Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

Best Luxury Villa & Experiences Company 2023 - Mallorca With a portfolio of handpicked luxurious properties that cater to every need, whether a romantic getaway, a family holiday, picture-perfect sunsets, or active sport fun, Insider Villas has it all. We find out more about how the firm has grown from its Founder, Olivier Heuchenne, as it celebrates success in the Resort and Retreat Awards 2023. Insider Villas hosts a range of luxury holiday villa rentals and concierge services to discerning clientele from around the world in various destinations including the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, and mainland Europe, such as Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Greece. “Our unique selling points are that our villas are all hand-picked, lived in, and experienced by us who select the villas, and each destination is well known by us,” explains Founder, Olivier Heuchenne. “We select villas whereby the services are an extension of the villa.” A Belgian native born in Morocco, Olivier was raised and educated around the world, from Hawaii to the Hotel School of the University of Denver, with various stops inbetween. Olivier’s global outlook, as well as his love and knowledge of world cultures is deeply engrained. Of course, he doesn’t work alone. His wife, Anna HeuchenneBauge, is a strong force behind the operation of the company. Anna began her travels at the age of 16, and her passion has only grown ever since. Expertly influencing the business, both Olivier and Anna have worked together in a seamless fashion to propel themselves forward in such a competitive industry. They have crafted a team of experts who each bring something to the table. The team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service based on an authentic and genuine experience, Insider Villas is run by hoteliers from varied backgrounds and nationalities including Swedish, Dutch, Kiwi, Spanish, and German. Each of the team’s members speak at least two to four languages and are all well-travelled themselves, which only adds to the customer experience. “Our company culture is familiar, and our team are part of this family,” elaborates Olivier. “We are a boutique, and we work closely together, engaging all processes in our daily lives so that the team can help one another.” Within the wider hospitality market, the current trends that Olivier has noticed are that people don’t want to plan their travel as much and prefer to leave all the planning to the travel firms. Olivier tells us that, therefore, his team is often responsible for designing and planning all activities, services, and facilities for his travellers, including the billing and the logistics too. “This creates a level of confidence and trust that exceeds expectations,” he states. “It is also the new way to travel at the high-end that no plans are made until the day of any activity or at least when they arrive on site. Clearly the basic services like the villa, chef, transfers are booked but all extra services are then called upon during their stay, sometimes making it challenge which makes us sharper on our extended relationships with our partners.” Recently, in recognition of the stellar services that Olivier and the team at Insider Villas provide to its clients, the firm was named Best Luxury Villa & Experiences Company 2023 – Mallorca in the prestigious Retreat & Resort Awards 2023. Now the future is looking rosy for Olivier and the team at Insider Villas. This year so far has seen a new way of working since the firm expanded beyond Mallorca and the Balearic Islands following rebranding from Insider Mallorca to Insider Villas, and adding 11 new destinations since its inception in 2018. “We started in 2018 with only two villas in Mallorca,” he states. “Today, we are in 12 destinations with just under 200 villas. We do not plan to become very large, and we prefer to grow organically with villas and partners that will allow us to have unique villas in each destination. We plan to continue growing across the Indian Ocean and South Africa, as well as the chalets in Europe for the winter business.” Contact Details Contact: Olivier Heuchenne Company: Insider Villas Web Address: