Resorts & Retreats Awards 2023

62 | LUXlife Magazine amily-owned and operated business Ace RV Rentals offers motorhome and travel trailer rentals, sales, and service through the DMV and beyond, always striving to provide customers with personalised, courteous, and reliable RV experiences. Whilst its main clients are families looking to do the all-American road trip-style holiday, Ace RV also offers experiences for festivals, concerts, corporations, celebrities, campaign tours, and much more. Being family-orientated, the staff at Ace RV aims to treat each other and all of its customers like extended family members, meaning that everyone gives each other the respect, care, compassion, and friendship they desire. Through holding regular team meetings, staff bonding events and parties, and checking in regularly with all of the staff to address any concerns and provide any necessary feedback, operations run smoothly and everyone is happy and valued in their work. In such a vastly populated industry, it is important that Ace RV differentiates itself in order to stand out from competitors. It does this by simply trying to focus on bettering itself and not comparing the business or financials to others. “Everyone is different and every competitor focuses on different aspects of RVs like rentals, sales, service, unit type, brand, occasion type, etc,” says Joanne Rashid. “We aim to be a hub for first time renters and offer variety that keeps them coming back. Our renters eventually purchase with us, and our purchasers regularly service with us, so this way, we complete the cycle!” Due to the firm having such a stellar reputation, positions rarely open up at Ace RV, and they often end up being taken by other family members of the staff who already work there. When recruiting, Ace RV tries to recruit in-person and is eager to lay everything out on the table regarding the position. The end goal for the firm is to be as truthful as possible and let the potential new recruit know that some days are going to be long and hard, and that workflow varies. “By being upfront and honest, we can prevent any unnecessary surprises,” Joanne elaborates. “Our company culture is friendly, and our team has been working together for so long that we are one big family! We strive to make everyone feel respected and equal. Our staff helped us get to where we are today, and we try to share those rewards as often as possible!” Currently, Ace RV has noticed a drop in rentals since the initial post-Covid travel boom, along with its competitors. Although business is building its way back up slowly, the firm has adapted its focus to concentrate on whatever department is most prevalent at the time, be it rentals, sales, Best RV Sales & Rentals Business 2023 - National Capital Region USA Based in Herndon, Virginia, Ace RV Rentals (Ace RV) strives to provide travellers with an authentic RV rental experience. With a strong customer-centric ethos, and a passion for what it does, the company recently gained recognition in the Resort and Retreat Awards 2023. We profile the firm and find out a little bit more about the world of RV rentals. or service. As this fluctuates so widely, rentals could be completely sold out one week, then the next week or month, it could be entirely different, so being proactive and being able to adjust in real-time is of the utmost importance to Ace RV. Recently, for its commitment to providing exceptional RV experiences to travellers, Ace RV Rentals was named Best RV Sales & Rentals Business 2023 – National Capital Region USA in the Resort and Retreats Awards for the second year running! Understandably delighted to be receiving this prestigious accolade for the second time around, the firm has already doubled its rentals on last year and is now looking into 2024 and beyond – with several festivals and events already lined up, it’s looking to be a strong year. The company has also recently taken over management of its smaller sister company, RV Buddy Share, and is working hard to build and grow that brand as a rental company too. Contact Details Company: Ace RV Rentals Web Address: F