Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

Boutique Day Spa of Year 2023 - Melbourne Tucked away in the heart of Williamstown, Melbourne, Lavanya Spa Retreat is an award-winning boutique day spa set within a rustic cottage that provides a retreat-like atmosphere. When they visit, guests can escape the chaos of their daily lives and focus on receiving a rejuvenating and relaxing treatment. In a world where cities hum with traffic, technology dominates our lives, and to-do lists are always on our mind, Lavanya Spa Retreat believes that it is important to take time to ‘be kind to yourself’. When you give yourself the space and comfort to truly unravel, your mind and body can connect once again. Lavanya, meaning ‘beauty that shines from within’, captures the belief that inner beauty radiates from the soul. The retreat aims to enhance and nurture this inner beauty through its spa treatments and services, which include massages, facials, scrubs, and more. Lavanya Spa Retreat is proud to partner with Eminence, a marque brand known across the world for its outstanding spa treatments. The ethos of Eminence aligns perfectly with its own, so it champions the brand’s amazing range of products. Guests to Lavanya Spa Retreat have expressed appreciation for the high-quality and natural organic ingredients they provide. In addition to its excellent spa facilities, Lavanya Spa Retreat is equipped with a garden lounge, a serene outdoor space that allows guests to connect with nature and disconnect with their worries. It serves as a sanctuary where family members, friends, and partners can gather within a tranquil space to create memories and strengthen bonds. In the garden, guests can unwind whilst enjoying the soothing ambience, a complimentary food bath, and a delicious beverage such as tea or champagne. Lavanya Spa Retreat is delighted to curate experiences that go beyond individual relaxation and foster togetherness amongst loved ones. In order to deliver excellence to its guests, Lavanya Spa Retreat operates based on three core values: integrity, client first, and teamwork. These values are ingrained in its methods and processes; it takes deliberate steps to ensure that everyone upholds them on a daily basis. Firstly, integrity is the backbone of the business; Lavanya Spa Retreat believes in acting on the promises it makes. To ensure this, it maintains an open and honest environment in which communication flows freely. Secondly, putting the client first is fundamental to providing the best experience to everyone who visits Lavanya Spa Retreat. Its team strive to not only meet clients’ expectations but also exceed them by listening to their needs and desires, understanding their preferences, and tailoring services accordingly. The retreat seeks regular feedback to identify areas for improvement and takes action to work on them accordingly. Lastly, teamwork is the value that brings everything together and enables the retreat to achieve success. Staff members are carefully selected based on their skills and techniques as well as their values, vision, and potential to fit into the team. During onboarding, the importance of teamwork and collaboration is emphasised, and regular team-building activities and training sessions are arranged to foster strong relationships and effective communication. A supportive and inclusive culture is also encouraged to ensure that everyone feels their contributions are recognised. This ensures that the team work together to deliver a high standard of service. Thanks to the hard work of its employees and their commitment to these values, Lavanya Spa Retreat has built itself a loyal client base that continues to grow, predominantly through referrals. This speaks to the truly exceptional experience its guests receive. However, Lavanya Spa Retreat does not rely solely on its reputation. Positioned within a vastly competitive industry, the retreat strives for greatness through continuous effort and a dedication to endlessly enhancing the client experience. It is always raising the bar and pushing itself to deliver a better and better service. The team sees every day as an opportunity to learn, evolve, and refine its skills and offerings. For example, Lavanya Spa Retreat is anticipating the upcoming launch of a new range of facials. These treatments will enable it to deliver a skin clinic service to address specific skin issues and achieve targeted results. From treating acne to reducing signs of aging to tackling hyperpigmentation, its skilled aestheticians will utilise advanced techniques and top-quality products to deliver effective and transformative treatments. As a result of its continued excellence, Lavanya Spa Retreat has been awarded Boutique Day Spa of Year, Melbourne, in the Resort and Retreat Awards 2023. With many exciting developments to look forward to, the retreat is bound to have a great year ahead and we can’t wait to see what its future holds. Contact: Greg Weaver Company: Lavanya Spa Retreat Web Address: