Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 33 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Combining the poetic beauty of life with the simplistic nurturing of food, Tempus Gastrobar is renowned in Madrid for being the Best Peruvian Restaurant, showcasing the eclectic and classic flavours of South America and blending them with the palette of European cuisine. Byblos inversiones y negocios SL Best Peruvian Restaurant - Madrid Mar22709 Launch as a homage; ‘a caress that delights the soul,’ Tempus Gastrobar is a homage to motherhood – the being who cares with a unique love, always giving their best – that is the true essence of Tempus. It is a restaurant that develops a powerful sensory interlude designed to be enjoyed with every fibre of your being – from the first entrance and the atmosphere’s elegance to the aromas and flavours that blossom and dance on the tongue. Expanding on this statement, Luis Kouri, a known associate of Tempus, adds, “Tempus was conceived as a tribute to the mother – in each prepared dish, there is that feeling; it is the spirit that governs us at every moment – from the selection of each ingredient, its preparation and presentation. Undoubtedly, our gastronomic proposal is Peruvian, a rich and very extensive gastronomy highly respected in today’s world. However, with my Lebanese origins, I was raised under the shadow of its culinary customs as one of the most exquisite gastronomic cultures on the planet. Therefore it influences my search for permanent excellence.” At Tempus, the unique food experience lives inside its guests as a forever memory that lingers on their minds. With recipes crafted from tradition and with ingredients carefully selected to enrich the profile of every dish, Tempus is sharing the love and tradition of Peruvian classics to be enjoyed with a pairing of their finest wines. Each moment at Tempus completely captures the essence of a meal as if a mothering soul made it – cared for and developed by the accent of time and the hands of a nurturing presence. Luis expands on this point, stating, “The best guarantee to maintain the optimal superlative level, and guarantee our visitors the continuity of quality, is what I mentioned earlier – evoking our mother every day as if she prepared each food with sweet and loving dedication.” Furthermore, Tempus brings guests to a simpler time of tantalizing conversations around a dinner table with music that engulfs your memories and cuisine that simmers along with bubbling aromas that entangles you in an unforgettable food experience. An all-encompassing sensation that fuels a feeling of comfort and togetherness brought on by a food-lovers delight. To ensure that the quality and understanding of the founding dynamic of Tempus is solidified and continuous, Luis and founding members of the restaurant ensure that the staff are Spanish and born in Peru to capture the proud integrity of the establishment. “The guarantee of our staff’s origins ensures that guests are connected with every detail that is offered, but with an additional element. They are Spanish and have developed an important sense of transculturation. They are proud to offer the best of the country where they were born, to the land that welcomed them,” adds Luis. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its limitations, Tempus pushed against the grain and resumed their culinary activities. Tempus weathered the storm through a series of closures and multiple grand reopenings. Regardless of its limited capacity and curfews, the restaurant was saved and sustained stable growth – turning into the solid establishment that it is known for today. Luis adds his final comments for the article, saying, “Currently, there is Tempus Gastrobar; however, in a few days, we will sign a contract for a new Tempus Restaurant with a much an additional level.” With several plans in the works, Tempus stands strong with Peruvian flare and flavours that celebrate the authentic, mothering culture that allows its Spanish guests to embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure. Company Name: Byblos inversiones y negocios SL Contact Name: Luis Kouri Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]