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Unzen Kyushu Hotel: Most Relaxing Scenic Resort Experience 2023 - South Japan Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 Best Ayahuasca Retreat 2023 – Spain Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years but can still offer the modern world a way of healing trauma and exploring our connection to the self and each other. OMMIJ is the number one center for ayahuasca and plant medicine in the world. It is a healing hub with open arms to anyone wishing to embark on a deeply meaningful spiritual journey. Here we learn more about OMMIJ, and its Founder Ramon Geurts, as it wins a tremendous title in the Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023. Retreats Resorts & awards 2023 LUXlife M A G A Z I N E Boutique Retreats: Leading Curators of Luxury Escapism 2023 - UK

Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Welcome to LUXlife Magazine’s Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023! This popular programme is one of our longest-running and most respected campaigns, and the team at LUXlife are proud to announce that the Resorts and Retreats Awards are returning for a ground-breaking eighth year! For a two-year period travellers were grounded, and many hotels, resorts, and vacation retreats unfortunately closed their doors. Now, as we move further away from the challenging times of the pandemic, it is becoming clear just how resilient the Resorts and Retreats industry truly is. Globally, demand in this segment is on the rise as people are making up for lost time and finally booking the well-earned trips and getaways that had been impossible before. Even as the cost of living rises, leisure travel is still a top priority for consumers, with a recent Accenture study reporting that fifty percent of people plan on increasing their spending in this area throughout 2023. Wellness retreats in particular are becoming a popular choice, as working professionals with hectic routines are looking to de-stress and take time out for their physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, two fifths of high-income consumers already have a luxury wellness trip booked this year. Welcome to the Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

6. OMMIJ: Best Ayahuasca Retreat 2023 – Spain 10. Yummy Jobs Ltd: Best Hospitality Professional Training Programs Provider 2023 - UK 12. Boutique Retreats: Leading Curators of Luxury Escapism 2023 - UK 14. Unzen Kyushu Hotel: Most Relaxing Scenic Resort Experience 2023 - South Japan 16. Margeva Pc: Best Luxury Resort 2023 - Santorini 18. Hotel Gotham: Best 5 Star Hotel 2023 - Northwest England 20. Domaine Madeleine: Most Romantic Luxury Boutique Hotel 2023 - Pacific Northwest USA/ LUXlife Guest Hospitality Excellence Award 2023 | Maitland Manor Bed & Breakfast: Best Luxury B&B 2023 - Western Washington 22. Mare&Mons,obrt za turizam,vl.Sonja Pernar: Most Exclusive Private Beach Destination 2023 - Croatia 24. The Hacienda at Warm Sands: Luxury Gay Resort of the Year 2023 - North America 26. Historia the Boutique Hotel Nile Cruise: Best Traditional Boutique Cruise Experience 2023 - Egypt 28. Redcastle Oceanfront Golf and Spa Hotel: Best 4-Star Hotel & Golf Resort – County Donegal 29. Point South KOA: Upscale Campsite of the Year 2023 – South Carolina 30. Bunaken Oasis: Best Dive Resort 2023 - Indonesia 31. Vero Linens: Luxury Hospitality Bedding Company of the Year 2023 – North America 32. St Agnes Holiday Park: Best Caravan & Touring Park 2023 – Cornwall 33. Room92: Skincare Specialist of the Year 2023 (Kent): Lynn Taylor 34. Devon Holidays: Best Holiday Property Rental & Management Agency 2023 in Devon 35. Villa Rentals d.o.o.: Best Sustainable Luxury Resorts 2023 – Croatia 36. Captain’s Rest: Best Luxury Self Catering Cottage 2023 - Isle of Skye 37. Higgins Hotel: Best Luxury Hotel & Conference Centre 2023 - New Orleans Contents 38. Loughbrickland Courtyard Self-Catering: Best Self-Catering Holiday Home 2023 - County Down 39. The Villa Bed & Breakfast - Innsight Hospitality: Best Luxury B&B 2023 - Rhode Island 40. Citygrow Energy Systems Ltd: Most Trusted Hotel Energy Management System Provider 2023 - Hong Kong 41. BESTNEST by Beverly Serral: Best Vacation Rental Company 2023 - Hilton Head Island 42. Coastal Cottages Northumberland Ltd: Best Luxury Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottage 2023 - North East England 43. Ivy Villas: Best Bespoke Villa Experience Provider 2023 - Greece 44. Sleepy Owl Devon: Best Luxury Treehouse Retreat 2023 - South West England 45. Forrester Court – Clifftop Cottages: Cliff Top Cottage of the Year 2023 - Norfolk Island 46. Fairmont Carton House: Best Luxury Hotel 2023 - ROI 48. Belize River Lodge: Best Fishing Lodge Accommodation 2023 - Belize 49. Casita Mia de Mita: Best Luxury Adult- Only Resort 2023 - Riviera Nayarit 50. Elm Cottage: Rural Retreat of the Year 2023 - Snowy Mountains 51. Lavanya Spa Retreat: Boutique Day Spa of Year 2023 - Melbourne 52. Yalbaroo Scenic Rim Retreat: Most Tranquil Country Retreat 2023 - South East Queensland 53. Sea Break: Best Sea View Holiday Apartment 2023 - Isle of Wight 54. The Well Notting Hill: Best Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics Clinic 2023 - London 55. Jumeirah Bali: Best Luxury Beach Resort 2023 - Bali 56. Hope Decor: Best Hospitality Wall Art Decor Designer 2023 (USA): Lea Hope Bonzer 57. Mount Irvine Bay Resort: Best Luxury Modern Seaside Resort 2023 - Trinidad And Tobago

58. The Loch Rannoch Highland Club: Best Family Friendly Resort 2023 - Scotland 59. Cassiar Cannery: Best Wilderness Adventure Guest House 2023 - Northern BC & Women's Wilderness Retreat of the Year 2023 - Canada 60. Circle Z Ranch: Best Family-Owned & Operated Guest Ranch 2023 - Arizona 61. Charles Hope Apartments: Best Serviced Apartment Company 2023 - UK 62. Ace RV Rentals: Best RV Sales & Rentals Business 2023 - National Capital Region USA 63. Thula Thula Private Game Reserve: Most Dedicated Conservation Lodge 2023 - KwaZulu-Natal 64. Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort: Best Wellness Resort 2023 - Kerala 65. The George Hotel Penang: Best Urban Boutique Hotel 2023 - Penang 66. The Retreat at Stirling: Best Luxury B&B 2023 - Adelaide Hills 67. Equator Resort Key West: Best Male-Only Clothing Optional Resort 2023 - Florida 68. Auberge des 21: Best Modern City Hotel 2023 - Saguenay 69. Hotel Die Arlbergerin: Best Sustainable Ski Hotel 2023 - Austria 70. Hays Electrical Services, Inc.: Best Resort & Hotel Electrical Contracting Company 2023 - Texas 71. Royalty Hotels & Suites: Luxury Hotel & Suites Group of the Year 2023 - Greece 72. Holiday Hamster: Best Independent Travel Agency 2023 - West Yorkshire 73. TruDomes: Glamping GeoDome Manufacturer of the Year 2023 - UK 74. La Siguaraya: Best Boutique Hotel 2023 - Havana 75. Insider Villas: Best Luxury Villa & Experiences Company 2023 - Mallorca

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6 | LUXlife Magazine Best Ayahuasca Retreat 2023 – Spain gui peo

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 7 Ayahuasca is a tea usually made from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub with stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine in water. Traditionally made by a shaman or experienced healer, Ayahuasca is a sacred drink created to be used for spiritual and religious ceremonies. With deep cultural roots, ayahuasca has been used for centuries by ancient Amazonian tribes and many other people in various parts of the world through to this very day. Many believe that ayahuasca is a healer of trauma, whether that be present pain or the type that has lingered for years, or even generations – and OMMIJ is a collective of believers who strive to bring the magic of ayahuasca to the world. “OMMIJ originates from the Dutch words “om” and “mij”, meaning “to/ about” and “me”. We believe that the majority of psychologic illnesses like depression and anxiety are caused by traumatic events, which most people faced in their childhood, and which led to a separation between that person’s self and its emotions, feelings, and body.” As many of us feel, the connection with ourselves is of utmost importance. We move through our daily lives wanting to progress in some way or another, whether that’s through our connections with others, career, movement on projects, or simply finding more peace within ourselves. We live in a demanding world full of responsibilities and potential stresses that can make us feel as though we have lost our way and our connection to what makes us who we are. However, with OMMIJ, we can find our way back home, back to the person we truly are. OMMIJ’s healing guidance helps us to sing our truths again – and make connections that will stand the test of time. “Reconnecting with your self is the essence of recovery. The words “healing” and “health” find their root in the Anglo-Saxon word for wholeness – no accident since the source of many illnesses is precisely the loss of wholeness. Becoming whole again means coming back to me.” OMMIJ was founded in 2011 as a Healing Center in the Netherlands and, over time, it has become home for thousands of people from around the globe. Everyone who visits OMMIJ has one thing in common, they are searching for a source of deep healing and awakening within themselves. This awakening is an empowering rebirth of divine timing. OMMIJ’s retreat in Spain offers ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies alongside Kambo, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, visionary painting, immersion in nature, sharing circles, and so much more. By experiencing the retreat as a group, this collective oneness brings us closer to ourselves and the people which surround us, resulting in a network of spiritually awakened individuals sharing moments that they will never forget. “At OMMIJ we have dedicated our lives to guiding our participants safely and respectfully during their Ayahuasca and Plant Medicine journeys and helping them find spiritual, mental, and physical healing. We are fortunate to have ided tens of thousands of wonderful ople from all over the world through the process of preparation, the medicine itself, and integration.” Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years but can still offer the modern world a way of healing trauma and exploring our connection to the self and each other. OMMIJ is the number one center for ayahuasca and plant medicine in the world. It is a healing hub with open arms to anyone wishing to embark on a deeply meaningful spiritual journey. Here we learn more about OMMIJ, and its Founder Ramon Geurts, as it wins a tremendous title in the Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023.

8 | LUXlife Magazine OMMIJ has been the world's number one provider of ayahuasca ceremonies since 2011. It has been organizing multi-day plant medicine retreats in the glorious south of Spain, so that more people can have access to the healing medicine they need to experience their awakening for themselves – without having to travel to the distant Amazon. Back in 2011, OMMIJ’s Founder, Ramon Geurts, and his spiritual brother René, took the plunge to create something incredible. They created the healing hub that has helped thousands of people to this day. René left OMMIJ five years ago to start a new career in his center Acsauhaya, and Ramon’s mission remained – to keep working with OMMIJ well in to the future. This is when Ramon, and his wife Klaudia, decided to set up their retreats and Be Free Retreat Centers, and moved to Spain. From this moment, Ramon was free to follow his own heart, and able to share his best intentions with the world. His love and dedication was poured into the “work of OMMIJ” and, today, Ramon, Klaudia, and his team have now received the title of Best Ayahuasca Retreat 2023 – Spain. Ramon knew that plant medicine could ultimately unlock the secret power within everyone, without having to visit a shaman in the far away Amazon, and he understands that all we need to heal is already within ourselves – we just need to be able to access that divine power. This is exactly where plant medicine comes in. Here plant medicine, such as ayahuasca, is the facilitator for our inner healing and spiritual work. Our experience of it can help us to open up our minds to the power of nature, and this overwhelmingly powerful medicine allows us to speak inwards and find out who we truly are, what we feel we are missing, then find our truth, healing, and exceptional freedom. Ramon knew that what we all needed was within us to begin with, but he also knew that, for many, what we needed was buried so deep beneath years of trauma and pain. By pushing his plant medicine knowledge into the world, Ramon grew a team of more than 42 people in the Netherlands and, since 2018, Spain. He has seen OMMIJ run healing journeys for over 40,000 people in

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 9 A final word from the team at OMMIJ: “We feel deep gratitude for having helped so many people through our therapeutic ceremonies heal from various illnesses and finally live a more self-determined, authentic and healthy life. For those people, OMMIJ has become their tribe: a loving and caring community of free souls and open-minded people where everyone can express their feelings, open their hearts, share meaningful learnings, get inspiration and support, but also celebrate life and enjoy a good laugh. Coming to a ceremony at OMMIJ means coming home.” With its existing retreats in the Netherlands and Spain, and daily ceremonies in Doetinchem, Holland, OMMIJ has built a huge following. Its tribe constantly expands, many revisit, and OMMIJ is truly proud to be a part of such a powerful movement. This life changing holiday is more than a just a dream come true, it is a gateway into a new, transformative lifestyle that leaves us feeling complete with a sense of deep belonging. If you’re someone who wants to experience a full transformation to overcome obstacles and feel at one with yourself, and your surroundings, OMMIJ’s Spanish retreat is the perfect getaway for you. Feel free to visit its website today for more information. Due to the extreme and constant growth of the number of participants, OMMIJ is open to discuss the possibilities of entering into a partnership with interested resort/retreat entrepreneurs around the world. If you’re interested, please reach out to OMMIJ. Contact: Ramon Geurts Company: OMMIJ Web Address: more than 76 countries in the world – with 20 new ayahuasca centers established by people who were trained at OMMIJ. These loving spaces are filled with individuals who wish to open their minds and their hearts, connect with one another, and explore the self so that they too can experiences oneness, happiness, and pure bliss. Of course, those who wish to participate work to prepare themselves for the experience so that they can get the most out of it. A lot of people choose to follow a vegetarian/vegan diet before and during the experience, they nourish their bodies and abstain from sex, so that they can feel the benefits of a clear and vibrant energy within them. For people wishing to find their true selves, rid themselves of limiting beliefs, and take back the control over their lives and overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and more, OMMIJ is the space for true transformation. With over 1,000 five-star ratings and over 40,000 happy participants, OMMIJ has touched people’s lives in a way that nothing else has. Suzanna Marks said, “I believe that the profound insights and healings that I have experienced and observed here at OMMIJ could not have come about in any other way. I was a sceptic. Now I am a believer. Plant medicine is powerful and sacred and receives the greatest respect at OMMIJ.” Daria Norris commented, “I have been to many retreats around the world in my life. But as a solo female traveler, OMMIJ's retreat in Spain is the only choice in the world where you can feel safe and at ease.” Andreas Becksmith also shared, “I can't express how grateful I am for everyone who helped me change my life. From the location, the food, the amenities, and the guides, my stay was beyond amazing! I went in alone and came out with a whole new loving family!” The individuals that visit OMMIJ have trusted the process, put their wellbeing in the hands of the team, and come out the other side of such a significant spiritual experience with more than a glow, they have a new way of life. The OMMIJ community is a tribe of wonderful beings who all share the same sentiment, they wish to evolve their consciousness, experience deep universal love, and heal themselves so that they too can help to heal the rest of the world. “We use a perfect combination of plant-based healing methods and ancient techniques such as yoga and meditation to enable our participants to find their authentic selves, awaken to their full potential and live a self-determined, conscious and purposeful life.”

10 | LUXlife Magazine he Gateway to Extraordinary Experiences: Yummy Jobs understands that a successful career in the hospitality industry often hinges on hands-on experience gained in renowned establishments. Through their extensive network of partners, which spans across continents, Yummy Jobs offers a gateway to extraordinary opportunities that are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. From iconic US resorts nestled on pristine coastlines to serene wellness retreats tucked away in breath-taking landscapes, Yummy Jobs connects global talent with the very best in the US business. Tailored Training Programs for Aspiring Professionals: What sets Yummy Jobs apart from other placement providers is their personalized approach to matching program participants with their dream placements. Whether an individual is looking to explore frontof-house operations, culinary arts or event management, Yummy Jobs Best Hospitality Professional Training Programs Provider 2023 - UK In the ever-evolving world of luxury travel and hospitality, finding the perfect training provider is paramount for individuals seeking career-defining opportunities. This is where Yummy Jobs shines. They have been recently crowned recipient of the Best Hospitality Professional Training Programs Provider 2023 – UK award in the esteemed Resort and Retreat Awards by Lux Life magazine. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and their ability to connect ambitious tourism, hospitality and culinary interns and graduates with some of the world's most prestigious resorts and retreats, Yummy Jobs has revolutionized the way aspiring hospitality future leaders embark on their global journey. meticulously curates opportunities that align with each candidate's unique skills, interests, and career aspirations. By recognizing that every individual has their own path to success, Yummy Jobs ensures that the training programs they offer provide an ideal environment for personal and professional growth. Exceptional Support and Mentorship: Going beyond the initial placement process, Yummy Jobs prides itself on providing ongoing support and mentorship to its participants, from application to arrival, including and not limited to, the US visa application process, orientation and arrival, international housing and on-going training program support. The dedicated Team understands that navigating a new environment can be challenging, especially in a foreign country, and strive to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for every candidate. From visa T

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 11 Retreat Awards by Lux Life magazine. Their dedication to excellence, bespoke US training programs, exceptional support, and commitment to ethical practices sets them apart in a highly competitive industry. By connecting aspiring professionals with extraordinary opportunities, Yummy Jobs opens doors to unforgettable experiences and paves the way for a thriving career in the world of luxury hospitality. As the industry continues to evolve, Yummy Jobs remains at the forefront, providing a seamless and rewarding journey for those seeking to make their mark in this captivating field. Click here ( for details about Yummy Jobs. If you’d like a conversation with us, please contact Mark Lees, Director of International Programs ([email protected]). Company: Yummy Jobs Ltd Contact: Mark Lees Website: “Yummy Jobs: Pioneering International Hospitality Training” assistance to cultural integration programs, Yummy Jobs mission is to nurture talent and empower individuals to flourish in their chosen field. Yummy Jobs has a client relationships that span 23 years and have proven themselves to be a crucial recruitment partner for many properties from global brands to luxury boutique properties as they offer their businesses the opportunity to benefit from ambitious hospitality professionals. Yummy Jobs not only contributes to the professional growth of individuals but also fosters positive change within the industry. Their exceptional guest service to the participant, the educational institution and the US Host employer is what makes Yummy Jobs a true hospitality experience for all. The programs promote International exchange, cultural understanding, diplomacy and shine a spotlight on the high value of the hospitality industry as a career of choice. Yummy Jobs has rightfully earned its title as the Best Hospitality Professional Training Programs Provider 2023 - UK in the Resort and

Jun22596 12 | LUXlife Magazine Boutique Retreats seek out the most exclusive homestays across the UK. From oceanside boltholes nestled on the wildly dreamy clifftops of Cornwall, to honey-hued cottages hidden in chocolate-box Cotswolds villages, the spellbinding portfolio promises the most luxurious abodes on every corner of the isle. Founded in 2007, the team at Boutique Retreats have over 40 years of experience in the holiday letting business between them. Providing guests with a personalised service for any occasion, the team have a wonderful list of affiliate links to make every getaway special. From feasts hosted by a private chef, bespoke cakes for celebratory stays, to wine tastings from the comfort of your cottage, Boutique Retreats promise to make your retreat dreams a reality. Each holiday cottage promises little luxuries that ensure each guest experiences their staycation of dreams. From balmy wood-fired hot tubs May23656 Leading Curators of Luxury Escapism 2023 - UK Cornwall based Boutique Retreats are curators of luxury holiday homes set in unique locations all across the UK. Founded in 2007, the team specialise in year-round short breaks that bridge the gap between boutique hotels and traditional holiday cottages, working closely with an array of luxury affiliates to ensure every guest experience is a heavenly one. and elegant bathtubs for two, to charming wood burning stoves – their retreats offer those luxury living moments which set them apart. At the foundation of Boutique Retreats are the team and their own experiences. Their authentic voice and passion for the brand ethos is derived from their own travel adventures and enchanting moments created together as a team. The Boutique Retreats team are committed to providing guests with a personalised service that ensures their guests have a stress-free experience. To make a stay truly memorable they can assist with organising a selection of luxury touches, including a private chef experience from the comfort of your retreat, arranging a surprise welcome hamper or suggesting unique ways to celebrate during your stay. They are happy to share a plethora of wonderful recommendations with guests ahead of their arrival, to ensure their Boutique experience is unforgettable. From timeless period homes, and grand Georgian townhouses, to characterful cottages and Scandi-style cabins, Boutique Retreats offers a dream escape for any guest. Whether you’re looking to flee to a romantic hideout with a special someone, or seeking a multi-generational family stay, you’ll be sure to uncover your perfect homestay in the Boutique Retreats’ exclusive portfolio. For the travel dream seekers and lovers of luxury escapism, you can forget the world and flee reality to savour quietude and simple pleasures in a home-away-from-home. Boutique Retreats has been awarded the title Leading Curators of Luxury Escapism 2023 – UK. This prestigious Resorts and Retreats award is a fitting honour for such a unique company who make travel dreams come true. “We're here to make sure you get the most out of your Boutique Retreats holiday. We never tire of crafting spellbinding stays because we know how good getaways need to be to reset your life balance.”

Company: Boutique Retreats Website: Contact: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)1872 553 491 Image Credit to Matthew Heritage & Mark Watts

Jun22596 14 | LUXlife Magazine Most Relaxing Scenic Resort Experience 2023 - South Japan It’s no secret that Unzen is world renowned for its serene hot springs and breath-taking scenery, and its allure is simply irresistible to even the most well-travelled individuals. If you’re looking to retreat to a secluded mountain resort, outfitted with a harmonious blend of Japanese and Western architecture, you needn’t look further than Unzen Kyushu Hotel. By combining hot spring rooms with an array of atmospheric amenities, this resort allows guests to treat their senses to the natural beauty of Unzen’s mountainous majesty. From the moment guests approach the enchanting entrance of Unzen Kyushu Hotel, they’ll be greeted by the classic motifs that first made it so notably unique. Though small, its front lobby masterfully marries Japanese and Western styles in order to let the ‘old and new resonate’. This is accomplished through a combination of the area’s most beautiful stone and wood grains, which ultimately lend to the natural atmosphere of the resort. And, as if that wasn’t the best way to start your route to relaxation, every guest will be offered a beautiful blend of tea as a welcoming gift. As a result of its site consisting of four buildings, namely the entrance, the accommodation building, the restaurant building, and the detached building, Unzen Kyushu Hotel boasts a stunning courtyard space for guests to experience following their check-in. Its selection of azaleas, dogwoods, maples, alongside various types of foliage and fauna, serves to sweep travellers’ minds into absolute bliss, all whilst giving them a taste of the four seasons of Unzen. Partnered with the sound of water and the pleasant mountain breeze, this provides guests with a truly tranquil experience unlike any other. If travellers are looking for a room that fully captures the mountainous views, then Unzen Kyushu Hotel’s accommodation building is easily the best choice. Every guest room faces the Jigokudani of Unzen, and each boasts a semi-open-air bathroom with a sulfur spring that’s simply bursting with atmosphere. Its marvellous terrace serves as a means for guests to connect with their natural surroundings in new and exciting ways, whilst remaining comfortable no matter what. By combining traditionally Japanese futon mattresses with Western style beds, regardless of a traveller’s nationality, they’ll be able to enjoy a lavish night’s sleep in whichever way they choose. Despite the simple

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 15 layout, each individual room boasts a spacious interior, complete with a walk-in closet space and an openable desk-type drawer, giving it equal parts functionality and luxury. Additionally, the L-shaped sofas grant guests the chance to appreciate the atmosphere whilst putting their feet up after a long day of travelling. However, if guests wish to upgrade to an even more exclusive experience, its hotel villas hold every luxury they could desire. Limited to only four specific rooms, Unzen Kyushu Hotel trades the view for absolute privacy, allowing guests to appreciate serenity on a more intrinsic level. As opposed to the simpler, yet effective, guest rooms, these villas deliver a high-quality space that utilises upgraded building materials in order to merge functionality and tranquillity into one brilliant blend. In addition, the villas possess a completely open-air bath terrace that overlooks the green garden, guaranteeing that guests feel that sense of privacy, whilst still being surrounded by Unzen’s native fauna. Available in two alternate types, one for couples and one for families of three or more, Unzen Kyushu Hotel’s villas provide a comfortable space for those who appreciate the sense of seclusion. Adding to this is its private dining room, which presents an air of exclusivity that’s simply unbeatable. Of course, fine dining isn’t only limited to villa guests. Any staying in the lodging building are able to enjoy both dinner and breakfast in the main dining room, named 1917. After gaining its title from the year in which the hotel was founded, this space was completely reconstructed in 2000 based on photographs that were taken when the initial hotel opened its doors in 1917. It’s a dining room that transcends the simple purpose of offering people a place to eat – it's rich with both history and culture, and will capture the awe of each diner. That isn’t to say, however, that the food isn’t beyond sublime too. Through utilising locally sourced products, its team of expert chefs are able to comprise dishes that’ll be sure to whisk guests through a myriad of tantalising tastes. Whether your palette is suited to more Japanese styles, or is attuned to Western food, there are options for everyone to enjoy. The resort marries cultures perfectly, all to guarantee that each and every visitor can feel at home whilst being surrounded by scenic landscapes. And, if guests are looking to complete their night with a view of the stars, Unzen Kyushu Hotel possesses a rooftop café bar to ease them into the end of the day. This café bar provides free drinks for all hotel guests, and boasts a relaxing space in which to spend your time, should you choose to. Additionally, Unzen Kyushu Hotel celebrates local artists through its craft displays, allowing visitors to witness the beauty that the area has to offer in both a natural and artful way. With over 100 years of experience in serving only the very best to each and every guest, Unzen Kyushu Hotel has mastered the art of service. It closely adheres to a pamphlet from the Taisho era, which states, “Please think of the hotel as part of your home, and the staff as your close brothers”, and this is visible through the care and consideration that runs through the veins of this resort. Kindness comes naturally to the staff, so guests can be sure that they’ll be met with a smile and spectacular service throughout the course of their stay. Unzen Kyushu Hotel truly is the only resort that’s managed to capture the innate beauty of its mountainous home. It appreciates and celebrates a multitude of cultures, all whilst presenting an authentic experience that’s simply unbeatable. Whether you’re looking to invest your time in scouring the local area, or are seeking a secluded spot to spend your time in, Unzen Kyushu Hotel has every means to craft a luxurious getaway unlike any other. Contact Details Contact: Akinobu Shichijo Company: Unzen Kyushu Hotel Web Address:

Jun22596 16 | LUXlife Magazine Le Blanc Resort is located in Mesaria village, only a five-minute drive away from Santorini’s capital city, Fira. There, guests will find a multitude of restaurants, shops, museums, supermarkets, as well as the best nightlife the island has to offer. This means that the resort is ideally positioned for visitors who would love to experience the best of Santorini’s iconic arts and culture. Just a short walk from the villa, Mesaria’s village centre has plenty of local shops to satisfy guests’ immediate needs. Furthermore, between Mesaria and Fira, there is another village called Karterados, which has many cafeterias, supermarkets, laundry facilities, restaurants, and more shops. The island is quite large, so hiring a car or a bike is recommended. For this reason, Le Blanc Resort is equipped with more than 10 safe car parking spaces. However, if guests would prefer not to drive, Santorini has an excellent bus service for touring the island. A bus stop is conveniently located just outside of the resort. Le Blanc Resort is ideal for large groups, with two spacious villas that can accommodate a maximum of six guests each. The villas both have a private entrance, enabling guests to book the entire resort or an individual villa, depending on the number of people in their party. For an extra charge, an additional bed can be added to both villas, allowing them to accommodate eight people each. The property was designed by Greek architect Ioanna Tsaggouli. Incorporating the traditional lines and colours of Santorini’s architecture, she created the two villas, each distinct from one another but both embodying true luxury and homeliness. Not a single inch of the property was created without purpose; every space was thoroughly considered to provide the utmost relaxation and comfort. Located on the first floor of the building, Le Blanc Suite is the smaller of the two villas. It is equipped with three king size bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a spacious private balcony, adding up to 160 square metres. Its interior design has a trendy and attractive boho chic style, with windows running the length of the house to brighten the space with natural light. The main living, dining, and kitchen spaces have a roomy open layout concept, with a large veranda that offers an infinity view. Jun23147 Best Luxury Resort 2023 - Santorini Located in Santorini, one of Greece’s most well-known Cycladic islands, Le Blanc Resort is a large property that consists of two beautiful, modern villas, each equipped with a plethora of in-room amenities. The resort offers all the luxuries and services of a large 5-star hotel in a totally private environment, with staff always on hand nearby to accommodate any last-minute requests.

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 17 Le Blanc Nest is the larger of the two villas, located on the ground floor of the property. Boasting a modern appearance, it is 230 square metres in total, with three ensuite king size bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a large terrace, and a swimming pool. This is the resort’s most luxurious villa, with large rooms and multiple seating areas. In Le Blanc Nest’s front yard, guests will find a large dining table on which they can enjoy their dinner under the afternoon sky. There is also a multitude of other outdoor furniture for their use, with which they can relax by the pool during the day. All of this outdoor space is kept private by tall walls, so guests don’t have to worry about any prying eyes from the outside. At Le Blanc Resort, guests can trust that their needs will be fulfilled immediately. The resort’s staff are always nearby to respond quickly to their requests. Within a day’s notice, they can also arrange any kind of exciting activities or experiences, varying from helicopter tours to island hopping to wine tasting. When guests stay at larger hotels, they will not receive the same level of personalised, efficient service. Le Blanc Resort is committed to providing its guests with the highest levels of comfort and luxury as well as unforgettable vacation experiences. When hiring new staff, Le Blanc Resort seeks polite individuals who are eager to serve their guests. There are many professionals who have all the diplomas and qualifications but ultimately only do an ordinary job. For this reason, the resort looks past paper qualifications and instead focuses on recruiting staff members who will go above and beyond to provide an extraordinary service. This way, its team love what they do and are thrilled to make guests’ holidays special. This has not gone unnoticed by Le Blanc Resort’s visitors. Over the years, it has received numerous positive reviews on sites like Booking. com, with many praising its excellent amenities, the cleanliness of its villas, and the helpfulness of its staff. For example, one states, “The place is entirely as STUNNING as shown in the pictures, if not even better. When we arrived, the place was spotless and the rooms were fully kitted out with additional bedding, towels, and toiletry accessories like cotton buds, SPF, and after sun (which was such a great touch). The kitchen has everything you could need - kitchenware, dining ware, and even a first aid kit. The cleaner came every day and was an absolute pleasure. One day there was a technical issue with the air conditioning and once reported someone can round immediately and had it fixed.” As a result of its continued excellence, Le Blanc Resort has been awarded Best Luxury Resort, Santorini, in the Resort and Retreat Awards 2023. In the near future, it plans to add more outdoor spaces to its villas, including private open air massage rooms and an additional swimming pool with a built-in bar. With big plans, endless imagination, and boundless ambition, there is no doubt that Le Blanc Resort will surpass all expectations in the years to come. We congratulate the business on its success in the Resort and Retreat Awards and look forward to seeing how its plans will go on to unfold. Contact Details Contact: Vassilis Stamatis Company: Margeva Pc Web Address:

18 | LUXlife Magazine otel Gotham is located at 100 King Street in one of Manchester’s most iconic listed buildings, which previously served as a premises of Midland Bank. In 2008, the building was sold to new owners and the large ground floor banking hall was opened as Jamie’s Italian restaurant. In April of 2015, it finally opened as a hotel. Today, Hotel Gotham is a favourite amongst Manchester’s VIP crowd. It stands tall at the top of King Street like an imposing castle of steel and stone, amidst architecture inspired by the Grecian and Baroque. The building was designed in 1928 by revered British architect Edwin Lutyens, taking on the popular Art Deco style of the time. Its neoclassical appearance is out of the ordinary in Manchester, making the hotel as unique on the outside as it is on the inside. With 60 stunning rooms spanning across its first five floors, Hotel Gotham is the epitome of luxury. It boasts sleek and modern interiors Best 5 Star Hotel 2023 - Northwest England Nestled in the heart of the lively city of Manchester, Hotel Gotham is a beautiful boutique hotel with a wealth of charm and character. A quirky Art Deco-themed venue based in the former bank at the top of King Street, Hotel Gotham offers something truly unique to its city. It boasts extravagant and luxurious interiors, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an atmosphere inspired by the 1920s. with a prominent 1920s New York influence. There are nods to its iconic Art Deco style throughout, such as its bespoke and striking geometric carpets. Many types of room are available for guests to book, including club, executive, and suite options. There are even incredible inner sanctum suites on each floor, all named after an iconic Manchester figure and featuring a huge ‘wonderwall’ screen. Guests and members can also enjoy use of Hotel Gotham’s Club Brass, which is a rooftop VIP lounge located on its seventh floor. On the way in, visitors will pass through two vault-like doors into a prohibition-style speakeasy that oozes luxury. The bar offers a tempting menu, featuring cocktails such as The King of King Street, Bellboy Barry’s Bramble, and Lady Crumpsall’s Champagne Cocktail. Hotel Gotham prides itself on offering a modern and comfortable experience in the unique and luxurious environment of a bespoke private club. Those who visit Hotel Gotham can also indulge in the finest of luxury dining experiences. Competing with Manchester’s phenomenal food scene, the hotel must deliver culinary excellence in all areas. Its fifth floor is home to its two aa rosette awarded dining establishment, the Honey Restaurant. Offering enticing menus for breakfast, afternoon tea, and more, it serves dishes packed with the most incredible flavours. Located within the former vaults of the bank is GILT, Hotel Gotham’s exclusive, underground function and event space. Boasting an atmosphere reminiscent of the famous 1930 cabaret clubs, GILT is an intimate venue where guests can immerse themselves in the secret world of speakeasy. Truly versatile and unique, the space is perfect for jazz, big band, and Gatsby-inspired parties, as well as cinema, private dining events, and board meetings. Providing guests with a unique experience set within a spectacular destination, Hotel Gotham is not your average hotel. From day one, it was always going to be special. The hotel believes that luxury is just as important as location and history, so it delivers all three. It works hard to strike the right balance between style and substance, and it does not make any compromises. Hotel Gotham relies on its outstanding team to deliver the incredible service and experience it has come to be known for. It understands that great hospitality can only be delivered by a happy, motivated, and engaged workforce, so it is committed to creating the best environment for its employees. To this end, Hotel Gotham provides equal opportunities to all staff by encouraging an inclusive culture. It is dedicated to creating long term careers for team members by fostering their strengths and supporting their education. Employees benefit from competitive salaries, incentives, H

Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023 | 19 One TripAdvisor review states, “This was our third visit to Hotel Gotham, and it continues to impress. Set in the heart of Manchester with easy access to all the main shopping and eating venues, the building is breathtaking with amazing city views from the dining room and roof terrace. The staff cannot do enough for you; they are friendly and engaging and the customer service is second to none.” Considering the outstanding feedback Hotel Gotham continues to receive, it is no surprise that the iconic establishment has been awarded this year’s Best 5 Star Hotel, Northwest England, in the Resort and Retreat Awards 2023. We congratulate Hotel Gotham and its exceptional team on this meritorious accomplishment and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them. Contact: Kate Guga Company: Hotel Gotham Web Address: and plenty of opportunity for personal development. Through this, the hotel attracts top talent and ensures staff are content and supported at work, enabling them to deliver the best standard of service to guests. The excellence of Hotel Gotham’s amenities and the hard work of its team are reflected in the plethora of glowing reviews it has received over the years. Since it opened its doors eight years ago, more than 1,800 people have enjoyed their stay at the hotel enough to leave a 5-star review on TripAdvisor. These reviews demonstrate that guests tend to appreciate the polite, friendly, and helpful nature of Hotel Gotham’s staff, who are all dedicated to ensuring that they thoroughly enjoy their stay. Guests also praise the convenient location of the hotel, with many key attractions and facilities located in walking distance. Additionally, they are often impressed by the attractive and unique décor of its rooms, lobby, and private lounge, which sets it apart from Manchester’s other luxury hotels.

Jun22596 20 | LUXlife Magazine Named the “most beautiful national park in America,” the Olympic National Park in Port Angeles, Washington State, US, covers an area of nearly 1 million hectares, and is home to a vast and diverse ecosystem. This includes alpine mountains, a huge virgin temperate rainforest (the largest in North America), glacial lakes, and wild beaches. It is a unique home to a thriving array of wildlife, including native elk, chipmunks, squirrels, coyotes, red foxes, cougars, marmots, and black bears to name but a few. Its waters boast multiple species of whales, dolphins, sea lions, otters and seals, whilst in the air there are opportunities to spot birds such as raptors, wrens, grouses, ravens, owls, chickadees and, very possibly, even the king of the birds, the bald eagle. The park was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981 thanks to its incredible flora and fauna. Where else can you find glacier-clad peaks interspersed with extensive alpine meadows, and all surrounded by a beautifully substantial amount of old growth forest? It really is one of the best examples of an intact, and protected rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. With 11 major river systems draining the Olympic mountains, it also offers some of the best habitat for anadromous fish (that is up-river migratory species, such as Salmon) in the whole country. Its 100km of wilderness coastline is also the longest undeveloped coast in the United States. UNESCO also recognises the park as the Olympic Biosphere Reserve, United States of America. Situated, as it is, on the Olympic Peninsula, on the northwest coast of Washington State, the Olympic Biosphere Reserve and National Park is known for, and protected because of, its ecosystem diversity. It is also supported as a centre of scientific research via its position as the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. It is a treasured marine area, which is being protected by the Sanctuary, and was designated as such by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in 1994. It represents one of North America’s most productive marine ecosystems, and unspoilt coastlines. Other nearby natural wonders people might want to visit include the Dungeness Spit, which is a sand spit that juts out approximately 5 miles from the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula in northeastern Clallam County. It is one of the longest natural sand spits in the Western hemisphere, and has a recreation area open year-round for hiking, biking or horse-riding activities. This bizarre natural phenomenon was first recorded during the Spanish 1790 Quimper expedition, where British explorer George Vancouver was reminded of the Dungeness headland in England, and named it in tribute. Dungeness is also home to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, located near Sequim in Clallam County. Most of the refuge is located on the spits, characterised by sand Jun23335 Domaine Madeleine: Most Romantic Luxury Boutique Hotel 2023 - Pacific Northwest USA/ LUXlife Guest Hospitality Excellence Award 2023 Looking for an award-winning place to stay in Washington, perhaps during a visit to the Olympic National Park? Take a look at the incredible hotel Domaine Madeleine or the gorgeous, luxury Maitland Manor Bed & Breakfast. Both are ideal places to relax and unwind after a busy day taking in the sights. and cobble beaches, and surrounded by tidal mudflats. The reserve provides a habitat for more than 250 species of birds, 41 species of land mammals, and 8 species of marine mammals. It is a critical location for many threatened or endangered animals, and also an important stop for many birds during migration. Another interesting nearby place to visit is Cape Flattery. This site is located just outside the Olympic National Park on the Makah Reservation, near to the town of Neah Bay. This area is the most northwestern point of the contiguous United States, and boasts a forest trail leading to a dramatic, cliff top viewing platform overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There is a beautiful old lighthouse, deactivated but still standing on Tatoosh Island, observable from Cape Flattery. It is also possible to see the Fuca Pillar, a tall, strangely angular (almost rectangular) rock that is located to the west side of Cape Flattery. There is much to do year-round in the area, and many unique opportunities to witness occurrences, dependent on the seasons. For example, in the winter, there is a ski area in the Olympic National Park, and an outdoor ice-skating rink that is worth a visit in downtown Port Angeles. This materialises (thanks to dedicated volunteers) during the Port Angeles Winter Ice Village, a special event organised by the Chamber of Commerce each year in midNovember through January. The Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival takes place in early October, and is one of the most acclaimed food festivals in the country. It’s a 3-day event with food, art, music and Native American activities. There is also a Lavender Festival in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley of Washington State, which is normally in full bloom from mid-July through to the end of August. May is home to one of the world’s largest volunteer music festivals, the Juan de Fuca Festival in Port Angeles. The newly-opened Field Arts & Events Hall overlooks the harbour in Port Angeles and provides entertainment options year-round. And if you happen to be visiting during September and October, there’s a good chance you might be able to witness the salmon migration taking place, in the many rivers located within the Olympic National Park. When it comes to where to stay for a Washington visit that takes in these exciting sights, look no further than the award-winning, luxury, rural boutique hotel Domaine Madeleine, or the award-winning luxury, urban inn Maitland Manor. Domaine Madeleine is celebrated as being one of the most romantic places on the West Coast, with luxurious beds, breathtaking suites, a number of pet friendly cottages, Maitland Manor Bed & Breakfast: Best Luxury B&B 2023 - Western Washington

and an incredible mix of charm, serenity, and elegance. There are even special spa-inspired private bathrooms available with luscious organic body care products, massage showers, and jetted tubs to help you rejuvenate. “We want to help make your romantic stay on the scenic Olympic Peninsula memorable and enjoyable. We work hard to ensure we include everything you need right at hand for a comfortable, casual stay before you even need to ask.” -Domaine Madeleine The equally spectacular Maitland Manor Bed & Breakfast offers suites with private decks and entrances, and an ocean view. King size beds, private en-suite bathrooms, and eco-friendly bedding, towels, and bathrobes are de rigueur at Maitland Manor. There are also suites featuring luxury in-room jetted tubs, heated bathroom flooring, 55” large screen TVs, and echo dot smart speakers enabled for free Wi-Fi calling and calming Sleep Sounds. Some of the suites here are also dog friendly, and it is possible to pre-order, from a range of packages, wine and roses to be waiting in your room on arrival. “Our in-town location is close to multiple entrances of the Olympic National Park, but still walkable to downtown restaurants and shops. After a long day of adventuring, we provide our guests a comfortable room where no detail is forgotten, with luxury amenities and top-tier service.” - Maitland Manor Bed & Breakfast As far as finding somewhere to relax and recuperate after a busy day exploring the Washington coast, these luxury establishments certainly hit all the right notes. That is why the Resort and Retreat Awards have seen fit to award them multiple times. Congratulations to both fabulous guest houses, and to everyone lucky enough to stay at either one! Company: Domaine Madeleine Hotel and Maitland Manor Bed & Breakfast Web Address: & The Hoh Rainforest Suite at Domaine Madeleine. Tide Pools at Salt Creek Park. Exterior of historic Maitland Manor