its infrastructure, for example it has added EV charging stations and now offers electric bikes to rent. Mare & Mons believes that this continuous improvement and development is the secret to bringing guests back again and again. It looks forward to welcoming them each and every time. Contact: Katarina Pernar Company: Mare&Mons,obrt za turizam,vl.Sonja Pernar Web Address: